Legacy of the Lighthawk

Chapter 18: Jurai

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Naruto's current harem: Hinata, Sasami, Hana. Washu and Tennyo may be added in future chapters.

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Space, the expanse known as the Final Frontier, a dark blanket interspersed with the light of distant stars. Vast and endless in all directions it played host to countless lifeforms many of whom were oblivious of all of it. Situated within this expanse was the Jurai Empire, a collection of several galaxies worth of worlds stretching from one end of the universe to the other. It was home to a vast number of races some humanoid and others that weren't. At the heart of the Empire orbiting a large blue sun was the planet Jurai. Jurai itself was a larger planet than many and from the outside appeared to be a mix of greens and blues with two rings surrounding it. Those rings upon a closer inspection however would reveal themselves to be man-made as instead of a collection of loose rocks they appeared to be wooden in nature and were made of a collection of panels that interconnected and surrounded the planet diagonally.

These were the colonies and played home to some of the greatest scientific minds in the Empire. It was also the first line of defense for the planet as it played host to the military might of Jurai from the soldiers to the treeships themselves. More than that however they played home to billions of people from all walks of life with many different professions among them. On the surface of Jurai however things were a bit different. Jurai itself was almost unspoiled in its appearance covered in dense woodlands, rolling grass plains, oceans, rivers, hills and mountain ranges. The capital was the only place in which this theme was disturbed for even there it wasn't broken. At the outer edge south of the city were a number of farms supplying goods both for the city and for export. To the east of the capital was the Gleaming Sea with a town settled on the coast that had started as a small fishing village but had grown in both scope and size over the thousands of years since it was first settled. To the west were the vineyards where of course wine was produced which had grown to become one of the planet's biggest exports.

The north however was wild and untouched which allowed it to grow wild with vegetation and was essentially a large forest region. A number of creatures called this area home and even further out was a large mountain region. It was here in the wild north that the temple could be seen. The temple itself was the newest feature on Jurai which had been secretly commissioned by Queen Funaho when she had first received the news that her son Yosho was alive and well from Lady Seto. Now some five centuries later the temple was something of a hidden retreat for members of House Masaki. Even before reaching the temple there was a bamboo fence that stretched out for fifty meters. The temple was clearly influenced by Funaho's sensibilities and as such held not just an earthly design but was clearly a Japanese building.

With a two-story pavilion it had a simple wooden design made in the wabi-sabi style which demonstrates a tranquil simplicity and sense of refinement. The buildings that made up the temple were built in the shoin-zukuri style, which is a traditional Japanese architectural style that was commonly used in residential mansions and temples. The temple also boasted a number of ponds, trees and plants that all made up quite the elegant garden.

It was in this place that Naruto or more precisely many Naruto's could be seen. Looking around in any which way revealed versions of the blond engaged in one way or another. In one of the buildings a room full of blonds could be seen in a handstand position balanced with one finger on top of nails. In another room a group could be seen all of which were reading from different books while in yet another room another group could be seen hunched over carefully going about creating seals on paper. Outside behind the building another group could be seen doing the same only hanging down from the limbs of trees. In the center of all this two figures little more than blurs could be seen darting around the area with small shock waves ripping through the area every few seconds. Suddenly one of the figures was launched backwards before it managed to recover enough to flip to its feet even if it slid back another three feet digging trenches with its feet before coming to a solid stop. The figure was revealed to be non-other Masaki Naruto though he'd undergone a few changes. He had shot up in height by half a foot and his golden blond hair had been grown out and now reached the lower edge of his upper back. At the moment he wore a pair of blue pants and a rather raggedy sleeveless orange shirt.

Before he could do more than get his bearings the boy yelped in shock just as a pair of hands erupted from the ground grabbing his ankles and yanking him down swiftly until only his head remained above the ground. After a few moments the figure of Jiraiya emerged from the ground as if he was rising from a body of water with dirt rolling off his form in the same vein. Chuckling the Sannin regarded the scowling blond with a grin.

"Not bad gaki, you've come a long way from when we first got here." Said Jiraiya.

This was true enough. When they had first arrived in the temple a few weeks back to begin his more hands-on physical training his grandmother Miyako had applied a couple of restrictions on his body. The first had been what she called chakra bands over his body, well with the exception of his head, that resulted in him toppling over and in a position that resembled that of a mummy. She had explained that she did this in order to work on his chakra control as with these restrictions in place he'd need a precise amount of chakra in order to regain full movement, too little and he would be unable to move whereas if he applied to much the pressure binding him would increase. This resulted in him having to learn to not only channel chakra throughout his entire body but regulate and maintain three output levels. It had taken him a while to get used to moving in such a way but slowly and steadily he'd been able to increase his ability to move and range of motion. Once he'd gotten back to the point where he felt like he could move freely she had struck again and applied a gravity seal to his person.

As Jurai was lighter in terms of gravity than Furya she had started the thing at 12 times Jurai's gravity. This was another painstaking venture as it also required precise chakra control otherwise the gravity around him would increase. Not being able to brute force any parts of his body into moving without negative effect to his person had the side effect of increasing his level of patience. By the time he'd figured it out he was operating under 20 times gravity. As a shinobi with chakra actively circulating his body at all times his body was already made of sterner stuff than a normal persons, including the passive abilities of his unique genetic structure from the Uzumaki, Senju, Tatsuki and Masaki clans his body was even tougher and could handle a lot more than most shinobi. As if that wasn't enough the benefits that he'd gained as the container of the Kyubi had set him leagues above everyone in terms of what just his pure physical potential could be.

In the year that had passed he had been pushed passed both his physical and mental breaking points many times. Jiraiya would admit if only to himself having this place to train the brat was a godsend, it had allowed them to really cut loose with his training and to push him much harder than he could realistically go in the Elemental Nations. Not only that but there was nothing out here to distract either of them from pushing forward and having Miyako-sensei around was a massive help as where he would normally falter she was there knowing exactly what to do. His initial plan to get the kid used to using the bijuu chakra had been quickly veto'd for this current track and Jiraiya was man enough to admit that his initial idea had been shortsighted at this point. Naruto's potential was simply massive, and his drive was something the like of which he'd never seen. Making use of the clones they'd started him on Fuinjutsu, Ninjutsu and corrected his Genjutsu deficiency. While he'd never be a genjutsu user, they'd taught him how to recognize the sign of them and dispel them. While the clones handled all of that the real Naruto was focused on the physicality, building his strength, speed and further developing his taijutsu from where Kakashi had already taken him.

"Still you've got a long way to go before you can beat me, gaki." Said Jiraiya looking down at the blond only for him to smirk up at him before bursting into smoke revealing it had been a clone.


The yelled word had him whipping around just in time to see the blond unleash a massive blast of power and with a quick mental calculation he saw it had to be at least 14 feet in diameter and it was moving fast. Most people would be hard pressed to dodge such a beast and even fewer would have the nerve to try and block something of its like. Jiraiya however was not most people, he was of the Sannin, The Toad Sage, a living legend in his own right and a candidate for the mantle of both the 4th and 5th Hokage. More than that his time on Jurai had also benefited him and not the least of which was the usage of the Life Water which had restored him back to his physical prime and as it approached he set his feet and coating his hands with chakra he caught it holding it just long enough to move one hand under it and push it upwards were it proceeded to launch into the heavens like a rocket. Turning to face Naruto he found him gaping eyes wide and looking between him and the fading speck that was his blast in shock.

"Good try gaki, but you've still got a ways to go before you can beat me." Said the Sannin smirking at the catatonic blond who was now looking between his finger and the Sannin in disbelief.

"That's enough." Came the unmistakable voice of Miyako getting both of their attention as she approached, still in her elder appearance despite being back on Jirai

"Go get cleaned up and don't forget to dispel the clones in intervals." Naruto didn't answer simply left still looking at his finger as if he had no clue about what happened.

The two adults remained behind until the boy disappeared into the temple and the doors closed behind him. Immediately Jiraiya's composure broke and he began shaking out his hands as if they caught fire before sinking to his knees.

"That was incredibly reckless of you." Said Miyako grabbing one of his arms and hovering her own hand over his with hers glowing green with healing chakra.

"I didn't think it would eat through my own chakra so quickly." Said Jiraiya.

"His chakra is more potent than ours. Even without consciously mixing it with the foxes power its been affected by over a decade of it mixing with his own." Said Miyako.

"Well that was certainly impressive." Came a voice breaking the silence over the room as the screen displaying these events was closed.

The speaker was revealed to be a woman that appeared to be in her late 20's or perhaps early 30's. She had golden brown skin with short cut blond hair and blue eyes. Though she was sitting she had a pair of long legs covered by black stockings that led up to what appeared to be a white leotard with a window left open to expose a rather tantalizing view of her chest. This woman was none other than Mikami Kuramitsu, the head of the Galaxy Police Academy. Normally appearing as a stern older woman in her middle ages as she was now off the clock she'd taken the opportunity to let her hair down as the saying goes and was currently free of her illusion and had a bottle of sake open which she was sipping from contentedly.

Also present in the room were her two closest friends Lady Seto and Airi, the three women known collectively as the 'Three Great Princesses' the three women who were the forces behind the three most powerful factions in the Universe. Seto of course represented the Imperial House of Jurai, Mikami represented the Kuramitsu family which was the second most powerful force in the universe and Airi who while unknown to even her own people represented the third most faction the Faith of the Chousin alternatively known as the Three Lives Church based off of the planet Arai and the daughter of its High Priest.

"Indeed and to think power like that had been just sitting on a backwater planet at the edge of the universe." Said Seto

"It wasn't that bad, certainly underdeveloped but it's nowhere near what I feared it would be." Said Funaho, joining the conversation by way of another screen.

"Yet, she's still correct the planet is a backwater, one we'd have completely ignored if not for the transmission of the Yosho-oh." Said Misaki, also joining the conversation by screen in fact the same screen as her sister-wife.

"Speaking of how are things there?" questioned Mikami.

"Things are well. The second exam has just concluded so the run up to the Tournament will be starting." Said Funaho.

"Oh, any names to look forward to?" questioned Airi.

"Many of Naruto's friends have advanced to the tournament Sakura and Hinata among them." Said Misaki.

"That's the cousin right?" questioned Mikami

"Yes, Miyako-chan's granddaughter." Said Misaki

"She stayed behind as she had only recently been taken as an apprentice." Said Funaho.

"Girls I need you to set up a relay so that we can contact Tsunade." Said Seto.

At this Mikami raised an eyebrow in curiosity. In truth while she was a bit curious they'd never really spoken in depth about Seto's time on Furya. They'd spoken about Naruto and Miyako quite a bit but never really about the planet and its workings nor the people there. As such she reasoned that it was incredibly likely that her old friend was up to something, but for the time being she figured she'd let it play out and see what happens.

A few hours after his latest sparing session Naruto walking within the colony that circled Jurai. Of course after his training and subsequent bath he'd changed up his outfit into something a bit more traditional which would fit better on Jurai. As such he wore a pair of shinobi style black hakuma pants which had something of a billowing effect in the upper the legs though the area surrounding the calves was form fitting. He paired them with shinobi standard bandages which were wrapped around his lower calf beneath his pants and went down going not just to his ankle but covering everything to the midpoint of his feet. While he didn't need them anymore he'd been wearing them ever since his surgery over a year ago. Over this he wore a pair of black shinobi sandals, higher quality than his old wool ones and now made of a combination of leather and cotton, much more durable and as such much more capable of handling the stress of his actions if he had to move quickly. His upper body was covered by an orange kimono top held closed by a black belt and on his back rested the ancestral sword of the Uzumaki Clan, Tenza Zangetsu, the hilt peaking over his right shoulder.

At the moment he could be found walking down a corridor in the military section of the colony. Truthfully it was more of a science division but considering the place focused primarily on the design of weapons and ships it was pretty much controlled by the military. At his side was Tennyo, who despite working for the Galaxy Police directly under Airi was also a very respected member Jurai's weapon development branch and had even been the Lead Designer on the Kamidake, Seina's first ship. Of course with this being a science division it also explained why they walked unbothered as most people were far too absorbed by their own projects to bother with anyone else, especially those outside of their own teams. Of course getting into the property in the first place had been a bit of a chore as they'd passed through multiple checkpoints to get this far inside.

Of course it would have been much easier if people knew who they actually were but seeing as his grandfather was publicly still 'missing' and his state unknown none outside of family and the closest of family friends knew he was still alive, much less that he had children, grandchildren and so forth. The same held true for his paternal grandmother Miyako as her survival had not yet been announced as such for the most part they were considered regular citizens of the empire and would not be known as nobility much less royalty until the announcements were made. He had no idea when that would happen though Funaho said it would definitely be before his own wedding and even before Furya's quarantine was lifted and they officially rejoined the Empire. Considering all that was going on to make those things happen he knew it would only be a matter of a couple of years at most.

He pushed his thoughts aside as they came to a stop and Tennyo approached a section of the wall where a small screen was located. Naruto watched curiously as she placed her hand on the screen before a green light appeared near the top of the wall which began to ripple before the center portion of the wall seemed to be pulled apart and a doorway formed much to his surprise.

"What the hell!" exclaimed the boy getting a chuckle from his cousin who motioned him to follow her inside.

"It's nano-tech. Billions of tiny machines which can be programmed for any number of features. In this case they're used for security and a bio-metric scan was used for us to get through." Said Tennyo.

"You can do that?" questioned Naruto in surprise.

"Yes, after the attack security was bolstered massively and the nano-tech was included. The machines are also self-replicating and as such it takes some serious power to get through them especially for something as thick as the walls of this place." Explained Tennyo

'I could punch through it' came the dismissive voice of the fox in his head.

'I don't doubt that, especially now.' Mused the boy in return

"There you are, it's about time!" called a voice breaking him from the conversation before it could truly start.

Looking around he found himself in what appeared to be something of a reception area as there were a few seats and a small table. There was a large window at the back of the room which appeared to be blocked from the other side, a desk for what was probably the receptionist and another more obvious door. The voice was revealed as Suiren, one of Seina's wives. She was the tallest of them all and had green hair that she let hang freely with a bit of it framing her face and a pair of dark eyes behind a pair of eyeglasses. Honestly how Seina was managing to survive having eight wives was incredibly surprising despite it all being manipulated by Seto for political aims.

"Are we late?" questioned Naruto in return.

"Nearly, you are the last to arrive though. This way." Said the woman before turning and motioning them to follow.

They didn't have to follow her long as it was only just as the passed through the newest doorway that they found themselves meeting with some familiar faces. Inside the room were his fellow jinchuriki with the notable exceptions of Gaara and Yagara, though both could be seen on separate screens. To be perfectly honest he was surprised to see them all as he'd known they had all left Jurai and most of them had gone back to Furya. The only ones who hadn't gone back initially were Fu and Yagura, though Yagura had eventually gone back to help out his successor in order to finally end the Civil War in Kiri. Fu however stated she had no intention of going back and if she did it would never be to Taki and as such she'd been working as one of Seto's aids for a bit, at least when she wasn't undergoing her own training with his grandmother.

Still he was surprised to see that everyone was here as he knew for the most part they all had their duties. For the most part he knew they were all some of if not the top ninja in their respective villages, so unlike his closer friends they had never been meant to stay anyway. His classmates however had stayed with him on Jurai as they all underwent something like group training. All of them however had left for the Chunin Exams almost two months ago which he knew would be held in Suna this year. Greeting them all he was soon pulled into a bit of a group discussion in which they mostly just played catch up. Despite being from different villages and thus predisposed to hating each other they all got along pretty well for the most part. None of them could really be called patriotic as all of them had gotten into the field to improve their lives. Roshi and Han were also as closed to retirement as a pair of jinchuriki could get due to their advanced age, though neither of them looked it, unlike the Tsuchikage who'd been their teammate coming up.

"Good you're all here." Came another familiar voice causing the group to look towards it.

Naruto didn't need to as he'd spent enough time over the last year with Washu to recognize her simply be her voice. Of course her voice was slightly different in that she was currently in her adult form, something she'd been spending more and more time in over the last year as well. Despite the fact that he didn't need to however he still looked. She was dressed a lot more professionally as she wore a black shirt that went down to just above her knees with a white long sleeved shirt over which she wore a buttoned up red vest. Above this she wore an opened lab coat the top of which did nothing to contain her bust. While not in the same league as Tsunade when it came to that particular feature Naruto felt she still possessed plenty to be proud of in that department. He had to cut his appreciation short however as not only were his fellow jinchuriki in the room but she'd come in accompanied by Lady Seto, which really shouldn't have been much of a surprised considering all who was here.

"Let's get started shall we." Said Washu bringing all attention to herself.

"As all of you know negotiations are still ongoing between the High Council and the leaders of Furya." Began Washu.

This was true, mostly because unlike most planets that called the Empire home Furya had not just one or two leaders but a whole host of them. It was one of the reasons the planet was considered underdeveloped as its leaders were still all about their own self interest and as such there was still not one clear cut planetary leader. While the Five Kage were leaders in their own right it was still only for their respective villages and not the countries as a whole. Because of this the negotiations which were usually rather quick had been dragging out, due mostly to the planetary negotiations that were now ongoing as well.

"While this issue is a problem it has very little to do with you all and quite frankly even the members of the Council know they couldn't stop me from doing something if they tried." Said Washu.

This was something else Naruto knew was true. Washu was not only the greatest scientific mind in the universe, but one of the Chousin, the three Goddesses that created the universe. While she didn't look the part he knew that the form she was in now was merely a shell, something she used so that she could live amongst them and not destroy the universe simply by her presence. The other two were her sisters Tokimi who was rarely in this universe and Tsunami, the patron Goddess of Jurai who the source of both the royal trees and the ancestor of the imperial family was. Tsunami like Washu was currently living in this universe and had merged with Sasami due to a deadly accident when she was a baby. Sasami as such was in a similar situation as his mother had been in and as such it was known if only to her very close family that she would one day grow up to become Tsunami.

"Anyway over the last year or so I've been working on a project for you. While it's not finished yet and probably won't be for a few years I figured I'd start you off with these."

As she said this she hit a button and suddenly a new line of screens appeared for them to see within which they beheld a number of ships, each of them different than the last. Despite this Naruto found all of them were appealing on the eyes. Looking at the screens he couldn't help but wonder how many teams had been put together to design and build these as it was obvious that they couldn't have all have come from a single mind. Of course he recognized his own ship immediately as he'd helped in its design, it had the appearance of a regular star-fighter but he knew it would be much larger and far more powerful than any star-fighter could ever hope to be as it was powered by a 1st Generation Royal Tree.

Unlike other Juraian ships however his exterior was not made of wood. Instead he'd had Washu implement the same metallic alloy she employed in Ryo-ohki's ship form which not only made it lighter and more maneuverable but gave its red and black color scheme a glossier appearance.

"What's the catch?" questioned Roshi turning away from the screens and looking towards Washu.

"While I wouldn't have put it so bluntly, you must want something for this. With the exception of Naruto none of us have a connection to Jurai or anyone off of our own planet." Said Yugito.

For Haruno Mebuki life had taken a strange turn over the last year. She'd grown up knowing that there were secrets her mother wasn't sharing, but such was the nature of their world that she hadn't questioned it much. That of course hadn't meant that she wasn't curious. In her youth she'd often wondered about her father, if he'd known about them, if he cared. Her mother had answered those questions in her own way, when she and Minato were still young. Their father had died in an ambush by Kumo shinobi, he'd never known about them but would have loved them. After a while she had put her father out of her mind but sometimes the faceless ghost would pop up, especially when she married Kizashi. Minato had been there though, he'd offered his support, told her she was pretty, threatened Kizashi and gave her away. Still she had never suspected that learning her father's identity would result to her current position sitting in an onsen across from Masaki Minaho, Funaho, Misaki and Tsunade.

Spending time with Tsunade was something that had become a regular occurrence over the last year. Things had been tense in the beginning, especially when the subject of Naruto had come up. It helped that like Tsunade she honestly hadn't known about him. Obviously she knew Minato and Kushina were married and knew Kushina was expecting, but like everyone close to the two of them she'd been informed that their child had died in the Kyubi attack. If she'd had ever actually seen him before she'd have easily seen through the lie but she really didn't get out into the village proper much. She worked in the Barrier Division and was even the Assistant Director now and that reveal had been enough for the Godaime Hokage to understand. She'd known of a Uzumaki Naruto of course but it was with the knowledge that the Sandaime had named the boy out of sentiment.

"So you and Kakashi, how did that happen?"

The question from Tsunade was enough to pull Mebuki from her thoughts. Looking over to Minaho she could see the woman blushing slightly, though whether that was from embarrassment, the sake or the water was up in the air.

"Honestly I don't know. I would go to check on Naruto and we would talk, sometimes for hours." Said Minaho.

"You should have seen it, they'd take walks around the temple, or through the marketplace. It was so cute." Said Misaki with a sigh.

"It is nice to see you so relaxed and happy. You spend so much time supporting mother that I feared you would either never find someone or get wrapped up in one of her plots." Said Funaho.

"Plots?" questioned Mebuki before she could stop herself.

"Mother enjoys matchmaking, actually it's one of the things she's known for." Said Misaki.

"Well that's not so bad." Said Mebuki relaxing.

"Maybe not for most. Seto-sama sometimes goes to extremes in her efforts if her targets prove difficult." Said Minaho

"Extremes?" questioned Tsunade.

"Take Seina-san for example. She arranged the marriages between him Kiriko, Amane, Neju and Ryoko Balta. On their wedding day Seina was kidnapped by agents of the Renza Federation that had been disguised as Seto's aids. Of course she knew the entire time who they truly were and used the situation to add them to Seina's collection of brides effectively bringing the Federation under the influence of Jurai." Said Funaho to the shock of both Tsunade and Mebuki.

"You should know she's actually got a few plans with you in mind as well Tsunade-san." Said Minaho

"She hardly knows me!" exclaimed Tsunade.

"She knows enough. You are the military leader of a foreign state, the first woman in the history to hold the post, you're legendary for your skill as a healer and a warrior and you have a body most would kill to have, touch or both." Said Misaki.

"Do you know who she has in mind?" questioned Funaho, her tone showing nothing but curiosity.

"Right now Jiraiya and Naruto are at the top of the list." Said Minaho.

"Naruto, he's a child!" exclaimed Mebuki.

"That won't stop her. She met her husband Utsutsumi when he was 9 years old, she was 4,500, they married 130 years later." Said Funaho.

"Well at least she's patient." Said Tsunade

"Unless she's bored and wants to make things interesting in which case I'd suggest you find yourself a husband." Said Misaki causing Tsunade to take a nervous sip from her sake unless she choked.

As the meeting wrapped Naruto felt his mind was sufficiently blown. When he had gotten up that morning he'd not thought that he'd learn not only the origin of the Biju, but the origin of chakra as a whole and in truth his home planet's entire society. Washu had started it by informing them that the biju were not initially separate entities but had started out as one complete being. It was something that he'd definitely never heard before though Seto revealed it was something that Washu had informed Konoha's council of the day they learned the truth behind the fox's rampage on the village. As if that wasn't enough however the biju themselves had gotten in on the act urging them to channel a bit of their chakra and create a clone only for miniature biju to appear before they went further explaining the knowledge that had been missing. They explained how one day during the Age of Endless War one of Naruto's ancestors a woman by the name of Otsutsuki Kaguya had come to their dimension in search of what they called the Shinju and settled amongst the people, who even then had been powerful able to use pure spiritual energy they called Reiki for battle and at that point was in something of a Cold War with the three most powerful warriors all vying for control known collectively as the Three Kings.

Kaguya would settle in what was known then as the Land of Ancestors which played home to the Shinju and had been under the control of The Tribe of Devils. Apparently even then the man had been dying slowly for some time as he'd been on a hunger strike for years and Kaguya had used this weakness to become his mistress. After he died and in an effort to end the war Kaguya ate the fruit of the Shinju and its power which she called Chakra along with a host of abilities including a doujutsu which was the precursor to the Sharingan and far more powerful. Armed with this power she swiftly brought a level of peace to the land and within a nine months also gave birth to twin sons Hagoromo and Hamura who had inherited not only Kaguya's power but their fathers which combined to create an incredibly potent chakra and abilities all their own, none of them prepared for the calamity that would soon be upon them.

When the boys had grown and become young men mysterious attacks began to plague the land as strange creatures began to attack people the world over. Eventually the learned the cause as the Shinju awoke and transformed into a massive beast and began laying waste to entire communities. Kaguya went to stop it and not only was she defeated by the beast, but she was eaten by it resulting in it becoming even more powerful. The twins had also tried to engage but would likewise be defeated and only barely escape with their lives due to the sacrifice of their clansmen. For years the beast would rage the world over chasing the two who despite multiple defeats were constantly growing stronger and wiser. They learned much in that time about themselves and their powers and had even created a new branch of techniques which they called Fuinjutsu. Finally the twins now truly grown men confronted the beast with a plan in place and after a long battle were able to immobilize it. Hagoromo by usage of seals would then split the beasts spirit and chakra from its body and seal it into himself while Hamura sealed the beast body within multiple layers of earth before the duo launched the huge ball into space where they covered it even further in the remnants of the previously destroyed moon.

From there the two brothers split, Hamura and a crew of his own people to live on the new moon and as such stand guard over the creature now known as the Jubi's body. Hagoromo however would stay on Furya and help the people not only rebuilt but learn to control the chakra they all now possessed. Near the end of his life Hagoromo now known as the Rikudo Sennin (Sage of Six Path's) would begin worrying of the creatures escape with his weakening condition. Because of this he came up with a plan to prevent the creatures return by splitting its power into separate pieces which took their own forms becoming the biju the world knew of currently.

Needless to say this news had left all of them reeling but also feeling a newfound level of responsibility for the power they held. Washu had quickly followed this up stating she was not surprised as the fruit was not meant to be eaten by anyone save the Chousin. What should have happened was once it was fully ready the fruit would fall from the tree and fall to the ground enriching the planet as a whole as its power sank to its core before spreading out from there. The tree itself would have continued to sleep and every thousand years or so the process would repeat itself making the planet stronger until the tree moved on to the next planet and the process started again.

"What about these Bloodline Limit's how did they come about?" questioned Seto in curiosity.

"Well the Byakugan is the original and is what Kaguya and members of the Otsutsuki possess naturally. When she gained her chakra a new doujutsu was formed that was called the Rinne-Sharingan. The chakra also gave her the ability to manipulate the elements and use her bones as weapons." Said the Nibi.

"Our father and Hamura of course inherited these abilities, if not as powerful. Hamura for instance inherited the Byakugan and Kaguya's Bone Manipulation, his descendants would go on to form both the Hyuga and Kaguya clans." Said the Gobi.

"Father's abilities passed on a bit differently. He also inherited a doujutsu from Kaguya called the Rinnegan, one that to my knowledge has not materialized again since." Said the Yonbi sitting back with its arms crossed.

"Father had three human children however and each inherited something from him. His eldest Indra unfortunately inherited his eyes and chakra and soon enough awoke the Sharingan." Stated the Sanbi

"Thus the Uchiha clan." Said Washu frowning.

"Exactly. The problem is like his descendants Indra was not only naturally gifted but he was a dick with an elitist mentality." Said Shukaku from the screen.

"The brat actually tried to use his eyes to take control of the fox once, something his entire line is suffering for." Said Yonbi.

"Oh, what did you do?" questioned Seto.

"I tied a curse into his chakra. By that point he'd mastered his Sharingan to their maximum however after that the more he used the eyes he found he would slowly go blind. Not only him but any of his descendants who successfully awoke it would suffer the same fate." Said the fox.

"Isn't that a little extreme?" questioned Yugito frowning.

"No, I tied it to it's full power stage the Mangekyo Sharingan as they now call it. I also changed the way they activate it, as if they wish to activate it now it would require a specific sacrifice, the death of a loved one." Said Kurama.

"Upon which point they would deserve their fate for seeking the power in the first place." Said Seto in understanding.

"Exactly. As for the other two, the next was Asura who was the opposite of Indra in just about every way. The kit here actually takes after him now that I think about it." Said the fox one of his tails pointed up at Naruto.

"Really." Said Naruto in surprise.

"Yes, you're both talent-less idiots." Said the fox causing many to snort while Naruto glared at the fox.

"Asura was a pretty nice person to be around and he seemed to collect friends easily." Said the Nibi bringing the rooms attention to herself.

"It took awhile for his powers to truly manifest as he inherited father's body and life force. He was physically stronger and had a far greater amount of stamina than others as well. His family went on to form the Senju." Finished the two-tailed cat.

"Wait so the Senju and Uchiha are related? But they hate each other, always have!" exclaimed Roshi.

"That's a story for another time. I'm in no mood to get into that level of human stupidity." Said the Yonbi

"Then there was fathers youngest Konoe. Unlike her brothers she had no desire to learn combat skills. While she learned at father's direction it didn't really hold her interest, then again nothing truly could for long. Konoe inherited more of father than the boys as she had not only truly inherited his life force but his chakra and his mind. Her passion lied in Fuinjutsu and its application. Her descendants of course became known as the Uzumaki." Said the Rokubi

"As for how those other Bloodlines came about, she's already told you how." Said the fox his tail pointing lazily to Washu.

"Is there anything else we should know?" questioned Seto.

"No, we've told you everything we needed. You have company as well." Said the fox before all of the mini-biju dispelled their cloned bodies.

Just after this was said the door was opened to admit Noike who quickly made her way over to her adoptive mother and began whispering heatedly in her ear. Seto raised an eyebrow after she finished before a smirk slowly began to form across her lips.

"Suiren, dear." Called Seto causing the green haired woman to enter the room from the still opened door.

"Would you mind taking our friends here to their ships. It appears we have a few family issues to see too." Said Seto.

"Of course, this way please." Said Suiren before leaving the room with all the jinchuriki following with the exception of Naruto with the door closing behind them.

"So it seems Yosho and Airi have decided to marry." Said Seto once they were alone.

"Wait, really!" exclaimed Tennyo in surprise.

"Why now?" questioned Naruto also surprised.

The surprise was of course warranted. His grandparents had been together for centuries after they reconnected yet in all that time they'd still never formally married. They were considered married by common law but it wasn't the same as a formal marriage.

"Well it helps that Airi has established herself and he's officially been missing for over 700 years." Said Washu

"Marriage now certainly wouldn't hurt her, she's very well known and no one would even think to question her credibility." Said Tennyo

"It would also keep anyone else from trying to lay a claim on him when the announcement is made." Said Noike

"Well we can talk about that later. We still have business to handle." Said Seto.

Naruto honestly didn't know how much more he could handle and as such found himself following behind the ladies begrudgingly as they left the office.

Elsewhere a figure could be found sitting with his back against the wall as he sat upon the mattress of a small bunk. He sat as still as he could as another figure held glowing palms over his body and various cuts and bruises slowly begin to heal.

"Honestly Sasuke-kun I don't know why you insist on doing this to yourself." Said the healer who was none other than Yakushi Kabuto

The patient Uchiha Sasuke said nothing nor did he even bother to open his eyes. In truth Kabuto was not surprised as the young Uchiha hardly ever spoke at least to him. According to Orochimaru-sama he'd wounded the boys pride as a warrior by interfering in the fight between him and Naruto-kun. He'd watched their fight and in truth he'd been impressed at the level of power the two boys still in their first year as shinobi had commanded. Sasuke had managed to evolve his Sharingan to its fully mature form during the confrontation yet even still Naruto had been able to not only keep up but match him. Sasuke had also used the Cursed Seal with a level of mastery that had surpassed anything he'd heard of until that point and with it had managed to land a crippling blow with the Chidori.

Well it would have been crippling for anyone else. With Naruto all it seemed to do was piss him off as he'd begun channeling the Kyubi's chakra which not only caused the wound to regenerate but had allowed him to start throwing Sasuke around like a rag-doll enhancing his physical attributes and chakra presence tremendously. He'd also revealed a rather wicked set of claws which he'd used to tear gouges into the statues of Hashirama and Madara. When Sasuke had revealed his second level cursed seal form he'd actually thought that would be enough, Naruto had actually frozen in place at least until he'd burst out laughing and started making fun of Sasuke's appearance. When the fighting started again however the two had made their earlier efforts seem like a light spar as everything, even missed attacks did damage to the surrounding area. It had been when the two were struggling back to their feet from clashing the Chidori against the Rasengan, back in their normal forms and clearly exhausted, that he'd made his move. He'd emerged from the ground behind Naruto and disabled his leg before immediately retrieving Sasuke, knocking him out and retreating.

Blinking a few times as he came out of his recollection he found the last of Sasuke's injuries were healing which meant he'd be done in a few minutes at the longest. Considering the day wasn't even have gone he knew Orochimaru-sama would be throwing the boy right back into the pit to fight some more. Once the job was done and he left the room Sasuke only movement was to close his eyes as he began a breathing exercise he'd learned but ignored in his youth.

'You really are stupid; I can't believe you fell for that load of crap. Itachi hated violence there's no way he did all that just to test his strength… Really, then why hasn't anyone heard anything from him since that night, check the bingo book there hasn't been as much as a single sighting…'

Sasuke gritted his teeth and narrowed his eyes as not for the first time Naruto's words from their fight echoed through his mind. What made it worse was the more he took emotion out of it and looked at the situation objectively the more the blond's words made sense.

'Our moms were friends, hoped we'd be best friends in fact and I owe your brother a lot. If repaying that dept means I have to look after your dumb ass then so be it…'

It hurt that he didn't know much about his mother's life looking back. He knew personal things about her, but he didn't know who her friends were, her teammates or what she specialized in. He remembered hearing his dad furiously talking about how his son despite being ANBU had been nothing more than a glorified babysitter. In time he would find out the truth, but first he needed to keep getting stronger. Fighting constantly like this as he was without using his Sharingan was hard and often resulted in him taking a beating, but he was getting better slowly but surely. Soon enough he'd be strong enough and when that time came he'd confront Itachi and he would have his answers.

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