JJ's eyes widened in fear as the man walked towards her, his eyes large with anger

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JJ's eyes widened in fear as the man walked towards her, his eyes large with anger. She knew she had to stay composed. And she was.

In a way.

She stayed calm on the outside, but inwardly, she panicked. Where the hell were the others? Shouldn't they have figured by now that the unsub was holding her in the one place he felt safe? She honestly didn't know how long she could continue this. It reminded her of bad things, things she didn't want to be reminded of, and she knew that if she let those thoughts in she'd definitely break.

He was standing in front of her now; looking her up and down with a look she knew all too well, a look she'd seen before in many eyes. She couldn't think back to that now, she had to focus, stay in the moment…

He kneeled in front of her, and she tried to move her arms and legs; anything to keep him away from her, because she knew what he wanted to do. No way was he going to touch her, no way…

But her arms and legs were tied to the posts strongly: she couldn't release herself.

JJ cringed when he touched her cheek with one finger. "We'll see how soft you really are, pussy," he whispered, and he forcefully pulled her legs apart. Come now, she begged. Emily, Morgan, Hotch… come now! I need you!

But nobody came; she was all alone in this filthy barn, alone with a man who was going to rape her, who was going to destroy her life…

He unzipped her pants and she mentally prepared herself, built up the walls that would get her through this alive, that would make the pain less.

Then the door fell open and she was momentarily blinded by the strong light, but even so she heard the strong voice of Hotch: "Move away from her right now!" "Move it!" Morgan shouted right after that.

He turned around, slowly. He saw their guns, pointed right at him, and a slight grinned came across his face before he pulled his own gun so quickly nobody could act on it. He pointed it at JJ: "Do anything and she'll be dead."

A gunshot cracked the silence that followed after this. JJ slowly turned her head to see Emily, who'd manoeuvred her way behind the unsub.

He had fallen to the floor now, holding his right arm with the other. The blood stain on his upper arm was steadily increasing.

Hotch moved over to him and handcuffed him, ignoring the moans. "Henry Charles, you are under arrest for the abductions, rapes and murders of Joan Jones, Alice Walker and Sarah Donovan. Anything you say…"

While he continued talking, Morgan hurried over to JJ, who was still tied to the posts. He saw that her pants were unzipped and though nothing else seemed to have happened, he was worried. "JJ, are you okay?"

But she continued staring at Charles, incoherent thoughts going through her mind. He was caught now… It was over. He couldn't hurt her anymore.

"JJ!" She snapped out of her trance when Morgan softly hit her. "JJ, girl, are you alright?"

She nodded, avoiding Morgan's eyes. No sympathy right now, she couldn't deal with it. She just wanted to be left alone. "Can you untie me?"

Morgan nodded and started on the knots. JJ remained still until he had finished, then she quickly stood up. Momentarily dizzy, she stumbled for a bit. Emily immediately rushed to her side. "Come on JJ, I'll get you to the paramedic."

"I don't need one," she said, looking at Emily. "I'm okay, really."

"It's just procedure, JJ," replied Emily. "Just a routine check-up."

"Well, we'll leave it to the paramedic to decide that."

While the paramedic measured her blood pressure, Hotch and Morgan brought out Charles: he'd put up quite a struggle.

JJ watched as they put him in the police car that was already waiting. He disappeared inside, but not before flashing a maddening smile at JJ, who stiffened. She wasn't going to forget this in a long time, and she already knew that the team wasn't going to let her forget it, either.