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Jude stops walking and looks up at the building in front of her, G Major. Nothing has changed, it still looks the same as it did the last time she was here. This was the same building where her dreams came true and where her life almost ended. It was hard to believe that it had been over 3 years now. But she knew that she needed to do this. She needed to talk to Darius. She is not doing this for herself. She is doing this for Tommy. Tommy started out as her producer, became her best friend and eventually the man who stole her heart. She met him 6 years ago, when she won Instant Star and a record contract with G Major Records. On her 18th birthday, they finally got together and it was the best day of her life. And then her entire world crashed down around her. She catches herself thinking back on that night.


Jude stands looking in the mirror at her reflection. It has been a month that she wished she could forget. Of course that would never happen. How can she forget finally being with the man that she had been in love with for 3 years. That part she definitely didn't want to forget. Its what came next that she wants to be rid of. The past comes back to haunt her and its not even her past.

Five years ago Tommy had been in love with a girl named Angie. Problem with that was Tommy was also married at the time to Darius' sister Portia. Darius had told him that if he still wanted a career he had to end it with Angie.

The night that he went over to tell Angie, she freaked out and ran outside and got in Tommy's car and sped off. She ended up wrapping the car around a telephone pole and was killed. Tommy always blamed himself. Angie's brother, Hunter, always blamed him too. Hunter had been in jail for dealing drugs when it happened. Well on the night of Jude's 18th birthday party, Hunter showed up and told Tommy that since he took someone that he loved, he would take someone that Tommy loved. For some reason, Tommy didn't want to tell Jude this. Jude got up on stage and started singing to Tommy. That is how they had planned to tell everyone that they were together. Tommy, trying to protect Jude told her that she was drunk and embarrassing herself. He then went to the bar and proceeded to drink himself silly. Sadie, Jude's sister, seeing this helped him upstairs before he passed out. Not knowing that him and Jude were together, kissed him to see if she still had feelings for him. She realized she no longer felt anything for him. But it was too late. Jude had walked in and seen it thanks to Portia telling her where Tommy was. Tommy tried to explain but Jude didn't want to hear it and told him it was over.

All of this happened for no reason because Hunter didn't believe any of it. He had seen how Tommy looked at Jude. That was the look of a man in love.

So his revenge was starting. He sent Jude a message from Tommy to meet him at the rehearsal space. When she walked in calling out for Tommy, Hunter grabbed her from behind and put a knife to her throat with every intention of killing her. Tommy, who had been told that Jude had gone to the rehearsal space raced down there because he wanted to explain to her what happened. Tommy ran to the room and saw Jude crying and Hunter with his arm around her and the knife to her throat. He tried to talk Hunter into killing him instead. Hunter got distracted and let go of Jude. Tommy lunged at Hunter. Tommy and Hunter were struggling over the knife. Jude looked around and saw her guitar players golf club set in the corner. She ran over and grabbed a club and hit Hunter in the back of the head with it. He collapsed on top of Tommy. She dropped the club as Tommy pushed him off and stood up. Jude threw her arms around Tommy, not believing what just happened.

That was two weeks ago. Tonight will be the first night that Jude has seen Tommy since that day.

Jude just wants to look perfect when she sees him. Yes, she is still upset that he couldn't bring himself to tell her what was going on. It would have avoided everything that had happened, because she would have been more careful and they wouldn't have had the whole Sadie misunderstanding. But she also understands how hard it would be to tell someone that you just got together with that someone wants to hurt them, just because they are with you.

"Jude!" Sadie yelled up at her. "Tommy's here." Jude smiles as she realizes that in just a matter of minutes she will see Tommy. "Ok Sadie, I'll be down in a minute." Jude sighed.

She looks in the mirror one last time and heads for the stairs. Tommy is standing at the bottom of the stairs as she comes down. He has that look, the one she is always telling him is the look he saves just for her. There is a mixture of love and uncertainty in his eyes. She smiles at him to reassure him that everything is ok.

"You look beautiful, girl" he says when he is finally able to speak. She reaches out and wraps her arms around his waist. She loves the feel of his arms around her. She leans up and gently touches her lips to his. She looks into his eyes and he immediately leans down and kisses her again.

"Ahem". They break apart and Jude looks over her shoulder. There is Sadie with her arms crossed, tapping her foot with a big grin on her face. "I hate to interrupt this cute little Jommy moment, but we need to get going."

There is a party being held in honor of Darius Mills. Darius is the person who runs G Major and of course her boss. All of G Major is turning out to help him celebrate along with the cities officials.

They get in the limo and head toward G Major. Jude looks over at Sadie and can't help but think to herself how beautiful Sadie is compared to her. Sadie is wearing this close fitting red velvet dress with her hair fastened to the side with large curls. She looks perfect. And there is of course the fact that she dated Tommy last year. Its completely over, but can still be hard to deal with at times. Especially since she had to watch as it happened, even though she was in love with Tommy.

At the same time that Jude is thinking this, Sadie looks over at Jude and Tommy. Sadie is so proud of the way that Jude has handled all this. She has proved how much she has grown up over the last few years. And then there's Tommy. If all this had happened a year ago, he would have ran away and left everyone else to pick up the pieces. They were a gorgeous couple. Jude looks so grown up. She has on this floor length blue satin gown that drapes perfectly down her body. She cut her hair after the Hunter fiasco. Its now shoulder length and cut into a shag. Tommy is wearing a black suit and his tie matches Jude's dress. Watching them, Sadie realized that they couldn't take their eyes off of each other. Everyone has always known they would end up together. They have been in love with each other for 3 years. Everyone knew not to get between Jude and Tommy because they will choose each other every time.

They finally pull up in front of G Major. Sadie's door opens before she has a change to open it herself. When she looks up there is Kwest. Kwest, aside from being her wonderful boyfriend, is also a sound engineer/producer that works on her sisters albums. It may have taken her awhile, but she finally realized that she was in love with him. She grins and walks away on his arm. Tommy is the next one out and offers his arm to Jude.

"Suppose we should go find D?" Tommy asks as he looks over at Jude. D is Tommys nickname for Darius and off course Darius calls him T. Yea they are not very original, but then again they are men, so its expected.

"Well its either that, Quincy, or wait for him to come find us." They both want to avoid any drama tonight, so they head off to find Darius.

As they are mingling through the crowd, Portia is standing upstairs watching. She has a look of disgust on her face as she sees them smiling at each other and holding hands. Every once in a while Tommy will bump into her shoulder and they will grin at each other. Portia just glares at them.

Tommy and Jude finally locate Darius. They congratulate him and Jude reaches over and gives him a hug and kiss on the cheek.

"Alright you two, don't stay up too late tonight. You have an album to finish tomorrow." Darius says with a grin.

"Yes D, we know. It will be done by the end of business tomorrow. Tonight though, is all for me and my girl." Tommy says as he hugs Jude to him.

A couple of hours later, Tommy tells Jude that he will be right back. He has to leave a note on D's desk about a meeting tomorrow. Jude heads off to find Sadie and Kwest. She stands there talking to them for a few minutes. Getting tired of waiting for him, the three of them head off to find him. They go down the hallway to D's office. They hear yelling and step into D's office.

Standing there is Tommy and Darius, nose to nose. The look on Tommy's face has Kwest ready to step in between them. He starts to step forward to do just that when Tommy starts talking. He decides to hold off to see if they can talk whatever this is, out.