"EEEEKKKKKK!" I screamed as I fell far from the cliff I had been fighting on.

Naruto made a move to jump off and try to save me but Gaara had just sent a sand tentacle to pierce his stomach which Sasuke blocked.


With that Naruto leaped back into combat and I closed my eyes to think. I estimated that I had about 2 minutes before I hit the bottom of the cliff and 45 seconds to do something about it.

Stay calm Chika. What jutsu can you use? Naruto would use shadow-clones and jump from their backs to slow the fall. Sasuke wouldn't be in this position and if he was he would probably use a complicated jutsu that I don't know….

I began to do the hand signs and prayed that this would work, "KAZE SOUJUU!" (wind manipulation) Suddenly gusts of wind surrounded me and brought my free-fall to a stop. Then I willed them to lift me above the fight. I wasn't sure that it would work since I have never used this jutsu in this way but…. I had to try. Surprisingly the winds did exactly what I wanted and it seemed like they would continue supporting me in the air so I began my offensive attacks. A quick glance at the fight showed me that Gaara was winning, but my squad members were holding their own and I was proud.

"MAKAI HOUKA!" (hell fire) I screamed as an intense torrent of blue flame flew from me and onto Gaara. Naruto and Sasuke and already jumped back, but Gaara stood still and faced the flames as his sand blocked my view and formed a cocoon around him. My fire hit his barrier and, to my shock, only turned his sand into glass. GLASS! This was the fire that immediately turns whatever it is within 5 feet of to nothing! It doesn't even leave ash!

"Good job Chika!" cried Naruto with his goofy grin as he gave me a thumbs up.

"Shut up and pay attention Naruto." Sasuke calmly stated as he hit Naruto's head. It looked like a friendly light hit but I knew Sasuke put more force than that in it. Hence the-


"SHUT UP!" I screeched as Sasuke grinned evily. "We are not done with our mission yet so just forget about it for now!"

Sasuke composed his face and turned back to the trapped Gaara. Gaara was glaring at us. I floated down before I released the winds 3 feet above the ground.

"Oof. Well I don't think that any sand can reach him. My inferno should of worked deep enough into the ground to cut him off of everything. But that means he will die."

"Wait what?" Naruto asked. Sasuke sighed, "Because Chika's jutsu trapped him in a bubble of glass no air can get will die in-" Sasuke looked pointedly at me.

"5 minutes." I told him.

"Right." He said, before continuing with that hard look of revenge and determination gleaming in his eyes, "So Gaara here is doomed. Especially since the rest of his squad is gone. Those two were difficult to beat but we did it and now the most important asset wil-"

"Sasuke, don't say that. He is strong but he isn't just a weapon." I quietly said. I knew he was looking at me and I knew he wanted to tell me that I was weak when it came to my emotions but I just kept my eyes fixated on Gaara as I walked towards his cage and coffin.

"…" Gaara showed no emotion. He was still as he just stared back at me. I couldn't help but to start to cry as I thought about how badly he must have been hurt to be like this, and as my tears began to flow I saw a flash of emotion upon his face. Or maybe I just think I did with my tears clouding my vision.

"Chika?" Sasuke and Naruto said in unison. Normally that pissed them off but right now they were too concerned about me to care. "Fine then, we'll go. Naruto. Chika." Sasuke then took off into the woods. Naruto hesitated a little and then followed.

The second he was gone I set to work. I swiftly closed the distance between me and the glass and muttered, "Aisu Doriru." (ice drill). Now I had needle-like icicles spinning, at such a high speed it looked like they weren't even moving, into the glass.

I saw his confusion and frustration at me but I just focused on my 10 icicles piercing the glass. He must have thought I was speeding up his death or something similar for I saw him stiffen right before my icicles went though the small remaining bit of glass.

It had taken longer than I had expected, so all I said was, "I'm sorry." I couldn't let you die like that. Before diving into the trees to catch up with my team mates.

I knew what I had been doing. I knew he would now be able to access sand and that he could then erode the bubble from inside as well as outside like he had been doing. I knew that he wouldn't need to rush since he now had air. And I knew that he might come after us, but I didn't care.