Here's the first of my entry to Zutara Week.


The following Fic takes place in A.U. Modern days, no one can bend in this world

Also, this Fic has some mature moments, but both Katara and Zuko are around 18 years old in this so it's alright

The Mall, the place where people can go for their shopping needs. We look into a department store, in the Men's section and see a girl with blue eyes, dark-tan skin and brown hair, looking through a pair of Jeans.

Girl: Ooh… I bet these will look great on you, don't you think so, Zuko?

She turns towards a person that was with her, Zuko, a tall boy with amber eyes, black-raven hair and a scar on his left side. He sighed.

Zuko: Great, let's get them and go, Katara.

Katara: Hold on, you've got to try them on first. Every designer has a different idea on how they fit.

Zuko: (sighs) Great.

Katara: Zuko, what gives? Ever since we got here, all you've been doing is sighing and trying to make us leave.

Zuko: Sorry, Katara. It's just… there's something about shopping that I've never liked. It always takes so long. Maybe it was because of my uncle; He'd shop like crazy and buy all these useless things for our house. I always tried to avoid shopping unless necessary.

Katara: (baby voice) Aww… does Wittle Zuzu want leave to play?

Zuko: (groans) please Katara… Don't call me that, especially in a public place.

Katara: Ok, Zuko, I'll make you a promise. You try on these jeans for me and if they fit, we'll buy them and leave the store and go somewhere else in the mall. Ok, love?

She takes his hand and starts to play around with it, climbing up his arm and holding his face gently.

Katara: Will you do that for me?

Zuko smiled a bit as she looked at him with those beautiful sapphire eyes.

Zuko: (Laughs a bit) you win, Katara. I'll try them on.

He leans in close and kisses her lips slightly.

Katara: Now… what size are you again?

Later, we see Katara waiting outside the men's dressing room.

Katara: Come on, Zuko, how long does it take to put pants on?

At that moment, Zuko stepped out with the new jeans.

Katara: So…? How do they feel?

Zuko: They fit pretty well.

Zuko walks over to the three mirrors and takes a good look at all angles.

Katara: They look pretty tight.

Zuko: Yeah, but it's a snug fit.

At that moment, something surprising happened. Katara walked over to him and hugged him from behind.

Zuko: Uh… Katara?

Katara: Have I ever told you Zuko…

As she talked, her hands trailed down to his legs and they started to rub them over the jeans.

Katara: … That there's something about you in Denim that makes me feel… Excited?

Zuko actually blushed a light pink color as her hands kept moving around his legs.

Zuko: Uh… really…

Katara: Yeah… that tough material around you… It's like a shell for your more… enjoyable areas…

Zuko's blush turned dark at that, but he regain control of himself when she felt her hands unzipping his new jeans.

Zuko: (grabs her hands) Katara. No, not here.

Katara: You're right, Zuzu… We need privacy.

Making sure that no one was looking; she grabs Zuko by the arm and pulled him into one of the dressing room. She begins kissing him passionately before closing the door. All we see of them is their feet, which are covered by both of their pants.

About a half our later, we see the two waiting in line, Zuko has the Jeans in his hands along with what looked like another pair. Both were standing next to eachother both having a shy smile on their faces.

Zuko: (low voice) wow… I still can't believe we did that.

Katara: (low voice) Yeah… same here. How do you feel?

Zuko: I… I feel great.

With that, they held hands again.

Zuko: I think I'm starting to like Shopping.

Katara: (giggles) I'm glad. So… What else are you getting?

Zuko: No, no. that's a surprise.

Cashier: Next.

Zuko: That's us. Let's go.

The scene changes to later that day. It was the afternoon and it was soon gonna become evening. We see Katara and Zuko walk out of the mall, in their hands were the few purchases they made while there. As they walked, a wind was blowing through, it was technically summer, but it still felt like spring a bit, IE the cold winds

Katara: (shivers a bit) this wind is really chilly. I wish we brought jackets or something.

Zuko: I think I have something for that.

As he said that, she felt something on top of her. It was a Jacket, specifically a Denim Jacket. She turns around and sees Zuko is putting on a Denim Jacket too.

Katara: Zuko… what-

Zuko: This is that Surprise I mentioned.

Katara: Wow… Zuko, you… You're something else.

She practically grabs him in a hug and kisses him all over his face. After that, she puts her arms in Jacket's sleeves, wearing it completely.

Zuko: I figured "Why should you get all the fun?" Besides… you look pretty great in denim too.

Katara: Oh Zuko…

They both embraced eachother and shared a passionate kiss.

Katara: For being so considerate… I'm going to give you another surprise when we get home.

Zuko: Mmm… You don't say.

Both laughed a bit as they continued their way to the car. One thing that was certain, Zuko's views on shopping changed that day… when he learned Katara's fetish for Denim.

That was my first one-shot in honor of Zutara Week. Tell me what you think.