This is it. The last day of Zutara week. I'm kinda proud of this prompt, because I suggested it to the Zutara Week Group. Here we go


This story takes place shortly after "The Southern Raiders"

It was nightfall on Ember Island as Aang, Toph, Suki and Sokka were around a campfire outside the beach house they were all staying at. It was the first night and we see them laughing as they were telling a few stories.

Aang: And then, Gyatso gives me "the look" and I was like "what, I though that's what the flower was for."

He laughs as do the others after hearing the whole thing.

Suki: Oh, that was a good one, Aang.

Aang: Yeah, it was pretty funny.

Suki: Ok, my turn. so Toph, you didn't meet up with Aang until a few months ago, right?

Toph: That's right, Fan-girl.

Suki: Well, then I guess he didn't tell you about the time he first came to my village.

Toph: I think he did. He mentioned Elephant Koi, That Sea Serpent and his little entourage of fan girls.

Suki: Well, during That Sokka came to my Dojo to learn how to fight like me and my warriors.

Sokka: Oh no, Suki, please don't...!

Toph: Ooh, your heartbeat is getting faster, Snoozles. What'd you do to him?

Suki: Well, I told him that if he wanted to learn he had to follow our traditions...All of them.

Toph: I don't get it?

Aang: She means Sokka had to wear their dresses.

Sokka: AANG!

Toph: (laughs) You wore a dress?

Sokka: It wasn't a dress, it was a warriors uniform!

Suki: Yeah, but it was mostly a dress.

Toph laughed louder at that.

Toph: Oh, I could so see that. Did you make him wear make-up too?

Suki: (giggles) oh yeah.

The girls continued laughing while Sokka turned red with humiliation.

Sokka: (groans) Where Katara when you need her, she could be backing me up or something.

Aang: She said she had to talk to Zuko about something. It's been hours though. Toph, can you see where they are in the house?

Toph: (places hand on ground) Nope, that house is made of wood, I can't see well through wood.

Sokka: Fine, I'll check on her.

With that, Sokka gets up and makes his way inside.

The sound of moaning is heard as we look into a room with its door ajar. Inside we see Katara and Zuko, who were lying together in the same bed...and sharing a kiss.

After the Event facing Yon Rha, the killer of Katara's mother, she and Zuko were riding on Appa back to the others when she started to break down in tears. Zuko comforted her, telling her she did the right thing by sparing him. Katara thanked him for helping her and find her mother's killer to gain closure, that's when she kissed him. Zuko was shocked but Katara told him that she loved him, but was afraid of her feelings so she hid it in anger. Zuko returned her love but decided to keep it secret.

So we see them now, sharing a passionate and loving kiss. Zuko pulls away to kiss her check and neck, then used his teeth to gently bite into her.

Katara: Ooh...Oh Zuko...Mmm...

Zuko stayed in that spot and pulled away when he was sure there'd be a mark.

Zuko: How did you like that, Katara?

Katara: Mmm...That

They kissed again, this time their mouths open, letting their tongues enter each others mouths, they were getting hot and heavy. Zuko's hand starts trailing up Katara's leg, rubbing it gently. At the same time, Katara's hands start to take off his tunic, revealing his thin, but built muscles, she purrs in the kiss as she feels them. They pull away again and smile.

Katara: Wow...I can so get use to this.

Zuko: Heh, so can I.

They shared another kiss, her hands close to his face, her fingers laced in his growing black hair, but as they began to get more heated up, the two heard a voice, one belonging to Sokka.

Sokka: Hey Katara, where are you?

They pulled away in shock.

Katara: Oh Gods. He can't see us like this!

They jumped off one another and tried to fix themselves: Katara straitening out her outfit and forcing down her frazzled hair, Zuko Putting his tunic back and making sure there was nothing on his face.

Sokka: Katara? Zuko?

Zuko: Let's go before your brother finds us and gets the wrong idea.

The two step out of the bedroom, just in time for Sokka to climb up the stairs.

Sokka: There you two are, what's taking so long?

Katara: Sorry, we were

Zuko: Katara lost her necklace and I was helping her find it.

Sokka: But she had her necklace.

Zuko: Um..yeah, because we found it just as you called.

Sokka looked between the two, wondering if they were hiding something from him, but then thought noting of it and turned around

Sokka: Ok then, well come on down before the fire goes out.

He walks back down the stairs, leaving the two behind as they sighed in relief.

Zuko: That was close. H almost caught us.

Katara: Yeah...but you know, we're going to have to tell them eventually.

Zuko: I know...they'll have to know, but we need the right moment.

Katara smiled and kissed him on the cheek.

Katara: Come on, let's meet up with the others.

They soon made it outside with the others, Now Toph was telling stores.

Toph: And Sugar Queen takes Momo, puts her on her head and says, "See? Fun!" (laughs) I tell you I almost cracked up.

The three laugh at that as Sokka returned with Katara and Zuko.

Suki: Hey there you two are.

Katara: Sorry we took so long. I lost my Mother's necklace while we were unpacking.

Suki: Well, I'm glad you found-

Toph: Lie.

Katara: What?

Toph: That was a Lie, sweetness.

Zuko: You can tell when someone lies?

Toph: Sure can, Sparky. There's a physical change in the body when someone lies...much like your erratic heartbeat...

Zuko: Well...I guess I was just shocked, I never new that.

Toph:...are you two hiding something? Your hearts are spiking.

Katara: Toph, I think you're just seeing...I mean feeling things. There is nothing-

Suki: Whoa, What happened to your neck?

The two froze at that. Sokka and Aang turned and saw a red bruising on Katara's neck.

Katara: Um...what do you mean?

Suki: Well there's a red bruise on it, looks like a bug bite...

She looks closer at it, then something hits her and she gives a mischievous smile.

Suki: Or a Love bite...

Sokka and Aang: Love bite?

Toph: Love bite? (thinks for a moment, eyes widened) Oh no way...(smiles) This is too good...

Aang: What do you mean?

Toph: I think Sparky and Sugar Queen were doing something other than looking for a necklace.

They looked at the two, who started yo feel very nervous and blushed. Both Sokka and Aang's eyes widened as he realized.

Aang: Wait...were you two...

Sokka: Kissing?

The two blushed harder than that, practically saying "yes." Sokka's eye rolled to his back and he fainted from the sudden shock. Aang nearly fainted, but didn't, although he lost his balance and fell. Only Suki and Toph were giggling like school girls.

Zuko: So much for not getting caught...

Katara: You said it.

Suki: Oh wow, this is just so scandalous. A Firebender and Waterbender together? It's so Romantic.

Toph: You're right about that...I mean the scandalous part. (to Katara) and you said you hated him. Ha, I guess that was a lie too.

Suki: (giggles) Now we're even for when you interrupted me and Sokka.

The two blushed more with each thing they said. They knew that sooner or later they'd get caught...but they were REALLY hoping for later, rather than sooner.

There you are, Lots of fluff and fun. So ends another Zutara Week, it was fun thinking these up. Hope you enjoyed them as much as I did writing them. Keep reading and reviewing. Viva La Zutara, Baby!