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Chapter 2

As I was cooking my ramen for the night, I was beating my head with

a random wooden spoon.

"Old Lady is going to kill me when she finds out. I hope she doesn't

kill me too bad. How am I going to face the others though? Stupid, stupid

monthly. Why today of all days? Why, why? I am never going to be able to

face them again. Bad Naruto, bad, bad."

The doorbell rang. I shut up and I put the wooden spoon down.

Wooden spoons can cause a lot of damage, I know first hand.

I walked to the door and opened it. Sakura, Ino, Hinata, Ten-Ten were

standing in front of my door. Oh crap. "Hey Naruto. We were


YOU ARE BLEEDING!" Sakura shrieked.

I looked down and freaked. Why didn't I change? I ran inside of the

house and ran to the bathroom. I only managed to bump my head once.


"Where are my FREAKIN TAMPONS? Where are the PADS! Don't

tell me I need to ask Old Lady for more? Where are THEY? Ah, here they

are. I need to ask her for some more. So not good. Okay clean underwear

and pants now. Found them okay. I need to clean cloths later on." I mumbled

the last part.

I heard banging on my bathroom door. "Naruto OPEN UP! You better

explain to us what is going on!" Sakura shouted through the bathroom door.

I gulped. I looked for a way out but I found none. I got to go and face the

music. Maybe I can make up a good excuse. Don't think they will buy it

though. I am so screwed.

I slowly finished what I needed to do. I opened the door and came

face to face with Sakura. She was mad but she looked concern.

"Hi Sakura-chan. Whats up?" I said nervously.

"Naruto, are you a girl?" she looked me straight in the eye when she

said that.

"N..No. N..N..No. What are you talking about?" I stuttered while I

gave myself a mental slap.

"Liar. You are lying. Are you a girl or not?" Ino spoke up behind

Sakura. I gulped.

"Ino, Naruto is a girl. No boy needs tampons or pads. Why didn't you

tell us though?" Ten-Ten said behind Ino. Damn, are these girls in a straight

line or something?

"Can I get out of the bathroom then?" I spoke up. They moved out of

the way. I walked to the living room where it was the cleanest. "Where is

Hinata-chan?" I asked.

"I dunno. She said she needed to get something from home." Ten-Ten

answered my question. The door bell rang again. I went to the door and

opened it up. Hinata was standing in front of it and she was holding a plastic


"Here you go Naruto-kun. Gome, should I call you –chan instead?"

she asked me.

"Thank you. Umm….come inside. We can discuss that. Uh… what

did you get me?" I asked.

"You said you need some stuff and I got you some." She said while

she sat next to Sakura. I opened the bag and saw all the stuff I need. I smiled

and opened my mouth to speak.