Legacy of the Lighthawk

Legacy of the Lighthawk

Chapter 1: Legacy Revealed

AN: Hello and welcome to my new fic. This is a Naruto/Tenchi crossover that takes place after the Tenchi OVA AND GXP series. In this Yosho and Airi had three daughters not just two.

Deep in the forest of Fire Country sat a village known all over as the strongest of the shinobi villages, Konohagakure. It is here in one of the many clearings of the forest surrounding the village that a young boy could be seen panting while looking over a large scroll. The boy was clad in a bright orange jumpsuit, had bright blonde hair and three whisker like markings on each cheek. His name is Uzumaki Naruto. It had barely been fifteen minutes since he'd arrived in the clearing after successfully stealing the scroll.

In that time he had managed to learn one of the many techniques from the scroll, the Kage Bunshin no jutsu (Shadow Clone Technique). Now as he sat panting he looked over the scroll quickly. He silently thanked the God's that he had thought to bring an empty scroll to copy down some of the techniques. He had already decided not to copy any of the techniques that were forbidden because of the damage they caused. The ones he was looking at however were forbidden because of the amount of chakra needed to perform them, something he had loads of.

He had already copied the information needed for a few of the techniques. One of them had just screamed 'COPY ME' to him as it was a jutsu created by the Yondaime Hokage himself. The other was a lightning technique that like Kage Bunshin required a massive amount of chakra to perform.

Coming to the final techniques Naruto became appalled by some of the things he read through. It was the final section however that stopped him in his tracks, the technique not even registering to his shocked mind. Before it even came to the technique he saw the kanji for his name in large black ink. Under this was a small seal which he knew as a blood seal. This was only because he never slept through anything dealing with seals in the academy as seals just fascinated him.

Cutting his thumb with a kunai he quickly spread the blood over the seal. There was a puff of smoke and when it cleared there was a bracer sitting in the spot the seal had been. The bracer was silver in color and had designs of trees and plants all over it connecting to a bright blue jewel of some kind.

Picking it up he quickly rolled the scroll up before putting the bracer on his right arm and quickly snapping it shut stunned when it seemed to just form to his arm. Suddenly the bracer began to hum as the jewel began to pulse quickly getting to the point were it looked as if it wasn't even pulsing at all due to the speed as the humming got louder and louder. So engrossed in watching this he didn't notice that the jewel slowed to match his own heart beat. Suddenly a beam of pure light shot into his forehead and his eyes glazed over.

Interfacing with key complete…

Dissecting genetic signature…

Dissection complete…

Checking against data previously stored…

Identity Confirmed…

Genetic signature registered…

Sending distress beacon and general announcement to home base…

Creating mental link…

Mental link complete…

Connecting consciousness to Yosho-oh…

Connection complete…


Suddenly the light faded and shut off the boy falling over unconscious.

Elsewhere at the same time Sarutobi Kaien, the Sandaime Hokage renowned worldwide as the infamous 'Kami no Shinobi' groaned as he rose from his spot on the floor. As he picked himself up he blinked surprised at the amount of blood that covered the front of his robes. Suddenly the memories of tonight's events hit him and he quickly spiked his chakra signaling his ANBU within the tower.

"Hai Hokage-sama" came the voices of the five ANBU in sync with each other.

"Naruto has stolen the Forbidden Scroll of Seals. Have all Chuunin in the village report here immediately." Ordered the old man getting nods from his ANBU who proceeded to do as commanded.

Fifteen minutes later Sarutobi had dismissed the gathered and irate shinobi who quickly proceeded to do as ordered. Finding and returning Naruto to him unharmed. Sarutobi while old was far from senile and had never been considered a foolish person, hell he had even been nicknamed 'The Professor' for the amount of knowledge he'd gained over his lifetime.

With that said he knew without a shadow of a doubt that somebody had set Naruto up, most likely to take the scroll for themselves using the boy as a scapegoat. With that thought in mind he pulled his trusty crystal ball from his bottom draw he flew through a quick series of seals before whispering the name of his technique and placing his hands around the ball.

"Toomegane no jutsu (Telescope technique)."

'This should be easy enough. Naruto's chakra signature stands out from everyone else's in the village. Still why is it that Naruto's chakra signature seems to be so aligned with nature?' thought Sarutobi with a thoughtful frown on his aged face.

Finally Sarutobi found the boy oddly enough sleeping up against a tree. Still the boy's chakra level was so low that it had taken several minutes to find the boy. Breathing a sigh of relief he sent a squad of ANBU to retrieve both Naruto and the scroll and bring them to him.

Naruto groaned as he awoke the sun irritating him to no end. Suddenly he froze there shouldn't be any sun it was the middle of the night last time he checked. Sitting up and taking in his surroundings he gasped in awe at the sight before him. He was in a large grassy plain that stretched as far as his eyes could see.

He had been lying in rich green grass which extended outwards in every direction with large tress scattered everywhere around him. The sound of rushing water quickly caught his attention causing him to turn finding a large waterfall behind him with fish swimming in the waters below. Looking around he found some of the places had stone walkways instead of grass.

"Beautiful isn't it." Spoke a soft voice from behind him.

Twisting around towards the voice he gasped softly at the woman that stood before him. She had long black hair that was pulled back in a high ponytail that stopped at her waist. She wore a white kimono that was adorned with Sakura petals and had a pair of large brown eyes similar to his own blue ones. For some reason just the mere sight of her relaxed him immensely.

"Who are you and where are we?" Asked the boy softly as the woman sat down beside him.

"I am Yosho-Oh a Juraian war cruiser belonging to your mother Lady Masaki Achika Jurai. As to our location we are inside of myself." Said the woman quietly getting a confused look from the blonde.

"What do you mean?" questioned the boy.

"The Yosho-Oh is a Second Generation Juraian Treeship which had been bonded with your mother. Using the key you now possess I have separated your conscious mind from your body in order to bring you, Lord Masaki Naruto, into a subspace aboard the Yosho-Oh. Unfortunately due to several complications I could not transport your body here. I have also taken on the form of your mother in order to better communicate with you. " Explained the woman.

"Okay you've got the wrong guy. My name's Uzumaki not Masaki." Stated the blonde.

"If you believe me incorrect then you are mistaken. You are the son of Masaki Achika and Namikaze Minato, the Yosho-Oh has confirmed this before bringing you here. Your father's DNA while Juraian was not in the registry. Before bringing you however his genetic code was separated from that of your mothers in order to register it. I have also released the seals containing your abilities so that you may learn to control them." Stated Yosho-Oh.

"Ok I have no idea who or what you're talking about." said the boy his face a mask of confusion. Seeing this the woman sighed before lying the boys head in her lap and stroking his cheek absentmindedly

"I see that you have not yet been made aware of your heritage. As such I shall now inform you. Your mother was Masaki Achika one of three children born to Prince Masaki Yosho Jurai and Lady Masaki Airi. She was born on the planet called Earth which is located on the eastern edge of Jurai controlled space.

One day we ventured out into space as she wanted to explore. We were attacked and I was badly damaged before we crash landed on this planet on the western edge of the Jurai controlled space. As procedure dictates she was placed into a state of suspended animation and protected. Luckily we survived the crash though we were effectively stranded as my systems were damaged beyond repair. That was approximately one hundred years ago.

When she awoke however she grew intrigued with this world and the abilities its people possessed and decided to check things out. She took on the disguise of a young red haired girl by the name of Kushina. After which she was found and taken to Uzu no Kuni where she studied to become what they called a kunoichi and stayed there until the countries destruction during the previous war." She paused here to look down on the boy who she noticed was captivated with the story.

"As a service to the village that she had called home she began to call herself Uzumaki Kushina. It was after this that she traveled to Konoha with other survivors from Uzu no Kuni and met a young boy who would grow to become a great man, named Namikaze Minato, whose looks you seem to have inherited.

Minato was what they called a genius shinobi attaining the title of gennin at the age of ten. He was then placed on a team led by Jiraiya a member of the team known as The Legendary Sannin. He would become known world-wide as Konoha's Yellow Flash and eventually it's Yondaime Hokage. That is all the information I have access to in regards of your parents meeting." She finished getting a frown from the boy. After a few minutes of silence Naruto spoke up once more.

"If what you say is true I know my father is dead but what of my mother?" asked the blonde quietly.

"Masaki Achika fell in battle one week after your birth alongside your father. Shall I explain?"

"Yes, please." Said the boy in a pleading tone.

"One week after your birth tragedy struck in the form of a nine tailed fox. According to my records your parent's original plan had been to seal the fox within you. Thankfully Tsunami-sama was with you that day and must have intervened on your behalf. Both of your parents went to battle with full knowledge that they would die. Your father because the technique he would use, the 'Shiki Fuujin' was a technique that took the life of its caster. Your mother because she had not yet recovered from childbirth and knew the strain of what she would do could and most likely would kill her.

Since you would be needed they took you with them to the battle and things went as planned, mostly. Your mother had managed to contain the fox in a stasis field during which time your father used his technique to separate the fox's soul and power from its body. It was only after this that things changed from what they planned. They had managed to get the beast soul mostly free before it managed to scratch you on each of your cheeks." Naruto went wide eyed at this before rubbing the markings along his cheeks.

"The pain of this awoke you and you responded in kind to the threat. I am unsure of the truth of what happened but it is logical to assume that Tsunami-sama intervened and acted through you. I say this because you unleashed a power that not only destroyed the fox's body but stripped it of half of its power. It is because of this that the fox was destroyed and Minato was able to dispose of it without sealing it inside you." Finished Yosho-oh getting wide eyes from the boy.

"You've mentioned the name Tsunami several times who is she?" asked the boy after much silence.

"Tsunami-sama is the Goddess of Jurai and the protector of the royal family otherwise known as Clan Masaki. She is also what you would call the mother to all of Jurai's royal trees and the source of our power." Stated Yosho-oh.

"If you would like I can download all you would need knowledge of directly into your mind due to the mental link I've set up. Your mother believed it would be for the best for you to have this knowledge before your family arrived." Stated Yosho-oh.

"What do you mean before my family arrives?" questioned the boy with a frown.

"Before her death Lady Achika arranged it so that once your identity was confirmed by the key a distress beacon and general announcement would be sent to Jurai. Until this time however I will teach you how to use your abilities." Explained Yosho-oh.

Naruto groaned hearing this as he honestly couldn't understand what the hell she said half the time. Still even he knew what the words she just said had meant. After a few minutes of silence during which he thought things out he consented allowing her to download the needed knowledge.

When Iruka stumbled onto the clearing the sight the greeted him made him freeze in fear. For there just in front of him was Naruto sitting quietly. After checking the area for at least double layered traps he breathed a sigh of relief before making his way into the clearing in a way only he could.


As he settled down and caught his breath he paused. He had expected Naruto to freak out and jump in fear, instead all he did was raise an eyebrow with a curious look on his face. After a few moments of silence Naruto did yet another thing unexpected of him, he scowled and Iruka honestly believed the apocalypse was near.

"Judging by your entrance and your previous words, I assume that you had no knowledge of any secret gennin exam." Said the blonde calmly.

"What are you talking about, there's no such thing." Said Iruka confusedly getting a sigh from the blonde.

"I thought so. Now when Mizuki gets here I'M GONNA BREAK HIM IN SO MANY PIECES NOT EVEN TSUNADE WITH AID FROM EVERY MEDIC IN THE WORLD WILL BE ABLE TO PUT HIM BACK TOGETHER AGAIN." Raged the blonde as a flame seemed to light up within his eyes before he coughed and seemingly composed himself.

Iruka sweat dropped at the sight before diving in front of his blonde student as a whistling sound hit his ears. The sound of the weapon being deflected forced him to open his eyes and turn just in time to see a giant shuriken fall to the ground as what looked like a chakra shield faded away.

"You do know its impolite to throw your toys when people are having a conversation." Said Naruto calmly as if speaking to a child as he stood next to Iruka.

"H-how?" gasped a stunned Mizuki from his perch in the trees.

"Well thanks to your lateness I was able to learn two jutsu's from the scroll and one of my family techniques. That energy shield was the family technique." Stated the blonde calmly.

Both chuunin had wide eyes upon hearing the blonde's words. Just learning a single technique in that time would have been remarkable but to claim learning three, two of which from the scroll was just incredible. Breaking out of his shock Mizuki suddenly gained a wicked gleam in his eyes before he spoke.

"Ne, Naruto do you know why everyone hates you." Said Mizuki with a smirk.

"Mizuki you know its forbidden." Yelled Iruka only to be ignored by the silver haired chuunin.

"Humor me." Said Naruto calmly.

"It's because you're a monster. Contrary to what you were told Yondaime didn't kill the Kyuubi twelve years ago. It was too strong so he sealed it into a newborn baby. You are that baby Naruto YOU ARE THE KYUUBI NO KITSUNE." Finished Mizuki eyes closed and laughing maniacally.

After about a minute however he stopped when he realized he hadn't gotten a response. Iruka, who had also closed his eyes, opened them and turned to the blonde as well to find him rubbing the bridge of his nose.

"If that's what everyone believes than their as foolish as they think I am. But since you obviously don't know pay attention, you'll only hear this once before you die." Said the blonde evenly.

"The truth is that my father did indeed plan on sealing Kyuubi inside of me since yes it was to strong for most to kill. Unfortunately for the fox it had never come across someone of my bloodline. Otherwise it would've known how utterly foolish a mistake it is to challenge us, but I digress.

When my father tried to seal the fox in me, it of course resisted resulting in the scars on my face. Still it was enough to awaken me and inform me of the danger I was in. I am unsure of the exact details of what happened though my mother believed that my family's guardian protector, the Goddess Tsunami intervened on our behalf. What ever the case I know that whatever happened destroyed the fox's body completely striping it of at least half of its power as a result. Because of this the affects of my father's jutsu were able to work the way originally intended and allowed the Shinigami to devour the bastard fox's soul.

And before you even mention that seal that was only due to the fact that my mother was forced to seal away my abilities since whatever happened nearly killed me due to the strain placed on my body." Finished the boy calmly getting shocked looks from both chuunin as well as Sarutobi who was watching on his crystal ball.

The silence was broken as a pained cry ripped from Mizuki's throat before he fell forward off the tree. As he did Iruka looked up to find another Naruto standing where Mizuki had been before it disappeared in a puff of smoke. Looking down towards Mizuki, Iruka was stunned to find a kunai lodged into the back of the mans throat and knew immediately he was dead.

"Naruto how did you…" started Iruka only for his voice to fade off.

"During his little rant I created a Kage Bunshin while you guys had your eyes closed. After that I used my own speech in order to by the time needed for the clone to position itself behind him while he was too stunned to realize anything.

Whether this was due to my claim of being the Yondaime's son or what really happened to the fox I don't care I just needed him too stunned to pay attention. Once this was done and my clone was in place I ended my speech allowing the clone to end Mizuki, though I think sticking an explosive note or three to his back would've been better than just the kunai." Said the blonde with a shrug.

"Close your eyes for a second." Said Iruka suddenly. Naruto raised an eyebrow at the odd request but did as instructed.

"Okay you can open them." Said Iruka about a minute later.

Once he did the blondes eyebrow raised once more at seeing Iruka with his hitae-tae missing. Eyes widening he reached up to his own forehead and felt the cool sensation of metal beneath his fingers.

"Congratulations you graduate." Said Iruka smiling when he got a loud cheer from the blonde who then blushed before coughing into his hand once more and trying to regain his composure.

This was the scene the ANBU saw when they made their presence known. They had of course been present when Iruka arrived and had decided to stay put after hearing Naruto's words about Mizuki. They had even moved to interfere after Mizuki's speech but had been frozen by Naruto's own.

"Good work Uzumaki." Said the captain who wore the mask of a tiger.

"If you keep performing like this I'll have you in ANBU once you make chuunin. You may even become as good as Umino-san is." Finished the man getting a nod and blush from Naruto and Iruka respectively.

"Hokage-sama wishes to meet with you so we'll escort you. Neko grab the scroll." Said Tora getting an informative nod from the cat masked ANBU before they headed out.

Elsewhere five people sat around a table frowning. Of these people however only one was male. These people were Masaki Azusa Jurai, his first mate Masaki Funaho Jurai, his second mate Masaki Misaki Jurai, her mother Kimiki Seto Jurai and lastly Masaki Airi. These people were members of Jurai's Royal Family, clan Masaki.

In front of these people sat several identical stacks of paper. As he reread through the papers Azusa couldn't help but frown at the contents. His granddaughter who had been missing for nearly a century had been under his nose the entire time stranded on some small planet at the edge of his space. On top of that she's been dead for twelve years and they'd only been made aware of this due to her son stumbling across her ships key.

Across from him he could see his daughter in law struggling to hold in her tears at this news. He didn't blame her though, in the last two decades she'd lost two of her daughters and only a few years apart from each other.

"You should all head to Earth and inform Yosho of this. This is the type of news one needs to hear in person. Also inform them that I'd like them to accompany us when we go to retrieve young Naruto." Said Azusa getting nods from the somber group of females surrounding him.

"Airi-san, Seto-dono it would be appreciated if one of you could have Seina return to Jurai immediately as well. I wish for him to accompany us as well." Said Azusa getting nods once more before everyone left the room.

As they left Azusa sighed as Seto supported Airi and Misaki supported Funaho. As he left to his room the man was intending on raiding his private bar as thoughts of his two lost granddaughters, the twins Kiyone and Achika swam through his mind.