Seru Shinobi

chapter 1: Starting over with new dreams and new friends

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or Ledgen of Legaia. Also, I will describe the fight between Naruto and Sasuke at a later chapter in a flash back. This fic starts after Sasuke's vow to destroy the Leaf Village, during it, Naruto and Sasuke have a huge fight, which, like I said, will be described later. It will be a Female Naruto fic where Naruto was male, but becomes female.

first ever legend of legaia cross over with naruto (as far as i know)

(note) minor occness

Naruto's POV

I look down at Sasuke's dead body. I can feel the life from my body fading fast. I still can't believe Sasuke's hatred ran this deep. He killed so many people I cared about. Oh well, I'll be with them soon and at least this way, the Akatsuki will never get their hands on the Kyuubi. Heh. I guess this is an okay way to die.

Regular POV

Naruto's body falls backwards, the life leaving him. This should have been the end for this brave Shinobi, but fate had other plans for him.

Naruto woke up, floating in an endless void of white. "HEY WHERE AM I? IS THIS THE AFTERLIFE!"

A glowing light blue sphere appears before Naruto. It's rather large, perhaps even bigger than the Kyuubi. It speaks with a female voice. "No Naruto. You are between this world and the next, but you are going to be given a second chance."

Naruto stared confused. "A second chance? But why me?"

"You are being given a new chance due to your kind heart and, even though you carried a horrible burden, and were mistreated because of it, you stayed pure. It is for that reason you are going to be sent back and given another chance. You will be at the day Team 7 began. I hope this time, you can make things better for yourself and those you hold dear," the blue orb proclaims.

Naruto stared wide eyed. "You mean I can stop all of this from happening?"

The blue orb chuckled a bit. "Yes, that is what I just said. Now, when you awaken, you will not remember how to perform any of the jutsu you've learned since the time you arrived, but you will be able to learn them faster this time around."


The blue orb lets out a sigh. "If you knew the Rasengan and all your other jutsu, there would be too many complications to explain when you arrive."

Naruto hmph'd. "Fine. I guess."

"Farewell Naruto. I hope we do not meet again for a long time." The orb pulses and a rift in space and time opens behind Naruto, sucking him in.

Inside of the rift it is a long tube full of colors. Naruto is hurtling down the tube.

Naruto suddenly screams in pain as the Kyuubi pulses and tries to escape. "I WILL NOT BE FORCED TO LIVE THROUGH THIS IGNORANT CHILD'S LIFE AGAIN! I REFUSE TO! I WILL NOT BE CURSED TO BE IN A MORTAL ANY LONGER! I THANK YOU FOR SAVING HIM, WENCH. NOW I CAN ESCAPE!" The Kyuubi's head begins to form on the chakra.

The blue orb pulses. "No you foul beast! You will not escape your seal!" Blue lightning comes from the orb, wrapping around the red chakra, forcing the Kyuubi back into the seal.

"NOOOOOOO! I WILL NOT BE FORCED INTO IMPRISONMENT AGAIN!" The Kyuubi thrashed inside Naruto's body, slamming around, hitting hte side of the rip in space and time's wall, dragging along side of it.

The lightning finally manages to force the Kyuubi back into Naruto just as the rift closes, Naruto arriving at his point of arrival. "Good luck, Child."

Another orb appears next to the blue one, this one white in color. "My lady, there has been a problem." A small white beam shoots at the blue orb.

"Oh my. He, um, she, is going to have quite the surprise when he, er, she, awakens. As well as far more dangerous life. But who knows? Maybe this will help him, er, her, achieve her dreams." The blue orb says.

Naruto woke up holding his head. "Ow. Going through time hurts." Naruto's hair falls into his face. It's longer than he is used to. "I guess I need a hair cut. I've never seen my hair this long." He stretches and feels something on his chest and looks down and saw two small A cup breasts. "Wh-wh-wh-wh-WHAT!" Naruto bolted to his, now her, feet and ran to the nearest mirror she kept on the wall and saw her reflection. Her hair was still spikey, but not near as much and she had a tuft of hair in her face off to the right side. She also noticed she had some dark red hair streaks in her hair. Her hair also grew down to about her mid-back. She still has the whisker marks on her face and her blue eyes. Looking at her body, she noticed she kept her normal body fat ration which is almost none except for her chest, which she is trying to ignore. She notices she is a bit taller than she was last time at this age, but not as tall as she had been before getting sent back in time. She notices she is dressed in a blue pajama with little frogs on it. A bit cutsey, but Naruto can live with that.

"Okay. I'm a girl." Naruto finally realizes her voice is female now. "What happened?" She looked through her apartment and sees pictures of her as a kid, clearly a girl in the picture. "Okay. So I've always been a girl in this timeline. Okay. No need to panic," Naruto says, twitching and clearly panicing. "Calm down, calm down..." She spots her forehead protector on her night stand. "Okay, first thing is first. I'll put on my forehad protector. Wait. How do I wear it? None of the kunoichi my age where theirs on their forehead. Um, do I where it like Sakura and Ino, or around my neck like Temari and Hinata do? Or - GAH! I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO WEAR A FOREHEAD PROTECTOR AS A GIRL! HOW DID THIS HAPPEN!?"

Suddenly, the blue orb from before appears but has shrunken down to human size. "I can explain that, Naruto. But your name is Hiiko now. Here, let me help you adjust to the name." A beam hit Naruto in the forehead.

Naruto, now Hiiko remembered. She is Naruto and was a boy, but the name Hiiko just seemed easy to go by now, as well as answering to female terms liek 'she', 'her', etc. Also, how to work her new body to fight with it and other things, though she was still uncomfortable with the whole thing and would take some time to adjust. Then she just glared at the orb. "YOU DID THIS TO ME!"

The orb sighed. "I'm so sorry. This was not meant to happen, but when the Kyuubi tried to escape, he caused your body to slam into the rip in space and time, causing another dimension to cross with yours. Well, actually, it was just fallout from this other dimension causing a few elements from there, to come here. As for why you're a girl, it seems to be after affects. Let me explain. Ten years ago, the mist appeared out of nowhere, covering the entire world. That's why those windmills are there." Hiiko looked outside and saw five large windmills spinning. "They keep the mist out. Inside the mist are things called Seru. If they attach to you and you're in the mist, you will become a mindless beast."

Hiiko paniced. "Does this mean I can never leave the village and I'll be stuck with D-ranked missions forever?" She asked, her other problems forgotten.

The orb chuckled a bit. "No, dear Hiiko. Ninja have developed chakra bangels. It puts a small bit of chakra of the wearer's body and keeps the Seru away and the first that do attack are easy enough to deal with, but the sad thing is the bangels are in short supply because merchants and such need them to travel, so there is not enough for the entire village to have them at all times. They are issued out for missions and such. Now, as I'm sure you've noticed, as far as this time line is concerned, you have always been a girl." Hiiko nodded. "I have given you all the information I can, but I can tell you this. Your journey will be much more dangerous this time around. Oh, and don't worry, you are not attracted to guys. You are a lesbian." The orb faded before Hiiko could say anything else.

Hiiko just sighed. "Well, at least I know how to work this body now and my name. And it's good to know I don't like guys." She shivered at the mere idea. "Why does this stuff always happen to me?" She looked at the forehead protector in her hand. "I still don't know how I should wear this thing." She looked at the clock. "Oh crap! I'm going to be late for getting assigned to team seven! Well, not that it matters. Kakashi will be late anyways, but gah! I can't be late!" Hiiko ran over to her closet to find a black tank top and red pants with a matching red jacket that had an orange swirl on the back. The pants and jacket are a red version of the orange ones she'd worn last time she was twelve and when she was a male. She threw off her pajamas and got dressed, then looked in the mirror, clearly a female. "Oh well," she said running out the door.

As Hiiko runs down the street, she ties her forehead protector around her head. "May as well stick with a classic," she said running past a Chuunin carrying a pile of paperwork that was heading towards the Hokage Tower. The poor Chuunin fell on his butt and the papper scattered everywhere. "Sorry! Can't help you puck things up! I can't be late!" Hiiko shouts as she runs down the road heading towards teh Academy.

The Chuunin sighed. "Just great." He began to pick up the all the papers.

Hiiko turned the corner and ran straight into the Academy, sliding into her classroom. "Yes! I made it!"

Shikamaru looked up from his seat. "Hiiko, what are you doing here? Only people who graduated are supposed to be here today."

Hiiko pointed her thumb at her forehead protector. "What do you call this, Mr Genius?"

Shikamaru yawned. "Troublesome." He then laid his head down on his desk.

Hiiko hears Ino and Sakura arguing at the front door fighting to get in. "I'M GOING TO SIT NEXT TO SASUKE!" Ino screams.

"LIKE HELL YOU ARE INO-PIG!" Sakura screams right back.

Hiiko sighs and thinks to herself, 'if only they knew how bad of a person Sasuke really is.' She walks looking for a place to sit and spots an empty seat next to Hinata and sits next to her. "Hi Hinata! How are you today?"

Hinata blushes crimson red, completely surprised that her crush is sitting next to her. Hinata knew she was in love with another girl the first day she saw Hiiko, but never had the courage to say anything and now, here she was, right here. "H-h-hi Hiiko. I'm g-good. H-h-how about you?"

Hiiko wanted to say, 'Oh, I'm great! I woke three years younger today and I was a girl,' but decided that would be a bit odd so just said, "I'm good. Are you okay? You look a little flushed." Hiiko put her hand on Hinata's forehead and the poor girl fainted dead away.

Iruka walked in. "Okay, settle down class! It's time for your teams to get assigned!"

Hiiko looked at Iruka. "Um, Iruka-sensei. I think something is wrong with Hinata. She just fainted."

Iruka sighed, not even curious as to why Hiiko was sitting next to Hinata instead of trying to get the poor, straight Sakura on a date. Iruka hoped Hiiko finally figured out Hinata was the only other lesbian in her class, but figured if she didn't know why Hinata fainted, that it wasn not likely. "She will be fine, Hiiko."

Hiiko shrugged. "If you say so, Iruka-sensei."

Hinata came to a few seconds later. "S-s-sorry Hiiko. I didn't mean to faint."

Hiiko shrugged. "It's okay Hinata."

Iruka just smiled. Perhaps there was still hope. "Okay, class! Time for your teams!"

"Team Seven will be Hiiko Uzumaki, Sakura Haruno and Sasuke Uchiha." Iruka felt bad he coudln't put Hinata and Hiiko on a team, but the teams were done according to balances.

Hinata sighed to herself and thought, 'Now I won't be on a team with Hiiko.'

Hiiko sighed. 'Great. Sakura before she took her ninja duty seriously and Sasuke better not turn his back on me this time around. Who knows, maybe I can stop the ass from following the dark path.'

After the other teams left with their sensei, Hiiko, Sakura and Sasuke were wait for their Jounin sensei.

"So, I think we should try to be a good team and work together." Hiiko said, wanting to get off to a good foot this time around.

"HIIKO! SHUT UP! YOU JUST WANT SASUKE ALL TO YOURSELF!" Sakura knew how stupid that sounded, since Hiiko was clearly only into girls, but she had other things to think about right now, like winning Sasuke's love.

"Teams will only slow me down. I don't need help from a love struck girl and the dead last." Sasuke said with his usual insulting lilt to every tone.

"No ninja can be the best on their own. It takes teamwork. Together, three Genin could beat a Jounin," Hiiko said, hoping to make the coming bell test go better.

"Just stay out of my way," Sasuke said with his normal tone of voice.

Just then, Kakashi walks in. "My first impression of you is I don't like you."

Sakura's jaw dropped. "How can you say that! You just met us!"

Sasuke just hn'd.

"And I don't like Icha Icha Paradise," Hiiko said, smirking.

"Icha Icha wha-?" Sakura was confused.

Kakashi's eye hidden under his forehead protector raised and he wondered how the girl knew of his love for Icha Icha Paradise. Most ninja who knew him knew of it, but this girl just met him. "Meet me on the roof." He then poofed away.

The three Genin-to-be arrived on the roof with Kakashi standing there. "Alright. Let's start by telling ourselves something about each other. Our likes, dislikes hobbies and dreams for the future."

"Um, why don't you go first, sensei?" Sakura asks.

"Alright. My name is Kakashi Hatake. I like many things and dislike a lot of things. My hobbies ... I don't feel like telling you and my dreams are none of your concern. Okay. You're up, Pinky." Kakashi says with his normal laid back tone.

Sasuke thinks to himself, 'All we learned was his name.'

Sakura begins. "I like," she looked at Sasuke, "I dislike Ino-pig! My hobby is," she looked at Sasuke again, "and my dream for the future is, "she looked at Sasuke and squealed.

Kakashi thinks to himself, 'Great. A fangirl.' "Okay. You're up Mr Dark and Broody."

"I don't particularly like anything and I dislike many things. My hobbies are none of your concern and my dream, no, my ambition, is to kill a certain someone." Sasuke says without any emotion in his voice.

Kakashi thinks, 'He must mean Itachi. I better keep an eye on him. Avengers tend to cause problems.' "Alright. Now you Streaks." Refering to Hiiko due to her streaked hair.

"I like ramen and helping my friends. I dislike the three minutes it takes for ramen to get ready and anyone who would betray their comrades. My hobbies include trying new ramen and training to get stronger! My dream is to become the greatest Hokage and to stop people from treating others poorly just because they are different!" She said with confidence in herself.

Kakashi thinks, 'Hmm. Not how I expected her to answer." Alright. Tomorrow, we will take a test to see if you are ready to become Genin."

"But Kakashi-sensei, we already took a test," Sakura said.

"That was just to see if you had what it takes. Out of all of the teams that passed, only three will become Genin," Kakashi answered. "Now, meet me at Training Ground Seven tomorrow. Oh, and don't eat or you'll throw up." With that, Kakashi poofed away.

The three go their seperate ways, heading home afterwards.

Before Hiiko went home, she decided to talk with Sakura though, so she ran up to catch up to her. "Oh Sakura."

Sakrua thinks to herself, 'Great! I really had thought she had given up on getting a date from me.' "Yes, Hiiko?"

"I was wondering, why do you like Sasuke so much?" Hiiko asked.

"Because he's strong, brave and just looks so good," Sakura said.

"Well, if you really want to win his heart, shouldn't you focus more on your ninja career so that you become strong? It's clear he will only like a strong kunoichi." Hiiko said.

"Hmm," Sakura was awestruck. Hiiko was right. How could she get Sasuke's love if she was so weak? It was decided, then, she will put off winning Sasuke's love until she was stronger! "You're right."

"Well, I gotta get home! Talk to you later, Sakura!" With that, Hiiko ran off back towards her home.

The next morning, Hiiko arrives with some energy bars. "Hi guys. I brought you a snack."

"But Hiiko, Kakashi-sensei told us not to have breakfast." Sakura says. She decided that since Hiiko was able to help her lern how gain Sasuke's love, she would treat the girl better. Then, she just stared at the energy bars. She was very hungry since she skipped dinner the night before.

"Right, but this is a snack, not breakfast," Hiiko says with her grin.

"Hn." Sasuke accepts, deciding that she had found a good loophole, thinking he should have noticed it.

"Well, I guess you are right." Sakura takes one of the bars and eats it.

Kakashi arrived, noticing that they have eaten having just caught them throwing the wrappers into a nearby trashcan. He thinks, 'Hmm. Perhaps I was wrong about them. They have looked underneath the underneath.' "Sorry I'm late. There was this old lady crossing the street and-"

"Just stop, Kakashi-sensei. We know that's not true," Hiiko interrupts.

Kakashi just sweatdrops and then takes out two bells. "Okay, your test is to get these two bells from me. The two who get the bells pass while the other one goes back to the Academy."

"But sensei, that's not fair!" Sakura says, not wanting to get sent back to the Academy. Then she can never prove how strong she is. But if only two can go, she has to make sure it's her and Sasuke, but that's not fair to Hiiko. Sakura felt she owed the girl one.

"Oh, and whoever fials to get a bell, I'll tie to one of these three logs and you won't get lunch and I'll force you to watch the others eat. You have three hours." He takes out a clock and sets it to noon.

Sakura thinks to herself, 'I'm glad I ate that energy bar, now.'

"Hn." 'So, it's a good thing the dead last brought the energy bars after all. I have to make sure I get those bells. I don't care who the other is.'

"Begin." Kakashi says and all three vanish. He looks around. 'Hmm. I was sure Hiiko would stick around. Oh well,' he takes out Icha Icha Paradise and begins to read it.

Hiiko sneaks up behind Sakura. "Hey Sakura."

Sakura jumps back a bit. "Hiiko! What are you doing here? You scared me!"

"I was thinking we shoudl work together to get the bells," Hiiko says with a grin.

"But what about Sasuke?" Sakura asks, still unsure who she wants to be with on the team.

"We could try to get him to help us as well. Then, worry about who gets the bells later. After all, there's no way one Genin can beat a Jounin, but three Genin together may stand a chance. Now let's go help Sasuke." While the two were talking, Kakashi had just used earth style to yank Sasuke down into the ground up to his head.

"I'll distract Kakashi-sensei, you help Sasuke. Shadow clone jutsu!" She makes five shadow clones and the six Hiiko's run in and attack Kakashi.

Sakura nods and, after Hiiko's skirmish has led Kakashi away from Sasuke, she walks over to him and begins to dig him out.

Meanwhile, Kakashi is dodging a flurry of punches and kicks all while reading his book. He then spin kicks three of the clones and they go up in smoke. He then punches two more and they go up in smoke as he headbutts the remaining Hiiko, she flies into a tree hard. "That was pretty good, Hiiko, but not good enough to get a bell."


Kakashi puts his book back in its pouch on his belt and then puts his hands to his ears. "LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA! I CAN'T HEAR YOU!"

Back with Sasuke and Sakura, she has finally gotten Sasuke out of the dirt. "Okay, so we need a plan if..."

Sasuke starts walking off. "I touched one of the bells! Before this time is up, I'll get one. I have to!" Sasuke sees Kakashi is busy covering his ears and takes his chance to charge Kakashi.

Kakashi's visible eye sees Sasuke coming. He then trips Sasuke and spins around and sits on Sasuke's back, Holding his arms so that sasuke can't try to grab one of the bells.

"Sasuke, you've already tried a head-on assault with me and it didn't work," Kakashi says with his laid back tone.

"OH KAKASHI-SENSEI! LIKE I WAS SAYING!" Hiiko starts up again.

Kakashi uses Sasuke's hands to cover his ears again. "LA LA LA! I CAN'T HEAR YOU!"

Sakura sees Kakashi is busy witting on Sasuke's back and has Sasuke's hands covering his ears. "This is my chance!" She runs and slides, grabbing at the bells.

Kakashi sensed her coming and turns, sending Sasuke into Sakura. With a twisting motion, Sakura grabs at the bells, but misses. But she does grab a hold of the belt they were on and pulls it off. Kakashi instantly grabs the bells of the belt as Sakura goes flying with Sasuke into a tree with Sakura on top of Sasuke. "Almost had them there, but I still have the bells and you three are running out of time."

Hiiko grins. "Sakura, we have something better than the bells. You have his book."

Sakura just got off of Sasuke and reached into the pouch on Kakashi's belt and pulls out Icha Icha Paradise and can now tell what kind of book it is. "KAKASHI-SENSEI! YOU READ THIS SMUT!"

Sasuke painfully gets up and sees the book. "This books is what's more important than the bells?" For the first time in years, Sasuke is actually surprised.

"Now Kakashi-sensei. The bells or your book gets it," Hiiko says.

Kakashi's eyes widen. "You wouldn't."

Hiiko walked over to Sakura and took the book. "Sasuke, burn it." She throws it into the air.

Sasuke, still awestruck by everything just starts the handsigns for his grand fireball jutsu. "Yea, sure."

Kakashi's eyes widened further. "OKAY! OKAY!" He tossed the bells and then ran and grabbed his book. "There. You have your bells." He thinks, 'Now they will fight over who gets them, hehe.'

Hiiko caught the bells. "Here you go Sakura, Sasuke." She handed each of them a bell.

"But, Hiiko, it was thanks to you that we got the bells... Here." She started to hand her bell back to Hiiko.

"Nah. Sasuke distracted Kakashi and you got the book." Hiiko stated.

"I will not be patronized. I was held down. Here." Sasuke says and then started to hand his bell to Sakura. "Just take it."

Kakashi smiled under his mask. "You three pass."

"But Kakashi-sensei, you said only two people would pass." Sakura stated.

Kakashi then went on to explain about teamwork and how one must be wililng to give their life for the sake of the team and how one's teammates are more important than even the mission. "Now, I promised you each lunch," he hands them each a bento box. "Well, I'll be going now. I have to report to the Hokage." He poofed away in smoke.

"Hiiko, the three of us made a good team." Hiiko thought to herself. 'Well, this whole get them to work with me thing did not go as planned, but hey. Nothing ever goes as I planned...' She then walked towards her home.

"Yes, I agree Hiiko," Sakura stated as she began going towards her own home.

'Hm... Perhaps teammatews won't slow me down as much as I thought,' Sasuke thinks as he walked home.

Hiiko awoke to a sound outside. She got up and looked out the window and saw three of the five windmills had blown up and saw the fourth quickly follow along with the fifth. Instantly, the mist began to flood inside the village, blanketing the land. Hiiko instantly hopped outside to see what was going on. When she landed outside, she saw a four foot long floating brown work-like thing. It was long and skiny, having no arms and a white, bone-like beak on its head. It floated quickly up to a nearby woman who was trying to escape and wrapped around her wrist, attaching itself to her. Her skin turned blue and her eyes white as she starting walking around, grunting mindlessly. One of the things which is clearly a seru bolts towards Hiiko. She freezes up, having never seen anything like this before. Kakashi suddenly landed next to Hiiko, hes forhead protector up, showing his Sharingan eye. He hams a kunai into the seru's head, killing it instantly. Kakashi then looks at Hiiko. "Get to shelter, now!"

"But Kakashi-sensei. I want to help!" Hiiko states.

"I SAID GET TO THE SHELTER NOW! You are not strong enough to fight with the seru!" Kakashi yelled.

"Alright then, Kakashi-sensei." Just then, one fo the seru sets itself ablaze and slammed into Hiiko, straight into the chest, sending her flying back. She slams into a wooden fence nearby and falls through it. She falls down fifty feet into a dip in the ground. It has stone flooring and stone walls with steps leading out in spiral staircase fashion. At the bottom is a green crystal tree without any leaves and is very small, about seven feet tall. Hiiko lands on top of it.

Kakashi grabs the seru that just hit Hiiko and slammed a kunai straight into its head and then jumps down next to Hiiko. "Hiiko, are you alright?"

"Ugh. My ribs hurt, but yea. I'll be fine." Kakashi picks Hiiko up. "Don't worry. I'll get you to the shelter." He gets ready to hop out of the dip when he notices how many seru are around up top. It would be dangerous with Hiiko on his back to go out that way. "Guess I'll have to take the stairs."

Suddenly, large white-iced furred lion with a blue ice man comes down the stairs. It has large spikes on its shoulder blades and it has a striped white icicle tail and is about six feet long and stands four feet all on four legs. It let out a roar.

"Damn it. One of the stronger Seru." Kakashi puts Hiiko down next to the tree and rushes at the thing.

"Damn it! I have to help Kakashi-sensei!" Hiiko starts to get up.

"Wait." She hears a genderless voice come from the tree.

"Who... who said that?" She looks around.

A glowing red orb comes out of the tree. Inside of the red orb is a dark red oval-shaped creature. It has a blade on its top about as long as a kunai. On its front on the top half is a turqoise blue sphere. "I did. If you bond with me, I can banish the mist from your village."

"You... You're one of the seru things," Hiiko said, pointing at the thing.

"I am not a seru! I am a Ra Seru. A higher breed of seru. The mist does not drive me mad and I do not possess the one who wears me and I give them power and togehter, we can banish the mist," the thing said.

"Okay then. Um, Ra Seru." Hiiko looked at the thing, "What can you do?"

"My name is Meta and can awaken the Genesis Tree. Together, if we do that, the mist will be driven out of your village and all Seru will vanish," Meta says.

"I," Hiiko looked over at Kakashi. He had killed the white ice lion, but two more had come down and Kakashi had his Chidori through one of the two new ones but wasn't fairing too well. He was running low on chakra, Hiiko could tell he'd used it a few times already and the second lion rushed and tackled Kakashi. "Alright. For once, I choose to carry a burden of my own will and all the responsibilities that come with it." She extended her right hand and Meta floats down and attaches to her wrist, fusing to her skin and wraps around to the bottom, fully surrounding her wrist. THe blade is pointed out, over her hand. "I feel it. I feel stronger already!" Hiiko charges towards Kakashi to help him, but one of the brown seru landed in front of Hiiko, having hopped off the ledge to get her. "GET OUT OF MY WAY!" She does a back flip on pure instinct, hitting her legs and lands on them in perfect backflup. The thing falls down and then shakes its head to get up. "Why did I do that? It just felt right."

"Hmm. It seems some of my previous host's abilities are with you, though I'm not sure how long other moves will take for you to learn." Meta says, glowing red while it talked.

The seru charges at Hiiko, but she moves to the side, evading it. "Whatever you just said, it seems to have improved my taijutsu a bit!" She charges at the seru and kicks its head, then its tail and then a back flip again. The thing falls down, but stageringly floats back up.

"Time to finish you! I need to help Kakashi-sensei!" She slugs the thing in the face and its body just dissipates. "What happened to it?"

"I absorbed it. That was rather lucky! We can help your sensei now. Aim your right hand and say "Seru Summoning: Fire Gimmard!" Meta says.

"Well, if you say so." she extended her hand. "SERU SUMMONING: FIRE GIMMARD!" Instantly, the brown seru comes out of her hand on fire and slams into the icey seru holding Kakashi against the wall, but the thing gets up okay and the seru Hiiko summoned vanished, returning to Meta.

"We did it!" she shouted.

The seru charges at Hiiko at full speed, letting out a growl.

"NO YOU WON'T" Kakashi flies through hand seals and powers up his Chidori and lunges, killing the thing before it reaches Hiiko, then spots the seru on her arm. "Hiiko! Why are you wearing a Seru and why aren't you a beast?"

"Well, um, the thing is, it's not a seru, but a Ra Seru."

"'Ra Seru'?" he asks, confused.

"Allow me to explain. My name is Meta and I want to help get rid of the mist. Please take young Hiiko's hand. She will need your help and pray for the mist to go away. Hiiko, you must pray too." Meta says.

"Well, anythign is better than letting the village get destroyed by the seru," Kakashi takes Hiiko's hand. "Okay, Hiiko. Let's pray."

Hiiko nods and prays for the mist to vanish. A white orb comes out of Meta and goes into the tree. It then grows into a very large, gtreen tree with dark green leaves. White pulses come out of it and push the mist away and all the seru just turn into white energy then break apart. The mist clearning goes several miles out of the village. Kakashi then promptly passes out from chakra depletion.

Hiiko sighs and slides down the tree trunk. "Oh boy, Meta. I'm going to have a lot to explain about you."


Hiiko Fire Child

the back flip was vahn's summer saulr from legend of legaia

things will be explained more in the next chapter pls read and review i will also state who will be geting ra seru ther will be 8 i wotn sya who gets what but its all palen dout yes ther are only 7 ra ser naemd in legend of legai ai have mad eup my own 8th