Legacy of the Lighthawk

Chapter 19: Vacation

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Naruto woke slowly, his body feeling a level of comfort and relaxation that he had come to enjoy immensely. A shifting at his side had him glancing over to see Hana turning over to burrow herself into him. He could feel her breast pressing into him but could also tell she was wearing a shirt as he didn't feel bare skin. Glancing over to the clock on the wall revealed that it was nearly 8 in the morning, meaning he'd slept in. Normally this isn't something that he would do but he was currently on something of a vacation, so it was actually encouraged. Getting out of the bed he took a moment to take a glance back at Hana before leaving the room. Nearly 45 minutes later he was stepping out of the door of the house and taking a deep breath of the country air.

They were currently staying with his grandfather on Earth in the Masaki Shrine located in Okayama, Japan. While Tenchi's house wasn't far it was decided they would stay at the shrine as it had more free space than Tenchi's place had available. Naruto felt like this had turned out to be a good decision as it gave all six of his hounds and Hana's triplet ninkin enough room to run around freely.

Already it had been just over two months since they had arrived and in that time coming to the temple had been proven the right choice many times over. He was going through his morning stretches when the hounds made their appearance. Patting them all on the head he was greeted by all of them affectionately before they were off for their morning warm up run. When they returned to the front it was to the sight of the rest of his group up and doing stretches of their own.

Hinata had returned after the Exams through which she'd earned her chunin rank. From what she'd told him all of their friends had passed the second time through. Now 14 Hinata had done some growing which was quite noticeable as not only had she grown in height and started growing her hair out her body had started filling out as well. She was currently wearing a blue kunoichi dress with the Hyuga clan symbol on the back and spandex shorts.

Of course where she went her little sister Hanabi wasn't far behind and he found himself laughing when she ran to him and leapt at him for a hug upon spotting him. He knew the only reason the little girl was allowed to come was because her father had convinced his grandmother to train her alongside Hinata. Regardless he saw something of a little sister in Hanabi and had grown to be very protective of the girl.

Hana was the oldest of the girls from Konoha at 20. She was dressed in a pair of shorts and a vest that was similar to a chunin flak jacket. Her brown hair was in its customary ponytail and spotting his eyes on her she gave a sensual lick of her lips before winking at him with a smirk. She shook his head, the Inuzuka heiress had been teasing him as if it was a game since they'd first left Furya and with his awakened libido he didn't know how much more of that he could take. His bodyguard Yugao was of course present as well and like Hana she wore a pair of grey shorts and a vest while her purple hair was set in a bun at the top of her head. She had a pair of senbon holding her hair in place and he was pretty sure she had a host of other weapons sealed on her person.

Then there was Sakura who was joining him for a stretch while Tsunade and Jiraiya were on their honeymoon. His cousin had changed a lot since the last time he'd seen her, training under Tsunade had definitely done her a lot of good. She put on some weight and was now covered in compacted muscle; her pink hair was still short and though she hadn't grown much in height there were some curves on her now. The final member of the group was his cousin Tennyo who was also the eldest at 80 though she definitely didn't look it. She wore a pair of workout pants but wore the same vest as the others. He knew the vests were weighted but considering the gravity seal and other seals on his person saw no reason to add to that.

After the morning greetings were out of the way the group was off running at a light sprint which for most would have been a pure sprint. They were no longer surprised that Tennyo could keep pace with them at this speed as her Juraian heritage was clearly displayed. They reached the Masaki house within ten minutes and were greeted by Tenchi and Ryo-ohki who were returning from their morning farming duties with a range of fruits and vegetables on hand.

Ryo-ohki had a hug for everyone though Tenchi settled with a simple 'good morning' and a smile, which was good for everyone except Tennyo who marched over to give her brother a hug causing him to blush. Of course the relationship between Tenchi and Tennyo was complicated as Tenchi was only 18 and Tennyo was in her 80's. If that wasn't enough Tennyo had played substitute to their mother for Tenchi for a time after she passed and as such was sometimes a very mothering big sister.

Entering the house they found Sasami and Noike had already started cooking breakfast which Hinata and Tennyo quickly volunteered to help with. Because there were so many of them breakfast was served out on the back terrace overlooking the lake. When Hinata and Sasami sat down on either side of him he gave them both quick pecks on the cheeks causing them to blush and a few giggles to burst free around the table. He had to hold back a grin when Tenchi gave him a deadpan stare as Ryoko and Ayeka turned looks on him. He knew Tenchi was a lot more reserved than he was which was seen with his rather calm nature, the girls all knew it to but he was still doing his part rather subtly to get Tenchi to climb a bit more out of his shell with the girls.

A few hours later found Naruto alongside Tennyo and Tenchi sitting within a house in Masaki Village. They were currently meeting with Akie Masaki the eldest of Yosho's descendants on Earth and as such the village elder. Unlike himself, Tenchi and Tennyo the elder woman was a descendant of their grandfathers first wife Kasumi as was every other person who lived in Masaki Village. Though nowhere near the size of Konoha the village was a fairly decent size though composed of mostly women as this branch of the Masaki clan seemed to birth girls in abundance.

As for Akie, aside from being one of Lady Seto's former Ladies in Waiting she had also been a teacher and had taken on those duties for their mothers when they were children. Listening to stories of what his mother as Achika had been like as a child from someone who was there to see it all helped somewhat fill the hole in his heart that his lack of knowing her had left. Hearing of the pranks that Achika and Kiyone had played had left him in stitches and gotten him to share some of his own stories with the older woman.

"I may have to come visit this village of yours." Said the elder a soft smile on her face.

"Really?" questioned Tennyo in surprise.

"Yes. I've been thinking of my next move for a bit now but that won't be for another few years." Said Akie lightly.

"Well by then I'll be sure to have a place set aside for you oba-chan." Said Naruto.

"See that you do. I'd like to meet this 3rd Hokage of yours. I'm sure he has a few stories about your childhood to share." Said the elder before turning her attention to Tenchi who stiffened.

"What about you Tenchi, when do you plan to get married?" questioned the woman causing him to blush.

"Seriously isn't this a little early." Said Tenchi causing her to shake her head.

"Now that the old man is finally coming out of hiding things will be changing. Everyone knows you are his heir which means you'll be introduced to the universe at large as such. I'd prefer you marry those girls of yours before then or at least have the arrangement in place." Said Akie

"You know I actually think Yugao-chan has a bit of a crush on you too." Said Naruto causing Tenchi to whip his head in his direction.

"Why?!" demanded Tenchi.

"Do I look like I pay attention when the girls are gossiping?" questioned Naruto causing Tenchi to drop his head while Tennyo giggled to herself.

"Naruto we'd like for you to marry Tennyo as well." Said Akie

"OBA!" exclaimed Tennyo in shock while Tenchi and Naruto were both looking at her with wide eyes

"Well if you don't want to I can always ask Tsukiko. She's a bit upset she missed the boat with Tenchi." Said Akie.

"NO, no Oba I was just surprised." Said Tennyo blushing.

"This one and Tsukiko have had a bit of a rivalry since they were little schoolgirls. You put a couple babies in her and those two will be right back at it." Said Akie grinning.

"It's not that serious Oba." Said Tennyo lowly still blushing.

"Whose Tsukiko?" questioned Naruto

"Kiriko-san's mother." Said Tenchi

"While I already know Ayeka and Sasami I'd like to meet the rest of the girls." Said Akie

"We'll arrange it." Said Tennyo managing to calm herself.

On the other side of space on the small planet of Furya the Sandaime Hokage Sarutobi Hiruzen could be seen sitting behind the Hokage's desk. The wedding of Tsunade and Jiraiya had been a small and quiet affair the end result of which had seen him once more in the office while his old students were off on their honeymoon. The time he'd spent in his second retirement though brief for him had been enough to give him a bit of a recharge.

Thankfully Tsunade would be returning soon enough as they'd only cleared her for three months. As far as he knew she and Jiraiya had gone to some vacation planet that Funaho-dono had recommended them to. Theirs however wasn't the only marriage that had happened in the last stretch of time as Asuma and Kurenai had finally done the deed themselves shortly after their students had made Chunin. Kakashi hadn't been far behind them and had married Masaki Minaho which he imaged Kushina would have been thrilled about.

He himself had been offered a revitalization by the Juraians for his caring for Naruto but had turned it down. He had explained the only to the two Queens and Lady Seto that he was both too old to want to live that long and more importantly looking forward to reuniting with his wife in the afterlife. Of course before that day came he was going to do some traveling, perhaps go to Earth and spend some time with his adoptive grandson to add to his training.

That however would be for later, currently his thoughts were focused solely on Konoha as while Tsunade hadn't officially been Hokage for long the things she had done had been effective. For starters she'd begun her long wished for medic program and academy students who showed a strong aptitude or a willingness to learn those arts were placed within that learning program. The Academies curriculum had seen a complete overhaul as well as it was no longer a mostly theory-based course load.

She had taken the basic chakra control exercises such as tree climbing and water walking and added those to the academy curriculum as well as teamwork assignments. In all honestly the way things looked by the time the students emerged from the academy as genin they would be much better equipped than they had been over the last decade. There were also plans for when they joined the greater galaxy but those would have to wait until things were sorted out here first. Still it was nice to know how the world would progress when the major criminal elements were eliminated.

The political situation on their planet would also need to be settled before they could venture further out. Lady Seto had made it plain to them that there were just too many rulers and the planet would need to be unified. The Daimyo had of course all balked at losing even a bit of power and had balked even more when they learned that they themselves would be unqualified to rule the entirety of the planet.

She had made it plain that all of them were simply too weak, the real power resided with the Kage's of the elemental nations. The problem with that was that a Kage was incredibly busy and adding more to their plates would be unthinkable. They knew they would need to come up with a new title but as of now that was on hold. Currently they had teams of shinobi they had sent out to explore the rest of the planet which was currently unmapped as they had no idea what other people or resources were out there if any existed at all.

He knew however that he would not see the end goal, not in his lifetime and that it may even be another hundred years or so before it happened but he was at piece with that. He was an old man after all and those were problems for someone else, instead he would be content to enjoy his retirement by spending his time with his remaining family. After that he could die happy and be able to tell it all to Biwako-chan when they finally met again.

Tsunade had given up on the idea of marriage. She had tried once and had even been engaged to Shizune's uncle Dan, only for him to die within two weeks of their engagement. With Dan's death she had just given up, not just on marriage but on life in general. Soon after she quit the shinobi life, had taken Shizune on as an apprentice and left Konoha behind her. She had spent two decades traveling the elemental nations and she would admit she'd been aimless after Shizune had finished her training.

Thankfully Shizune had stuck with her even after that until they returned to Konoha after receiving her sensei's message. It was actually talking to the Edo Tensei revived form of her grandfather that had gotten her out of her funk and thinking about life again. She had started living again soon after and had even become Hokage allowing her to push forth measures that would help her achieve her old goal of having a medic assigned to every shinobi team.

Even then she had given up on the idea of marriage, after all despite being the last of the Senju she was also an older woman well past her childbearing age. As such she knew that while plenty of men may want to sleep with her no one would marry her, at least that had been her assumption, but Jiraiya had surprised her with his proposal. She had at first thought it was another of his jokes and gotten a bit annoyed until he'd explained his reasoning and she realized he was serious.

The fact was logically they were perfect for each other, neither had ever married and both had serious jobs that would put a strain on a regular relationship. Jiraiya and Naruto had returned to Konoha for the sole purpose of their wedding which had been a small thing and included only the clan heads, the small remnants of her Senju family and their old sensei who as Sandaime Hokage had presided over it.

After the wedding she and Jiraiya along with Sakura, her parents Mebuki and Kizashi along with Naruto all been swiftly taken from Furya by Lady Seto and taken to Jurai. Once there the three of them who'd never been had been introduced to a number of people from both the Masaki and Tatsuki clans. That was when she learned about Body Enhancements which were a combination of medical and technological enhancements to the body done by what they called nanotechnology.

It was one of the reasons they were so taken with Furyan's as thanks to chakra their bodies physicality could match a level 2 galactic enhancement naturally. The downside however was that the natural enhancement they had did not slow their aging or extend their lifespans. She had gotten a lot of data for the medical side of the procedure about what and how it changed the body and had determined that it would be a project they she could work on alongside her apprentices. She knew already that it would require extensive knowledge of both anatomy and fuinjutsu to be completed though. Still she and Jiraiya had both gotten a level 1 Juraian enhancement and the results had been staggering.

The most obvious thing it had done was return their youth as her natural form was now around 27 years old matching the illusion she used to keep herself under. Jiraiya was much the same as he also appeared as he did in his late twenties and both of them had seen massive increases in terms of their physical capabilities to the point that physically they were stronger than they had been in even their prime.

As if that wasn't enough their senses had increased massively and even their chakra was easier to control. Despite these increases however they had required no extra training as unlike most people who underwent such procedures their bodies were already highly trained and as such it was only a simple matter of toning things down which they managed to accomplish within two hours.

After the two of them she had allowed both Kizashi and Kakashi to undergo the procedures. While Kizashi had results similar to the two of them, minus the de-aging the true surprise had been with Kakashi. While for the most part the results had been the same the surprise had come with the Sharingan as apparently the nanobots had somehow entwined the Sharingan DNA with his own making it a natural fit for his body.

This resulted in the eye showing in both of his eyes and them changing colors as they no longer had the red background but a grey background with the black tomoe markings. According to Kakashi the only difference was that it was far less chakra intensive then it had been previously. After that she hadn't allowed any more to be done as she wanted to use the data on creating their own process.

They left Jurai shortly after this and were currently on the planet Earth where she and Jiraiya were currently enjoying their honeymoon on the sandy shores of a place called the Bahama's. They had a small place just to themselves which provided them with a glimpse into a regular civilian life of domestication. In truth she hadn't felt this lighthearted in her entire life she'd grown up in a time of war and as such she would admit that she was taking advantage of the opportunity to just relax. Jiraiya she discovered had his fair share of lovers over the time they'd spent apart, and that experience showed with how easily he played her body. She had also become quite eager for his touch as she'd gone without for a long time and her hormones were elevated to a level she hadn't felt in decades.

At the moment she was relaxing in a hammock sunbathing as Jiraiya had applied a barrier seal about an hour ago that blocked off this entire area from the perception of others and created a boundary that made people subconsciously go around it. It included not just the house and beach but even the water for a good eight feet out. Jiraiya was currently inside writing and not another shameless smut book but one with an actual plot and character development, though he did say it would have a few adult scenes she was fine with that. Flipping over to her front she let loose a contented sigh, she would have to return to Konoha soon and back to her duties, but she was content to enjoy their little slice of paradise for a bit longer.

Naruto meanwhile could be found once again inside of Washu's lab. While he was supposed to be taking a break from training he could never do that completely and instead was currently working with her on some of his other abilities. With Washu's help he had learned to do many things over the years such as create an energy sword from his own energy and energy shields without the assistance of a key like his mom's bracer. She had also shown him how to make them with the same energy as his Lighthawk wings which required him to transfigure them into solid matter an ability she called material metamorphosis.

There were other little tricks that she had helped him learn over the time they'd spent together such as teleportation and flight. However he had confided in her that he wanted to figure out ways to do it with chakra as he felt like he was cheating using Light Hawk energy, he had a feeling that had been the day when their relationship had shifted.

So far the two of them had created a couple of chakra swords based on the Raijin no Ken and the Tenchi-ken. The swords had the metallic hilt design and construction of the lightsabers from Star Wars but were powered by an application chakra like the Raijin no Ken was. Of course the blades were made of pure energy just like the Tenchi-ken and had the same kind of durability meaning that unlike the Raijin no Ken the blades on these couldn't be broken by an application of force. So far aside from the two of them the only people that knew about them were Jiraiya and his grandparents.

His grandmother Miyako and Yosho had looked at them with warrior's eyes and helped to test if they were usable. Airi who had also been there that day had given him in a huge hug and began to cackle about how they were going to be rich and never have to worry about the demon again, something which had caused his grandmother Miyako to actually blush. He wouldn't learn until later that the 'demon' was actually his great aunt Ringo Tatsuki, Miyako's elder sister who also happened to be the head of Jurai's accounting division.

Of course the lightsaber was nowhere near as powerful as the Lighthawk sword, but nothing was that powerful. The lightsaber was also less powerful than Tenchi-ken which was a Master Key and drew its power from Funaho. As it was connected to a 1st generation royal tree Tenchi-ken could command most other ships and create a single Lighthawk wing as a shield and its sword blade was made from that same Lighthawk energy though not as powerful as a true Lighthawk sword. Regardless the lightsabers were incredibly useful and after much convincing by Airi they created a version that did not require chakra to activate.

Aside from that he and Washu had been trying to crack flight. While Tenchi and Ayeka could fly they had admitted the method they used didn't match what he wanted. Naruto wanted to be able to feel the wind flow around him and be able to control his speed at his whim. Jiraiya had theorized using wind chakra, but he thought that would be more like riding the wind currents or gliding than actually flying.

It had actually been a conversation with Ryoko where the former pirate had admitted she had the ability and knew exactly what he was talking about. She had admitted however that her gems regulated her energy and her abilities so while she couldn't teach him it was most likely a matter of energy control. That had sent him down the course of more chakra control exercises and as such put flight on the backburner.

That left their current project of teleportation. This one was both easier in that he didn't need to create a method and harder in that it was terribly complex. That method was learning his fathers Hiraishin no Jutsu and thus further studies of fuinjutsu. Thankfully for him Kage Bunshin made learning fuinjutsu much easier than it was supposed to be and he was now at a level where he could look at a seal and break it down within minutes.

Creating seals had been much harder to learn as he'd had to basically relearn how to write as he'd taught himself and as such it had always been rather sloppy which meant his calligraphy was much worse. After so much time and many, many clones correcting that he was how quite deep into his Uzumaki sealing studies which was about creating seals using pure chakra instead of a medium like ink.

Washu had an easier time with the study then Naruto did. As one of the Chousin she could do many things and she knew chakra was a weaker version of her own energy. She had learned how to use this energy for the sole fact that it could manipulate this dimension with much less consequences than her own. Chakra was after all the energy of what had once been the Shinju, and she'd eaten the fruit of the tree before.

It was only after she figured out how to use chakra herself that she realized that it was a Body Enhancement of its own. Once she got the hang of it Naruto had taught her the Shadow Clone Technique which had both helped her with her work and helped her learn the sealing techniques. It was during this time where they learned that fuinjutsu didn't actually require chakra and that seals could be created using any energy, whatever energy that was used in the seals creation however would be needed to activate it. Chakra was the best energy as it was the energy born from a high level existence and as such had a dimensional component within it.

Regardless at this point Naruto standing nervously in Washu's lab beside the woman and behind a protective glass screen. In front of them a clone of the blond could be seen pouting as it much like the original was worried about this current test though unlike its creator knew it couldn't get out of being the sacrificial lamb in this instance.

"Right then, let's get to it." Said Washu rubbing her hands together eagerly.

"Ne, Washu-chan couldn't we test this some other way?" questioned the clone hesitantly.

"Nope, your perfect for this! You're a clone so even if it messes up you won't feel any pain as you'll dispel before you can feel anything!" exclaimed the genius scientist while Naruto held in a snicker.

"Hiraishin test 1: GO!" exclaimed Naruto.

Frowning at his creator the clone formed the seal of confrontation before disappearing a few moments later. Naruto suddenly flinched backwards and cursed which caused Washu to frown.

"What happened?" questioned Washu.

"It passed through the wrong kind of dimension and fell into lava. The dimension we want is supposed to be a void right." Said the blond

"Yes, that means you'll need to try one of the other jutsu formulas." Said Washu frowning as well.

"Man I wish I could use the same jutsu formula my dad did." Said Naruto wincing.

"Don't worry about it. This is just the trial stage, failure is expected." Said Washu.

"Yeah, that's why I created so many different formulas. Still that was a sea of lava." Said Naruto with a shudder.

"Which is why we're using Shadow Clones. Even if he didn't leave you a jutsu formula at least your dad gave you that advice." Said Washu.

"Right, number 2 you're up!" exclaimed Naruto looking over to a group of clones all standing in a line like a queue, and all of which were glaring at them.

Washu's cackles echoed throughout the lab making everyone shudder in fear even people that couldn't hear her and were even worlds away.

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