Sorry bout the lateness guys, but between school and all my other activities I had like no time! Anyways I'm terribly sorry, and after reading some reviews I'll try not to have a cliffy this time. Hope you all don't hate me!

Disclaimer- Do you really think I own Twilight? Go watch the movie and read the "Based on the book by…." Subtitle.


We ran towards my house, me on Rosalie's shoulders since she said she'll help.

While running, I was mulling over what could the break? I don't have any special possessions. I knew Alice was thinking the same thing when she said,

"I can't see them breaking anything…"

"What about taking something?" Rose asked.

"Nope nothing." Alice shook her head. "I think they're thinking of something better, like kidnapping someone." She laughed.

I gasped. "Alice! What about Jacob? They're probably gonna prank him to get back at me!"

"It would make sense, since I can't see Jacob…. Rose you run to the house, Bella come with me!" She planned, grabbing me and heading towards La Push, with Rose running the other way.

We reached La Push in record time, and after Alice sniffed the air, she confirmed our suspicions.

"They were here, about four minutes ago, I would say."

Suddenly there was a crash and a scream of "What the f-"

"Come on!" I said pulling Alice towards the small house.

"Wait!" Alice yelled, but I had already opened the door and stood inside dumb founded. There were dogs everywhere! Small dogs, big dogs, all in Jacob's house, with Jacob standing in the middle, a furious look on his face. I followed his eyes, and there on the wall in perfectly calligraphy black spray paint it read,

"Family Reunion!"

There it is guys, better late then never! Now my thoughts of the movie, (don't worry no spoilers). I went with 3 friends to the second showing, after the midnight release at 6:40 in the evening. Right after watching it I went "THAT WAS AWSOME!" then after a while I was like "What the hell did I just watch?" it almost felt as if they fell in love in like what, a day? The romance felt minimal, and the movie was more funny than dark. I liked it, but it felt like a short rushed through movie, and didn't capture the essence of Bella and Edward! To sum it up, it was a good movie, but I expected better.