'Man..howed I get in some shit like this?' Naruto thought to himself he was sitting there in a mental hospital waiting for his number to be sat there pissed off then ever,But he knew he had to stay calm he just couldnt explode here.

Hmm maybe I should start over

Naruto a normal seventeen yearold,He went to school regulary his mother died giving birth and his father commited suicide like anyold husben who was in love would do,Naruto had a deepest blue eyes ever his hair was blond and straightened he wore a longsleeve stripped black and red shirt and blue rippled jeans and studded belt,And his personality made up of anger,lust,and the sight of blood excited him.

Naruto had this problem tho he would get angry at anyone for the simplest reason's and he phyro cause of seeing his father burn himself alive got him excited..He started putting alumnium foil on a rats tail and taking a some ink and pouring it on the rat he would put the rat in a boxs and drop a match on the rat,The rat would squeel and plead squirming around intill the heat build up in his tail he would time the rat and see how long/smart enough the rat would take to chew off his tail intill he burned alive..

Naruto was walking home from school sulking and when he kicked open the door the cops surrounded him.

''PUT YOUR HANDS BEHIND YOUR HEAD''One cop yelled gun pointing at his

''WHAT THE FUCK?'' Naruto yelled out intill a cop pushed him down on the ground forcing his hands behind his head.

And so

This is how Naruto ended up in the mental insitute,Naruto sighed looking up at the cieling'So..this is it hu?'His number was called he got up and walked into the white room.

A blonde hair lady with overly large breast sat there eyeing Naruto and said in a deep womenly voice''Take a seat''

Naruto nodded and took a seat his hands tapping against the table,She was getting annoyed you could see the vein in her about to pop

She spoke




tap tap


tappty tap tap


Naruto smirked and got close to her face''Why?'' tap.

She slammed her fist on the poor guys fingers and he glared hard biting his lip to the point it bleed trying to stay calm she noticed this a wrote somthing down.

''Naruto do you know why your here?''

Naruto sighed and looked at the cieling abit closing eyes slightly at the bright light''I have a guess''

''Care to inform me on your guess?''She said trying to get the boy to speak more.

''Is it cause I injoy setting things on fire,the explosion of the heat warming my face the adrinalin forcing my blood to speed up my heartrate to tight as I see the flames swirve and dance around showing off its magestic beautie? or because iam angry at the world''

Her mouth was opened and begain writing down more and spoke calmly''Why are you so angry?''

Naruto eyes harden''Really I dont know why iam always angry its frustrating everytime you look at someone your mind gets foggy and breath gets raggdy and you just wanna scream and pull at chur hair..''he laughed abit

She nodded and wrote more down adjusting her bra,Naruto frowned distatesfully.''Naruto you are indangerment to the envirment an been charged for animal abuse even so rat's are not pet they still have life and is still abuse,And you have anger issues you are seriously luck your not arrested instead your in a mental insitutue for recooperation.

''Naw being a place full of nutjobs so much better would you say blondy?''Naruto huffed lazy eyeing things around.

She took a deep breath and held a flash light in his face shaking the light across his face took him a second to relize it and looked at her''And you have a short attention span''

She stood up an opened a door with a bunch of keys''Follow''

I stood up feeling like a dog and followed her two cops followed us along the way and she a gave thumbs up to a blue haired lady and she blushed nodding and pushed the button and the door's walked down an white hallway and finally we started seeing door's people were inthem i could hear them and had the tingling sensation of being watched.

I growled shaking my head trying to stay calm and I think the bigchest lady saw this''You will be giving lithium in the mornings and before bed you will anti-psychotic pills(is real it helps with aggression) You will take eather if forced in you by a pump or dropped in your drinks and or so food.''

Naruto stood glaring an sighed in defeat''Sure whatever''

She decided to fuck with him alittle more''You will answer to me with yes ma'ma or no ma'ma''

He frowned and glared hard''I will call you grandma cause you bitch like one'' She glared and fwaped him over the head.

''Your room number is 1015 your room mate is sabaku no Gaara-''Before she could finish both police gaurds stopped in there tracks looking at her in fear and spoke''Do you think its a good idea?''

She nodded''Of course it is they balance each other out well.''We made it to the door and before she opened it with her thousands of labeled keys.

''Tell me about my new room mate sabaku no Gaara and why he's in here.''

''Sabaku No Gaara well I guess I can tell you everyone know's his you he suffere's from depression and Aggresion making him lethal and he has is in here cause he belieaves he see's his mother even so she's dead.''I was about to ask her how she died but she seemed to have read my mind''Gaara killed her.''

Naruto froze his eyes widden'I might be pyro,and..I might be even a killer myself at heart and I might be angry' ''BUT IAM NOT CRAZY'' He made a dash pasted the gaurds and the chase was on.

Naruto kept running but the door was shut so really he had no where to go but to avoid getting to close to Gaurds picked up and carryed him back down the hall with him screaming




''It wont be so bad tch''


He started kickin and swinging and when they finally got to the door the gaurds where bruised and Naruto was biting one on the shoulder..

''Please hurry and open the door this kinda hurts..''

She nodded and opened the door I was thrown in and landed on my ass.I tried to piece togeather what was happening''Your clothes are on your bed the list of times and other things are pinned up your side is the left Gaara is the right'' The door slamed shu

I ran to the door banging I could hear the footsteps die out I turned around slowly my eyes widden and my heart beat clutching painfully against my chest I turned my back to the door Scanning the room and I almost felt and finally my eyes landed on cold green eyes peering at meh from a dark corner.

I almost wailed as I saw the shadow like figure stand walked into the light his hair was a glossy red color he had a tattoo on his temple of kaniji and sleeve tattoos going down his arms of snakes he wore a tight red shortsleeve shirt and baggy cargo black jeans,But he was barefooted tho..Actually Naruto just realized he was barefooted to'wtf?' but Naruto never took his eyes off the man walking closer.

Naruto slowly fell to the floor as Gaara came closer,his eyes closed in fear when he opened his eyes Gaara was laying in the bed facing Naruto's bed,Naruto heart started beating slowly but atleast it was beating again.

Naruto made his way to the bed and layed there facing tried to stay away but drifted to sleep after two hour's then in the dead of night his flashed open when Gaara was towering over him looking him deep in the eyes.

Naruto nearly cried out Gaara ran his fingers down his cheek's and other hand up and down his thigh still pinning Naruto down tho.

''W-what are you doing!''

''So beautiful..''Gaara spoke in a dangerous but tried to sound nice voice Naruto could hear this nice''We have the same eyes..''Naruto eyes widden as he thought'My eyes are blue but yours are green.. what dose he' He looked beyond the eycolor and saw lonly-ness..Anger..Muderous intent..'His eyes..are like mines' Gaara spoke again..''Good night..''He kissed Naruto deeply on the lips hands tightning hold on him.

Naruto felt light head intill he passed out aka fell a sleep(lmao) Gaara went on to his bed after letting go of his pressure points and tucked Naruto in looking at the cieling.

What do you think? Should I continue this story or what I think this is gonna turn out better then all my storys