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Takes place the same time as the last two chapters.

Red Alert jittered and twitched nervously as her optics snapped from one monitor to the other. Ever since the accident in Wheeljacks lab her glitch had been aggravated to the point where it would shut her down if there was a sudden commotion, noise or movement. Ratchet was growing incredibly frustrated that the femme hadn't come to him yet. On several occasions he had marched up there to drag her back down for a check up, especially after she had shut down because her communication devise had gone off and startled her. Though most of the time he'd start off to go up there and get distracted by something or other. Most of the time something that involved the twins. Today however was going to be different, he was going to march up there and drag her down so he could check on that glitch. If it got any worse he was going to have to put her in stasis until he thought of something to calm it.

The medic had a pretty good idea about why it was acting up. Red Alert hadn't been out of that security room in over three days, she had recharged and re-fuelled in that damn room.

Ratchet called up Ironhide and requested for him to cover for her for a few hours while Ratchet forced her to go for a cruise around Tranquillity. The burly weapons specialist grumbled a reluctant affirmative and lumbered up to the room.

"Red?" He scowled when the femme jumped and almost shut down. Her optics flickered briefly before she straightened to at the medic.

"Yes Ratchet?"

Again he scowled but this time at her innocent undertone. "Your going for a drive around Tranquillity, you've been locked up in this room for three days. Now I'm ordering you as CMO to leave this base and go for a cruise."

A smirk crossed his face plate at the disbelieving, star struck look on the security bots features.



A sigh sounded from the medic as the femme almost had to reboot at his elevated voice. After a few tense moments she meekly nodded and followed the medic from the room as Ironhide entered the and unceremoniously threw his bulk into one of the large chairs. Red Alert winced as it gave a protesting shriek but scuttled to catch Ratchet who had left with out her.

As they made there way down the hall, they passed the twins, who looked rather surprised to see Red Alert walking down the corridors but continued to the control room none the less. Ratchet didn't even want to know what was going on, but knew he'd be fixing it later.

As the door way to outside loomed up ahead, Red Alert tensed, "Ratchet I can't do this!"

"Yes you can." He stated with an air of finality and gave her a hearty shove outside, telling her to go find Prowl, who was on shift at the moment. An internal scan showed that she was in the lounge though, which was odd, Prowl was never late for her shifts unless she was sick and/or dieing. That was a good enough reason to go and make sure nothing was wrong, however he was almost bowled down by her as she tore through the base and out the door, looking quite flustered.

"Strange." He muttered and began a scan.

A pained groan came from over his comm. link interrupted him. "Ratchet, this is Bumblebee, could you please come to the look out, I'm not feeling to good."

The medic sighed, this was turning out to be one strange afternoon. "Sure Bee, I'll be right there."

Tree's whizzed by as the sleek Lamborghini cruised down a narrow dirt road on the outskirts of Tranquillity. Red Alert ravished in the feel of the wind against her frame, releasing tension that had been building inside the security bot. Every now and then something would make her jump, but that was nothing compared to what it had been like for the last three days in the security room.

She gunned her engines, but of course, stayed on or under the speed limit. Having those white cars with the whirring lights come out of no where would probably shut her down.

The red femme was so caught up in the sensation of finally being outside that she didn't even pick up the decepticons signature that was hidden behind the puffy white clouds in the sky.

Starscream growled and swiped his metallic claw through a dense cloud, spreading the moisture and causing some to fall. Howling with rage he transformed and swooped over a near by farm house, taking off the roof.

His rage was going to attract autobots but he didn't care, at the moment he just needed something to take his anger out on. Stopping for a few moments to allow his intakes to cool his boiling systems, he noticed a flashing light in the corner of his optics. Activating the link he smirked, instantly recognising the signature of the autobots security mech.

A grin spread across the decepticons animalistic features, 'Well beating the circuits out of an autobot is certainly more appealing then beating clouds.' He thought excitedly. 'He should be fairly easy to capture.'

Dipping down just below the clouds, he realised, more then a little disappointedly that the autobot had not yet seen him. Going off basic fact the decepticon knew that most probably no-one would believe the paranoid mech if he did send a distress signal. Even if he did, the ex-scientist knew that the miscreant twins were most likely serving punishment at the security room so he'd have a chance at getting a good hour or two head start seeing as though they wouldn't begin to worry until the mech was due back.

The decepticon loved the chase just as much as he loved the capture, he often toyed with them, making them believe they had a chance at escaping then striking them down.

Trying to get the mech on the run he fired a few warning shots just behind his bumper, being sure to leave a deep wound, but not deep enough to take out the back tire. What would be the point of shooting to get him to run if the autobot would spin out of control and stop?

Red Alert shrieked as the ground behind her exploded into nothing, The only warning she received before the pain swept through her was the screech of torn metal.

She instantly activated a distress beacon as she felt her systems start to fritz. Forcefully shutting out the feeling, she refused to shut down. If she shut down now she knew she would most certainly die, though she wasn't Prowl, she could more or less calculate her chances of survival if her glitch played up now.

Her comm. crackled to life and Ironhides gravely voice echoed from with in.

"For pits sake Red, if this is your glitch…"

Red Alert didn't wait for him to finish, "Ironhide! I'm under attack! Some ones tracing me from the sky!"

"Red the only decepticon left on Earth is Barricade, and if you haven't noticed yet… he can't fly!" the last part was elevated into a shout.

"I…" But she was cut off when a well aimed shot to her hood took out her comm. unit and left it scraping to a stop behind her. The link with base went silent and she cursed, now they were just toying with her. Despite the fact that one of her main energon lines was completely severed and she was leaking fluid, her chassis was in shock and she couldn't feel a thing.

To her dismay she felt her CPU begin to shut down again, except this time she could do nothing to stop it.

Starscream watched in disgust as his victim shut down and rolled to a slow stop, pathetic! He growled transforming and landing in front of the autobot.

"Well might as well take him back for later." He chuckled cruelly.

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