Sailor Moon: Return of the Sith

Sailor Moon: Return of the Sith

By Dragonfang 33

Synapse: Sequel to Sailor Moon: Redemption. A few weeks have passed since the defeat of Emperor Palpatine in the Second Earth War. As Anakin and Obi-Wan struggle to rebuild the old Royal Guard of the Silver Millennium, the powerful Galactic Empire unleash their plan for revenge.


Into the Past

Location: Near an Abandoned Royalist Base, just outside of the Crystal Palace, Crystal Tokyo, August 6th 2589

The shadowy figure made his way through the darkened, rubble strund streets. The only sources of light came from an occasional burst of artillery fire from either the rebel or Royalist lines or the glowing force field that surrounded the Crystal Palace. The sky was filled with a variety of Black Moon starships ranging from the standard black crystal battleships that made up the bulk of the Black Moon Fleet, to mercenary frigates and star fighters. The Black Moon fleet had been tasked with besieging the Crystal Palace, and providing support for advancing Resistance and Black Moon ground forces.

The city was littered with the decayed remains of slain rebel and Royalist forces, bodies, in various states of dismemberment and decay, littered the street, most had been picked clean by the few civilians who remained in the city yet some still retained their armor and uniforms. In other sections of the city, downed Walkers and BattleMechs replaced many of the grand buildings that once formed the city's skyline. Eventually the figure came to his destination, the ruins of the old Jubaan Junior High School.

"You're late Skywalker," a voice said from behind. The Figure froze in his tracks, as he turned to find a young woman, dressed in a black Sailor Scout Uniform, in her hands she held a large key shaped staff.

"Sorry Pluto," Anakin replied, as removed his hood, revealing his graying hair. "I was delayed. Is everything ready?"

"Indeed," Pluto replied, "Small Lady has already departed, and Padme?" Anakin remained silent, as his thoughts turned to his daughter.

"She's still very reckless," Anakin replied, "but then again, I wasn't any different when Obi-Wan trained me," he paused for a few moments, as his thoughts turned to the feud that had broken out between Padme and her mother, "I should be the one doing this, but it seems age has finally caught up with me," Anakin paused for a few moments, as he eased himself onto a collapsed pillar, "I just wish Padme could see that Lita wasn't always the way she is now. To know that deep down she still loves her."

"It's too late for that father," a familiar voice said from behind, Anakin remained silent, as he turned to find a young woman, in her late teens, standing behind him. The woman wore a brown and white Jedi tunic, over which she wore a brown Jedi robe, with her face completely obscured by the hood. Tied to her waist were two lightsabers, each of which was embroidered with the symbol for Jupiter.

"Hello Padme," Anakin replied. Padme remained silent, as she gazed into her father's eyes, a few seconds later she spoke.

"Hello father," Padme said, the tone of her voice was cold enough, that it sent a chill running up Anakin's spine. For a few minutes father and daughter simply stared at each other, the silence was only broken when Sailor Pluto spoke.

"Are you ready Padme?" Pluto asked.

"Yes," Padme replied, coldly.

"Remember your mission is to protect Small Lady in the past," Pluto said, "Nothing more nothing less."

"You have my word," Padme replied, "on my oath as a Jedi Knight." Pluto remained silent, her blazing red eyes were fixated on Padme, she could sense though the Force, that the vendetta Padme held against her mother was intense enough that it had pushed her to the brink of the Dark Side.

"We haven't much time," Anakin added, "I'm sure the other Scouts followed me." Pluto remained silent, as she lead them into the burned out ruins, eventually they came to the what had once been the school's gymnasium. The gym floor was littered with human remains, some of which were still clothed in their volleyball uniforms, and lying in the same spot they were when the Black Moon first attacked. A small tear ran down Pluto's cheek, as she turned away from the charred remains. She held her staff in front of her, the jewel on the top of the staff began to glow, a few seconds later a bright purple beam emerged from the jewel, which opened a large portal.

"Hurry," Pluto said, "I can't keep the portal open long." Padme breathed in, and made her way toward the portal.

"I'm sorry we must part like this Padme," Anakin said, as he reached for his lightsaber, he could sense the other Sailor Scouts approaching, "I hope one day you'll find it in your heart to forgive your mother for what she's done." Padme paused in her tracks; her response was what Anakin had expected.

"SHE'S NOT MY MOTHER," Padme snarled. With that both she and Pluto vanished into the portal, leaving Anakin to face the approaching Sailor Scouts himself. Anakin simply smiled, as he turned to face his enemy.

"Hello Lita," Anakin said, slowly Sailor Jupiter emerged from the shadows, her green lightsaber roared to life as she steeped into the moonlight.

"Hello Anakin," Jupiter replied.

"Where are the others?" Anakin asked.

"They're not coming," Jupiter replied, "It's just you and me," she couldn't help but laugh, "it's funny, this is where we first met, and it's here where we will part." Anakin couldn't help but laugh either, that dance seemed so long ago, another life another time. Anakin didn't hesitate as his lightsaber roared to life.

"I'm glad it's you." Was all that Anakin said, the last thing that could be heard was the sound of two lightsabers echoing through the night.

Stay Tuned For Chapter I: Black Moon Rising

Note: The Padme in this chapter is in fact Anakin and Lita's future daughter. She was named Padme by Anakin in rememberence of his first wife: Padme Amidala