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A/N: Snippets of Lily and James' relationship from their fifth year to the end of DH. They are in no particular order, as it's merely a collection of drabbles and oneshots about Lily and James, and the conversations between them, Alice, Frank, Sirius, Remus, and Peter. And maybe Snape, too, I s'pose.

1. Closer

Lily couldn't believe what she was doing. Hearing. Seeing, experiencing.

She and James had been talking animatedly by the fire in the common room. Talking, for what had to be at least two hours, but felt like forever, an endless whir of words and sentences, all blending into one another. Perhaps Alice had been right. Maybe a conversation was all it took to get her to realize that he wasn't nearly as arrogant as she'd thought.

All too soon, James muttered, "I'd better go - Quidditch practice."

Lily nodded. "Yeah, and I've got a pile of work to do - I'll see you later, then."

She was about to get up when she noticed his hesitant expression. "What is it?"

"Er… I was, well, wondering if you'd come with me to Hogsmeade this weekend - but if you don't want to, I get it," he added quickly.

"Oh… I'm sorry, James, I really am. But… it's just - it's Alice's birthday this weekend, and I've already made special plans to go with her and Frank…"


"Maybe next time?"

His head shot up, and his hazel eyes met her green. "Yeah - yeah, okay."

He made his way up to the boys' dormitory for his broom, as a familiar feeling of rejection washed over him. But he had seen something in her eyes when she answered - was it regret? And she had called him James… he had waited so long to hear her say that. And she offered to go with him the next Hogsmeade weekend…

It was definitely an improvement, he thought. She was one step, one tiny step closer to saying 'yes.'

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