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"I'm bored." Emmett thought. He was sitting in the new "Cullen Family House" outside of Chicago. It has been fifty years sense the Forks incident. They weren't even aloud to say "Forks" or "Charlie or "Isabella" in the house anymore. They weren't aloud to think it either.

"EDWARD MASON CULLEN! I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!" Well, at least Alice wasn't bored.

"What did I do this time?" Edward said.


"They are probably in your closet."



Rosalie walked in the door. Her bags were full of bags. Edward ran past her and into the person following her.

"Hi, Bella. Alice is trying to kill me again. Gotta run." He ran past her. Alice ran after him.


Alice stopped. "Just this once?"



I sighed. Before she had come along, how many times had Alice tried to kill Edward over something stupid? "How about I help you find your shoes?"


I looked deep into Alice's eyes. "I will help you find your shoes. You will like it. You will not kill Edward. You will get mad at Emmett."

"EMMETTT! WHERE! ARE! MY! SHOES!" I love making people do what I wanted them to. How did I ever live without it? Being a vampire sure does have its perks.

"On Rose's feet." Alice looked a Rose's feet.

"GIVE! ME! MY! SHOES!" Alice attacked Rosalie. I heard Rosalie hiss. You know when Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd get it a fight and dust surrounds them? Take out the bunny and stuttering hunter and put in one blond vampire and one black haired vampire, and you get the seen in front of me.

Edward comes back and sits on the couch next to Emmett. "This looks like fun."

"I don't think I'm bored anymore." I walked around the battle arena and picked up Rose's bags. I was going to take them upstairs to her room. "Bella?" I turn to Emmett. "Tell Jasper that there's a cat fight down here."

"Whatever." I walked past his room. "Jasper?" He looked up from his book. "Emmett says, 'Cat fight.'" He jumped up and ran down stairs. I walked to Rosalie's room. I put down the bags. I calmly walked down the steps. I wasn't surprised to that I saw what I did. Emmett, Jasper and Edward were sitting on the couch.

"TO THE LEFT, ALICE, TO THE LEFT!" Jasper yelled.

"PULL HER HAIR!" Emmett yelled. Edward was the only one who said nothing. He sat back. Emmett looked at him. "Aren't you enjoying this?"

"I am, but I'm not cheering for any one. I'm Switzerland." I smiled. I remember that day, so many years ago, that I told him that. But then, Switzerland got some sense knocked in her and married America and joined the Allied forces. Switzerland still wonders what ever happened to Germany, after he ran, but then she looks around and doesn't really care anymore.

"I'm bored again," Emmett said. The fight had ended. Alice had her shoes. Rosalie took Alice's shoes. Jasper had disappeared. "Cullen, I'm going to make an offer you can't refuse."


"What do you say if we get together an Italian mafia and control Chicago?"

"Sure. There's nothing else to do."


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