Please note: This is NOT an additional story chapter! This is for clarification ONLY.

Hello everyone!

In order to minimize confusion for readers of 14 Going on 30 or my soon-to-be-published one-shot, I decided to post a chart detailing all the senshi/shittenou's children, as I imagined them for 14Go30. Please let me know if the formatting needs work, if something doesn't make sense, or if you have any comments about the children in general.


Usagi and Mamoru

1. Chibiusa (Usagi)** - female, born June 30, 1999. Pale blonde, almost white hair* with violet eyes.

2. Dakai** - male, born March 1, 2001. Black hair, crystal blue eyes.

3. Mei - female, born December 31, 2003. The first twin, black hair with blue-grey eyes.

4. Sora - male, born December 31, 2003. The second twin, golden blonde hair with blue-grey eyes.

Minako and Malachite

1. Emi** - female, born December 26, 2001. Gold blonde hair with cornflower blue eyes.

2. Naoko - female, born February 23, 2004. Pale blonde, almost white hair with blue-violet eyes.

3. Akio - male, born May 17, 2006. Golden curls with cerulean eyes.

Rei and Jadeite

1. Ren - female, born August 1, 2002. Dirty blonde hair with amethyst eyes.

2. Hideki - male, born November 9, 2003. Black hair with brown eyes.

3. Kiyoko - female, born April 13, 2006. Light brown hair with blue-violet eyes.

4. Souta** - male, born December 14, 2008. Blonde with brown eyes.

Makoto and Nephrite

1. Takeshi** - male, born July 29, 2000. Curly brown hair with emerald eyes.

2. Tsubaki - female, born April 27, 2003. Deep red and chestnut curls, with hazel eyes.

3. Itsuki - male, born June 25, 2005. Russet brown curls with dark brown eyes.

Ami and Zoicite

1. Kumiko - female, born October 28, 2000. Dirty blonde hair with navy-blue eyes.

2. Hikari** - female, born September 4, 2003. Blue-black hair with navy-blue eyes.

3. Kaito - male, born January 3, 2009. Brown-black hair with green eyes.

Shingo and Mika

1. Tsubasa** - male, born March 8, 2005. Brown hair with green eyes.

2. Airi - female, born July 2, 2007. Red-brown hair with hazel eyes.


*for her 9th birthday, Chibiusa dyed her hair pink (this wasn't mentioned in 14Go30).

**denotes the children who are almost mirror images of their parents. (Obviously, most children tend to resemble their parents to some degree, but these kids look exactly or almost exactly like the noted parent.) For example:

Chibiusa looks like Usagi (coloring aside).
Dakai looks like Mamoru.
Emi looks like Minako.
Souta looks like Jadeite.
Takeshi looks like Makoto (or a male version of her).
Itsuki looks like Nephrite.
Hikari looks like Ami.
Tsubasa looks like Shingo.