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Sighisoara, Transylvania 1431

Those who believed in premonitions would have said that something horrible was about to happen or had already happen. It had been raining all day and the dark thunder clouds had blackened the sky long before sun had set. The roads had become muddy and hard to travel. It was the kind of day when no one, no matter what the purpose, should even try to go anywhere.

Father Sandor sighed in his carriage. Just an hour ago then he had been comfortable resting in his chair, enjoying a glass of excellent monastery wine and reading the old texts he now had access to. Then a messenger had arrived brining urgent news that his presence was immediately needed in a military fortress that was currently under the rule of Vlad from the house of Basarab. The man was a General of Wallachian army and half-brother of Alexandru I who had recently become the Duke of Wallachia. The priest knew that saying "no" was not an option. Especially when it concerned the birth of his second child.

And so he had been travelling for an hour now on the muddy road, even when in normal circumstances the journey wouldn't have taken so long. He was nervous. It was his first time to meet anyone from the house of Basarab and being late usually didn't make a good first impression. The fact that God himself seemed to be against this meeting didn't make him feel any better.

Finally, after many tiresome efforts, the carriage arrived to the courtyard of a military fortress. Father Sandor walked as quickly to the entrance as he could, hoping not too many stains of mud would show on his black robes. One of the General's soldiers was waiting for him.

"You are the priest?" the soldier asked, looking at Father Sandor with a questioning look.

Sandor wasn't offended. He had just recently become the priest, despite his young age of 21 years. With a confident voice and as calmly as possible he answered. "I am Father Sandor. I understand your lord, General Vlad Basarab, summoned me here".

The soldier nodded, remembering how late the priest was, and guided him in. Whenever Father Sandor passed a mirror on the walls of the fortress and saw a glimpse of his reflection, he did his best to make himself appear more presentable.

The soldier led the young priest to a room that had many people waiting there.

"Wait here, Father. I shall tell my lord that you have arrived" the soldier said and left before the priest had time to answer.

Instead of even trying to make a conversation with any of the strangers in the room, Sandor decided to listen to the soft whispers that they made.

"The child is probably stillborn. I heard that when the infant came to the world it made no sound or cry" said one of the men in the room.

"It is not uncommon that the newly born do not cry. Child might be healthy and well for all we know" said another man.

"Do you think if it is a boy or a girl?" someone asked.

"The boy would always be a blessing to a powerful house. However, the house of Danesti will not be pleased if yet another possible ruler for the throne of Wallachia is born".

Father Sandor listened with fascination. He knew that the houses of Basarab and Danesti had been openly enemies for longer than he had lived, both rivalling for the throne of Wallachia. Maybe a girl would indeed be a blessing this time.

From the corner of his eye, Sandor noticed a young boy, possibly 4 or 5 years old, to cautiously standing by the door. One of the women in the room, whom Sandor assumed were the maids of Vlad's wife, walked to the child and kneeled by him.

"Mircea, what are you doing out of your bed?" she asked with a tender voice.

"I had a nightmare" the boy whispered, fear of his dream evident in his voice. The maid took the boy in her arms and started to sooth him.

Just then the doors opened and Vlad Basarab came out. He had a tired look in his eyes but he spoke with a powerful and commanding voice. "Lady Cneajna is alright. The delivery went without troubles. I have been blessed with a second son" he said.

Immediately those of the maids that had been ordered outside went in to see their mistress and colleagues. Most of the men started to congratulate the general of his new son. It took a while before he noticed the young priest in the room.

"You must be the new priest I summoned" Vlad said. It was not a question.

"Yes, sir. I am Father Sandor" the priest introduced himself.

"And not a moment too early. We shall immediately go the fortress' chapel and have my son baptised" the General said.

Sandor blinked. "Now? But, sir, the preparations for the ceremony will take time" he said as formally as he could.

Vlad Basarab gave a barking laugh. "We will not take the usual steps with this one, Father. By the time we would be ready for official ceremony, Danestis would have already heard about my new son. No, I want them to hear the news of my son's birth at the same time they hear his name. They shall already have a name to curse then" he laughed, appearing very pleased with his plan.

Sandor decided not to argue. "And what name shall the child have?"

"He shall have a name to make his father proud. My name!"

"That makes him now the third Vlad from house of Basarab, I think" priest mused aloud.

"Indeed. But, Father, when you name the child do not say from the house of Basarab" Vlad said.

Now Sandor had to stop and look the elder man with questioning eyes.

Vlad spared him for asking. "Young Father may not know this, but earlier this year I was in Nuremberg, where I became a member of the Order of the Dragon. At the time I was given a honourable name Dracul to use. From now on this is the house of Draculesti" he said.

Vlad seemed to be very proud to have a name 'dragon'. Sandor decided not to voice his thoughts of how the name was also linked to the Devil and dark forces.

Faster than Father Sandor could have predicted the preparations to the chapel had been made. Vlad Basarab, now Vlad Dracul, stood proudly with his closest men in the chapel. His wife, Lady Cneajna, was there also, although supported by her maids, being still very tired and exhausted for her recent ordeal. One of the maids was holding Vlad Dracul's first born son, Mircea, by the hand.

As Father Sandor prepared to baptise the recently born child, he took the infant carefully to his arms and looked at him. He had expected the baby either to cry uncontrollably, wanting back to his mother's embrace, or sleep. But to his surprise, this baby was awake but didn't make a sound. The eyes were barely open, just too small slits, but they were watching the man holding him very intently. For a moment Father Sandor thought the infant was measuring him.

He is too silent, Sandor thought. He hasn't made a cry since he was born. It is not normal.

"I baptise thee, Vlad from the house of Draculesti, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen" the priest said, touched the holy water with two of his fingertips and made a sign of cross to the baby's forehead.

Only then did the baby cry, as if woken by the holy water.

Later, on the same night, when Father Sandor arrived back to his monastery, an uncontrollable cold feeling was bothering him. It had started with the baby's cry and had followed him back. He couldn't explain it but it felt ominous to him.

Thinking that the warm fire and glass of wine would take the horrible feeling away, Sandor walked towards the cellar door, when he happened to look the statue of the Holy Virgin. The sight made him stop in horror.

It would later be explained that the roof of the monastery was in a need of repair and that the heavy rain had managed to get through. Only couple of drops of water had fallen to the statue, making it appear as the Holy Virgin was crying tears.

But at the time Father Sandor dropped to his knees in front of the statue, crossed himself and started to pray.

To be continued…

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