Seru Shinobi

Chapter 3: Training, the first plan and the coming of 'that' mission

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or Ledgend of Legaia. Also, I will describe the fight between Naruto and Sasuke at a later chapter in a flash back. This fic starts after Sasuke's vow to destroy the Leaf Village, during it, Naruto and Sasuke have a huge fight, which, like I said, will be described later. It will be a Female Naruto fic where Naruto was male, but becomes female.

(*Note*) minor OOCness

' is for inner thinking

Hiiko was crouched down in a bush, looking at a cat that was a few feet away. This cat had a red bow on its left ear, was white with brown spots on it and was definitely female(1). "This is Red Fist. I've sighted the target," she says quietely into hte walkie-talkie.

Meta glows on Hiiko's wrist. "This is Fire Hand. I, too, am in position."

Sakura's voice comes from the other end, "This is Pinky. I'm ready," her voice sounds very irritated about her code name.

Sasuke's voice comes through, "this is Fluffy. I'm ready. And Hiiko, I'm going to get you back for this henge!" Loud sounds are heard over the walkie-talkie.

About five minutes later, a fluffy, black, male cat walks up to the cat Hiiko was looking at before and rubs up against it. The cat from before has dreamy fangirl eyes and starts rubbing against the black cat as well.

Sakura walks out of where she was hiding. She has now cut her hair short like she said she would. As she walks up to the cats, she says, "there you are, Fluffy! Are you bothering this nice kitty?" She bends down and picks up the black fluffy cat. His left eye is twitching. The white and borwn kitty is staring at the black fluffy cat, not noticing Hiiko slowly sneaking up behind her.

'Alright! My plan is working out perfectly!' Hiiko thinks to herself.

Flashback to one hour ago

Team Seven is waiting for Kakashi, AGAIN, and Hiiko speaks up. "Hey guys. Let's do the mission ourselves. We already know what it is."

Meta glows red. "Perhaps that would be wise, seeing as how late Kakashi is."

Sakura looks questioningly. "I don't know, Hiiko. I mean, I've heard from older ninja catching Tora is long and hard. We should wait."

Sasuke speaks up. "Let's just do it that way we can get some training in when Kakashi gets here."

Sakura looks at Sasuke. "Okay, yea. The more time we have for training, the stronger we get."

Inner Sakura speaks up. "Yea! This will show how strong I can become, then Sasuke will like me!"

Hiiko grins. "I've even got a plan and our code names. Okay, here it goes..."

Back to the present moment*

Sakura makes one mistake. She hugs the cat a bit too hard and cancels the henge. She is now holding a very annoyed Sasuke and Tora realizes she has just been tricked and pounces at Sasuke and Sakura and starts scratching.

Sasuke is scrached right across the face. "Ow! Stupid cat!" He grabs her, but she bites his hand and her back legs slash Sakura's forehead, making Sakura let her go.

Sakura grabs her forehead. "Ow! You stupid cat! I'll pound you!"

"I'm coming, guys!" Hiiko tackles the cat, which makes Tora even madder and she slashes Hiiko's face over and over again. "Damn you cat! Shadow clone jutsu!" Hiiko makes five shadow clones.

Meta glows. "Hiiko, don't hurt her. She is just a harmless cat."

Twenty minutes later, Hiiko, Sakura and Sasuke are all covered in scratches having finally gotten Tora into her cage. She is growling and scratching at the cage, trying to get out as Kakashi walks up.

"Oh, there you three are. I was wondering where you were at." He has the newest issue of Itcha Itcha Paradise book in his hand.

"You were late! We did hte mission on our own! It's your fault we are like this!" Sakura points at Kakashi glaringly.

"Hm. Looks like my Genin team got beat up by a cat," he says in his normal, lazy tone.

"That's not a cat. IT's an evil demon," Hiiko points at it accusingly. "And it's not our fault we can't hurt it! We have to hold back! She didn't!"

"Kakashi. Never give us a mission like this again," Sasuke says very upset. "And Hiiko. You're not allowed to come upw ith plans anymore. Or code names." He glares at her.

A short while later, Team Seven is in the Hokage's office, watching with glee as the Fire Lady hugs Tora hard as she leaves.

The Hokage sighs and he exhales smoke from his pipe. "Do I even want to know how a cat beat three ninja?"

Sakura blushes and turns her head. "No."

Sasuke just sulks. "No."

Hiiko looks down in shame, "no."

Meta glows. "Actually, it is a rather amusing story."

Sakura tackles Hiiko and puts her hands over Meta. "Shut up! You're a member of our team! You don't go telling others our embarrassing losses!"

Sasuke looks at Sakura. "Sakura, get up. You're embarrassing us too." 'Granted, I was about to do the same thing, but best to not let anyone know that.'

Sakura gets up, "sorry," she mumbles.

Kakashi has ignored all this, reading his book. "So, Lord Hokage. What is our next mission?"

The Hokage chuckles at the display the young Genin have put on. "Your next mission will be a C-rank, but the client got delayed and won't be here until tomorrow."

Kakashi's eye peeks over his book. "Isn't it a bit soon for a C-rank mission?"

The Hokage lets out a sigh. "Yes, normally, but I promised Meta I would get them to any more Genesis Trees and there happens to be two in the land of Waves."

It takes all of Hiiko's will power to not show anything on her face, remembering that mission from last time.

Meta glows. "I see. I had not expected this so soon."

After the meeting, Team Seven was dismissed for the day. Hiiko is getting ready for her tenth bowl of ramen of the day. On her way to Ichiraku's, Hinata is standing near by and runs up to Hiiko.

"Um," she blushes. "H-Hiiko. I um..."

Flashback to just a few minutes ago.

Sakura, having taken a shortcut, beat Hiiko there, knowing Hinata would be there to spy on Hiiko. "Hinata!"

Hinata looks up at Sakura. "Oh, hi there, Sakura. Um, what are you doing here?"

Sakura runs up to Hinata. "Not much. We got a C-rank mission tomorrow. Tell Hiiko you heard and you are happy for her and you want to have some ramen with her. Crap! Here she comes!" Sakura hears Hiiko coming and dives into a nearby bush

End Flashback*

"I ... um," Hinata blushes and gulps a bit, "heard you got a C-rank mission tomorrow and I'm glad ot hear it and Iwashopingwecouldgetsomeramentogether," she says the last part very rapidly.

It takes Hiiko a few seconds to get it all. "Yea! We did get a C-rank mission for tomorrow. Just shows how awesome we are and sure, I'd love to get some ramen with you! My treat!" She pulls a blushing Hinata into Ichiraku's.

Meta glows. "Just relax. It's just some ramen. One step at a time, Hinata. You can do it."

Hiiko stares at Meta. "Meta, what are you talking about?"

Meta glows. "Don't worry about it, Hiiko."

Hiiko sweatdrops. "You're weird, sometimes, Meta."

Hinata summons up her strength, Meta's words having given her some inner strength. She sits down next to Hiiko. "So, my team and I are doing well too. Kurenai-sensei has us working on our tracking skills."

Hiiko swallows a mouth full of ramen. "Wow! That's great!"

Sakura is still int he bushes watching. "Yes, they are talking! So far, so good!"

Sakura spots Sasuke walking along.

"Hmm. There's Hiiko. Hm.. I think I'll get some ramen. I wanted to ask Meta abou tthose trees. Maybe I can get a Ra-Seru like she has." He turns to walk into Ichiraku's when a pare of arms come out of hte nushes and grab him and pull him back into the bushes. "Wha-!"

Hiiko is eating and hears something. "Did you hear something?"

Hinata blushes a bit. "Um, no."

Meta glows. "Nor did I."

Hiiko shrugs. "Must be hearing things..."

Sasuke finds himself behind the bush, Sakura pinning him down. "Sakura, what are you doing?"

Sakura gets off Sasuke. "Um, sorry. But I didn't want you to ruin Hiiko and Hinata's little chat. Inner Sakura screams at Sakura for getting off Sasuke like that.

Sasuke looks inside. "Okay..."

"Hinata likes Hiiko, so I'm helping the two get together and Hinata has not feinted once yet. It's going perfectly!" Sakura says with stars in her eyes.

Sasuke stares. "I really don't get girls, even if I have dozens of them after me, I still don't get them."

Sakura looks at Sasuke with Inner Sakura screaming for her to fix this. "Sasuke, I haven't been bugging you like that any more though. Now that I'm a ninja, I have to work on that more than flirting with you."

Sasuke nods. "Yes, and I thank you for that. Say, Sakura. If you're not gonna let me go talk with Hiiko, wanna go do some training together?"

Inner Sakura feints. "I'd love to, Sasuke."

Well, that's it for this chapter. Not much action. Next up is the Wave Arc and it will be a lot different this time around. Some one asked me if Sakura will be with Sasuke. At this point, I'm not sure, but I will say this. Sasuke will not become the evil A-hole he did in the mnaga in this fic, but he will stay in character, caring a lot about power, but also, about his comrades.

And I'm also sorry it took so long to update. Got a bit distracted. Anyways, I'll try to update faster from now on. Oh, also, Sakura and Sasuke get their Ra-Seru next chap.