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-This is post Cell

-This story is Gohan's POV

The battle with Cell was finally over. I am heading up to the lookout with the gang to wish back my dad. Though I am the most eager to get my dad back, I stayed back a little to help Vegeta. I could tell that Vegeta didn't want any of my help because of his pride, but he appreciated it.

We reached the lookout and immediately summoned Shenron, the dragon. The skies grew darker and darker as Shenron emerged from the seven dragonballs.

Our first wish was to bring back all those Cell killed to life. Now it was time for our second and most important to me wish.

"Shenron, our second wish is for you to bring back Goku to-" Dende was cut short there.

"Hold on there guys, said a voice from the skies. Don't make that wish just yet."

I recognized that voice. It was dad. Why would he be stopping us from wishing him back to life?

We all turned to the skies.

"Hey guys, I'm talking to you through King Kai. Don't wish me back."

All of us were shocked at what my dad just said.

"Why?" I said. I could feel my heart break at that moment.

"Well for one, there are many strong fighters here for me to spar with," my dad said with no regard for how I felt. (A/N: Goku is oblivious to how Gohan feels how his decision and doesn't notice what this is doing to poor Gohan.)

"Who cares, I snapped back. The Earth has many powerful people like Piccolo, Vegeta, and me."

"The other reason is because I'm the reason the Earth has been in danger all those times. All the people that came here were looking for me and I think that -"

"BULLSHIT! Quit lying. You just want to get stronger. Not everyone came here for you. Garlic Jr. came for Kami, Vegeta and Nappa came for the dragon balls, sure the androids were created for you but they didn't care about killing you!"


"Fuck this. I'm out."

I flew far away from the lookout. I didn't care to look back. Whether someone decided to go after me or not, I don't know or care.

Maybe I was wrong about you dad. Maybe all you really care about is getting stronger. I mean its obvious you want to spar rather than be with your wife, or son. Your son who hasn't spend time with his father in a long time. At first I thought I was the one to blame, but now I see. I see that you are the one to blame father.

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