Bella & Alice: The prank war

Bella & Alice: The prank war

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Grrrrrrrr! Him and Edward are dead! Well I'll ….. Bring them back to life then kill them! I fumed in my mind as I slammed the door. I was covered in everything from glitter to sand. It's all because I was walking through the Cullen's front door and suddenly the pail that Emmett so kindly planted filled with crazy glue tipped and spilled all over me. Then I was hit with feathers, a Ton of sand, glitter, and to top it off Emmett placed a top hat on my head (I'll never understand Emmett). Then at that moment Edward walked in.

His face was a mask of shock, amusement and disbelief. "What happened to you?" He managed to get out between bouts of laughter.

"Well that's what happens when you walk into a house with two idiots!" I screamed as I stormed out of the house.

"Bella, honey! I didn't mean it!" Edward yelled after me.

"Whatever!" I yelled back. It was hard to stay mad at such a God-like creature, but every time I felt bad I saw him laughing and my anger refuelled. I went upstairs to my room and started pulling off feathers. I looked in the mirror and was blinded by the shine of the glitter. Where did Emmett find so much? I thought. Suddenly the room to my door exploded open and there stood Alice looking like a pixie version of myself.


My mind was racing of ways to kill my dear brothers Emmett and Edward, and my husband- no Ex- Husband Jasper. I ran up Bella's' stairs and burst through her door. She stood covered in the same gunk as me.

"They got you to, huh?" She asked while ripping things off herself.

I growled and Bella and I started ripping things of each other.

I moaned, "They used my glitter!" Bella rolled her eyes. "Only you could be stocked up on this much glitter!" She smirked.

"We have to get them back!" I said while already forming a plan in my mind.

"They're gonna pay!" Bella said with an evil grin.

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