Legacy of the Lighthawk

Legacy of the Lighthawk

Chapter 2: Meetings

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The journey to the tower had been made in silence. As they moved everyone was lost in their own thoughts going over the events of the night. For the ANBU and Iruka it was the confrontation between Naruto and Mizuki that was traveling through their minds. For Naruto however his thoughts were on the fact that he had finally after over a decade of wondering learned the secret of his heritage. Well at least he knew of his mother's side, he could find out more about his father just as soon as he could speak with Sarutobi-jiji.

As he moved however Naruto was trying his hardest not to think about the fact that he had actually killed someone. Even if he hadn't done it with his own hands he had still gotten the clones memory of the deed and it left a sour taste in his mouth. Unfortunately for the blonde he was no longer able to maintain his composure and faster than Iruka could blink he had bolted off to the side and into the alley beneath them.

None of the other shinobi needed to think to know why the boy had taken off just as soon as they heard the sound of his retching. Of course it was only then that Iruka realized that Naruto had just had his first kill as he moved to console the boy who was currently hurling up his lunch while shaking uncontrollably. After a few minutes Naruto with help from Iruka was able to regain control of himself as his shaking and retching ceased.

Having jumped down after Iruka the captain of the ANBU squad sighed quietly behind his tiger mask. He had been wondering when the kid would react to his actions in the forest. Still he was surprised that not a single tear or sob left the boy while he tried to collect himself. He knew from experience the first kill was always the hardest to get over, hell it was the reason some shinobi and kunoichi quit so early as they are unable to cope with having killed someone the first time.

Standing to his feet, having fallen to his knees, the blonde wiped his mouth with the sleeve of his jacket. Almost as soon as he did however a disgusted look crossed his face before he removed the offending article and dropped it to the ground. Then with a glance and a thankful nod to Iruka the blonde hopped back up to the rooftop to continue the journey.

When they arrived within the tower Naruto was surprised when instead of being taken to the Hokage's office he along with Iruka were ushered into a room one floor underneath the man's office. As he glanced back he found that each of the ANBU members were standing behind him blocking the door. A gasp from Iruka caused him to snap his attention back to the front of the room.

In front of him sat ten people six of them Iruka recognized as the heads of Konoha's most influential clans and Konoha's most respected jounin. Three of them were elders; two were Sandaime's former teammates and his current advisors while the other was once a favorite for the position of Sandaime. Finally was the Sandaime himself seated in the center of them all. This Iruka realized as he began to sweat was the Shinobi Council.

As he looked over the seated individuals Naruto recognized them instantly and his eyes narrowed in anger. Hyuga Hiashi, Aburame Shibi, Inuzuka Tsume, Nara Shikaku, Akimichi Chouza, and Yamanaka Inoichi, each of them the parent of one of his classmates. Of course he only knew some of them because he could remember them telling their children to stay away from him. Deciding to break the silence that had descended upon the room Sarutobi cleared his throat effectively gaining the attention of all in the room.

"What you did tonight was both reckless and dangerous Naruto-kun. That scroll you took has jutsu sealed inside of it that could very well destroy an entire village." said Sarutobi getting a nod from the boy who had read through the scroll.

"However it must also be conceded that you held no knowledge of the scrolls existence much less its contents prior to Mizuki informing you of it. On top of this you can not be faulted for putting your trust in the words of your sensei that should have had your best interest at heart." Stated Aburame Shibi in his clan's usual monotone.

"I must also admit that you showed a surprising amount of stealth and skill to have been able to steal the scroll in the first place. On top of this you were only caught by chance and thanks to your rather…unique jutsu were able to escape me without problem gaining yourself a fifteen minute head start." Finished Sarutobi with a blush as the boy began to snicker.

"Because of these facts this council has agreed with your sensei's decision to graduate you to gennin." Stated Hiashi getting a large grin from the boy only to cut him off before he could begin to celebrate.

"Unfortunately it seems none of these facts about you were placed in your academy profile in fact it states you failed every test they threw at you. Now however you have to be re-evaluated in case your teachers were purposely failing you." Stated Akimichi Choji getting a groan from the boy.

"Iruka will be overseeing your re-evaluation which will take place tomorrow at 8 am at the academy. Of course this is just for records sake as you've already graduated we just need to know for the records and so that we can better place you for your gennin team" explained Sarutobi getting a nod from the boy.

"Now there are a few more things that need to be straightened out about your confrontation with Mizuki." Stated Sarutobi.

What followed was Naruto once again explaining what he knew concerning the truth of Kyuubi's fate and why there had been a seal on his stomach. He'd even gone so far as to show them his stomach which was now seal free much to the shock of the gathered council members. Of course when asked about how he'd found out these things he simply said when the seal broke he gained the knowledge. When everything was said and done he was dismissed though only after being told to report to the Academy the next morning for his re-evaluation. Turning to leave the boy was halted by the voice of his surrogate grandfather.

"Naruto as far as the events of tonight are concerned I'll be marking this down as a completed A-rank mission and you'll be paid as such. Come see me tomorrow after your evaluation and I'll have your payment ready for you." Stated Sarutobi getting a smile large grin from the boy.

"Ne jiji you think you can get me a better place and some new clothes and gear. I'd do it myself but until this whole Kyuubi thing is straightened out I still won't be allowed in any stores." Stated the blonde getting a scowl from several of the gathered council members and a nod from Sarutobi before leaving the room.

Once the boy had left the council members could only stare at each other in a stunned silence as the realization of how much they had screwed up hit home. Sarutobi however couldn't help but smile at the irony of the situation as the story they'd made up about the Yondaime killing Kyuubi was more than true with the exception that he'd had help from his family.

As he arrived at his apartment the blonde sighed quietly as he stripped off his clothing leaving a trail to the bed. As he hit his bed wearing only his boxers and his new bracer, no Yosho-oh's key he corrected, he felt all of the stress of the day hit him as he suddenly found all of his usual energy gone. He'd barely even had time to crawl under the sheet on his bed before sleep had claimed him.

One Week Later:

Naruto looked over the village with a small smile from atop the Hokage Monument. The past week had been the best in the blonde's life. With the news circulating through the village about Kyuubi's true fate he'd been on the receiving end of very few glares from the villagers. He'd gotten a new apartment that was far better than his previous one. Sarutobi had stated he couldn't have his inheritance until he turned sixteen.

The new apartment had two bedrooms and a bathroom with a large living room and a kitchen area. The living room only held two couches and a reclining chair along with a large television. His kitchen contained an electric stove and oven as well as one of those ice dispensing refrigerators. On the side of the sink was a water dispenser but this one was a newer type. Instead of using a bottle this was hooked into the pipes and purified the water that went through it. The best part all of it worked perfectly.

Of the two rooms one of them acted as a bedroom and the other was a study. The study contained a desk and a very relaxing chair. Bookshelves lined the walls filled with books provided by the Sandaime. His bedroom however held a nice king sized bed and his new wardrobe all of it provided by the Sandaime. Naruto smiled at the thought even though he'd already forgiven the old man he was still trying to make up for his mistake.

On top of this he'd managed to do great during his re-evaluation. He'd gotten perfect scores on his shuriken and kunai throwing and on the stealth course. The jutsu portion had been a breeze as well though he still couldn't make a regular Bunshin. Iruka had stated this was just because his chakra reserves were so large and he didn't have enough control over his chakra.

After that had come what Naruto had initially feared the written portion. Thankfully however he had gotten Yosho-oh to download everything she had collected on shinobi into his mind while he had slept. The test had been rather long taking a little over two hours for him to complete with him only missing three questions total completely shattering his reputation as an idiot.

The rest of the week he had spent training deep in the forest. Contrary to what Naruto had told Iruka and Mizuki that night he had not learned three jutsu's that night. Sure he managed to learn two from the scroll the energy shield however hadn't been activated by him, consciously at least. According to Yosho-oh he had subconsciously called up that shield by using the key. According to his mother since the key belonged to his mother he was able to use it, just not to the extent that his mother had been able to.

As such he'd spent the week trying to learn how to use the key. With the use of a couple (hundred) Kage Bunshin he was able to learn how to create the shield. He'd also discovered that the key could also form a blade of pure energy. When he'd first done it he had actually sliced through a thick tree branch like it was melted butter. Unfortunately after that he hadn't been able to form the blade at all, damn key was being stubborn.

Other than that Yosho-oh had taught him only one thing more. That was how to create and apply gravity and cushioning seals. Gravity seals are seals which increase the gravity around an object. Cushioning seals were simply seals used so that it doesn't seem like that object has an increased gravity surrounding it. Apparently these seals were created by the Juraian royal family and used to increase their speed.

Shaking the thoughts from his head and standing to his feet the boy took one more look at the village beneath him before leaving. As he moved through the village he found himself on the receiving end of stares from just about everyone he passed. This stare however contained none of the hatred, anger, or resentment he was used to. In fact as he looked at the older people he found each of them were sending shocked looks in his direction.

What really got him were the actions of the females in the area. Girls from age eight to adult women everywhere he passed, even kunoichi had been looking in his direction and giggling and it was honestly confusing him. Now he may have gotten an increase in knowledge from Yosho-oh but that did nothing to help his lack of social skills.

'Wait a minute.' Thought the blonde as he suddenly stopped in the middle of the road.

'I've only ever seen girls at like this around the teme, but he's nowhere… around here.' Thought the blonde as he looked all around him just to make sure that the teme wasn't around him.

Suddenly his instincts honed from years of being put into dangerous situations screamed at him. Without warning the blonde was off and racing across rooftops. It had taken half a second but the female half reacted and the chase was on the kunoichi taking to the rooftops and civilians the streets.

After a few minutes he jumped into an ally. As the girls neared they all squealed loudly as they saw both Naruto and Sasuke bolt from the ally and split going in totally opposite directions. Reacting instantly the girls chased going after the one they wanted more half of each set going after a different boy. After a few minutes of silence there was a puff of smoke as a trashcan within the ally was changed into a smirking Naruto.

As he had dropped into the ally he had created two Kage Bunshin's putting one in a henge to look like Sasuke. After this he himself had henge'd into a trashcan just as he hit the ground and the clones bolted from within the ally. Emerging from the ally with his hands in his pockets the blonde made his way to the academy.

Thankfully the academy was only open to the graduates today as such his arrival went unnoticed since the school was virtually empty. As he walked through the empty halls he couldn't help but grin at the thought of never having to step into this building again. Finally reaching his destination he stopped to slide the door open before walking inside immediately bringing a hush to the room.

Hyuga Hinata sighed as she listened to the bickering between Yamanaka Ino and her former best friend and so called rival Haruno Sakura. She was happy this would be the last time she'd have to deal with this pair and their constant bickering over the Uchiha heir; honestly she saw nothing in him worth fighting over. Still she was slightly sad that her crush wasn't here confirming the rumor that he'd failed the exam. Such thoughts were abruptly halted as the door to the class slid open and her breath caught in her throat.

Standing in the doorway was Naruto, but he was different. Gone were the orange monstrosity that was his jumpsuit and the green goggles, which she had secretly bought him as a birthday present several years back. In their place was a completely new outfit.

The boy now wore a pair of black pants with bandages wrapped around the ends leading down to a pair of black shinobi sandals. His shirt was also black and had sleeves made of fishnet that went to just past his elbow. He wore two silver bracers one on each arm the right one had designs of trees all over it that connected up to a bright blue jewel of some sort. The bracer on his left arm was normal as the only decoration on it was the leaf symbol just like the one on her hitae-tae.

On his forehead was a Konoha hitae-tae a black cloth replacing the standard blue. His hair was also different as it was no longer clumped together like bed hair and was separated into several smaller spikes that fell around his head. He had also grown a few inches over the week in fact he appeared to be her height now.

'Naruto got hott.' Were the thoughts of all the girls in the room at that time.

Before anything could be said however the door opened once more as Iruka stepped in. as he did he froze as he caught sight of Naruto in his new outfit. If he hadn't believed it before Iruka knew now without a shadow of a doubt that Naruto was the son of the Yondaime Hokage, he looked like a younger version of the man with the sole difference being the markings on his face.

"Naruto take a seat." Said Iruka quickly overcoming his shock.

Taking a quick look around and not seeing any other seats, or good seats, the blonde moved and took a seat in one of the upper rows bypassing the still gawking Ino and Sakura and took a seat right next to Hinata whose face quickly lit up with a blush. .

"Okay before we begin I'll announce the class rankings." Stated Iruka catching the attention of the class.

Naruto barely listened to what followed but was still surprised in the end. He had obviously done very well in his re-evaluation. He'd gotten 1st place in the targeting, stealth and ninjutsu exams followed by Sasuke in 2nd. He'd even placed 2nd in the written in the exam just under Sakura.

"As it stands Uchiha Sasuke is the rookie of the year. Uzumaki Naruto is this year's runner up. This years top Kunoichi is Hyuga Hinata, Yamanaka Ino is the runner up." Stated Iruka surprising the entire class.

For most it was because Naruto who was supposed to be the weakest of their class was the second best. Even the ever lazy Shikamaru had sat up in interest at this turn of events while Choji had nearly dropped the bag of chips he was eating. With that said Iruka then launched into a speech about how their lives would only get harder from this point on. Naruto however completely ignored the speech having heard it the night of his re-evaluation.

"Now with that said I'll now tell you of your assigned teams. Each of the teams will have a certain purpose though what it is you won't know until your assigned sensei tells you. Team One…" started Iruka only to be ignored for the most part from that point on as people only listened for their names.

'What the hell did he mean teams. Others will only hold me back.' Thought Uchiha Sasuke as the scowl on his face deepened.

'Troublesome, I hope I'm with Choji.' Thought Shikamaru as he put his head upon the desk.

'…' thought Shino

'I hope I'm with Naruto-kun.' thought Hinata with a blush.

'I hope I get Sasuke-kun or Naruto or maybe both. Kami their hott.' thought Ino squealing inwardly.

'These chips are really good.' Thought Choji as he continued to happily munch on his snack.

'Please be Hinata.' Thought Kiba nearly drooling at the thought of her.

'Please not the teme. Anyone but Sasuke-teme.' Thought Naruto. While Sakura also had thought's the author refuses to venture into her mind for fear of what he'd find.

"Team Seven, Uzumaki Naruto, Haruno Sakura, and Uchiha Sasuke." Said Iruka.

"HA take that Ino-pig." Said Sakura as she stood up giving a peace sign towards the blonde girl.

"Damn it." muttered Naruto, Ino, Hinata and Sasuke in a surprising unison.

"Team Eight, Inuzuka Kiba, Hyuga Hinata, and Aburame Shino. Team Ten, Yamanaka Ino, Nara, Shikamaru, and Akimichi Choji." Said Iruka.

Once he was finished reading off the teams he dismissed them for lunch telling them to meet up in one hour.

A silver haired man looked around the apartment with a critical eye. He wore the standard jounin uniform but had his hitae-tae slanted to cover one of his eyes. He wore a pair of blue fingerless gloves with metal plates covering the hand, a leaf symbol etched into the center of the metal.

"So what do you think Kakashi." Asked Sarutobi as he looked over towards the man before taking a puff from his pipe.

"I'm surprised. For a young boy living here alone this place is remarkably clean." Said the newly named Kakashi as he wandered into one of the other rooms.

"So why did you move him in here of all places?" Asked Kakashi as he looked at the scrolls which sat upon the boy's desk.

Sarutobi sighed at that. Kakashi was one of the few who knew that this used to be the Yondaime's apartment. In fact he and his wife had lived here until they died during the Kyuubi attack.

"I won't lie to you Kakashi there is a reason that I placed him on your team." Said Sarutobi catching the man's attention.

"The fact of the matter is that at the moment you are the only one who can teach him. You're the best ninjutsu user I have and the only one who can teach him the style of taijutsu he needs to know. After all you did copy it from his father." Stated Sarutobi getting the man to freeze.

"Are you telling me that he's…" started Kakashi only to cut himself off not able to bring himself to say the words.

"Yes Naruto is the son of Namikaze Minato and Uzumaki Kushina. You as his father's sole living student are the only one aside from Jiraiya who could teach him what he needs to know." Stated Sarutobi much to Kakashi's shock.

"While Naruto is aware of this information he also knows to keep it to himself at the moment. I don't have to tell you what would happen should certain factions discover this." Stated Sarutobi getting a nod from the man.

Kakashi was all too aware of what could happen should this information be revealed. He'd have both Iwa and Kumo after his head in no time. There were also certain members of the village that would be out to get the boy. In his time as Hokage his sensei had managed to get on the bad side of several people for changing the way things were being ran. Whatever the case Naruto was the closest thing the masked man had for family now and he would be sure to keep him safe.

Naruto was bored. The break had long since been over and all that remained in the room was him and his teammates. He'd eaten launch with Hinata having asked her when he saw the shy girl going off on her own. The had gone to Ichiraku's where he'd introduced her before trying to work the girl out of her shell and devour his ramen at the same time. Unfortunately it seemed that the lesson on manners installed into him by Yosho-oh were hard to bypass so he was stuck eating at a normal pace. As such he'd only been able to eat three bowls of the stuff.

Thankfully by the time they had made it back the girl wasn't stuttering as much as before. Though she was still speaking far too low for his liking it was a start. In the end he found the girl was actually really nice and not the dark and weird girl he'd originally taken her for. That however was three hours ago and now he was utterly and totally bored, never a good thing.

"What to do, what to do what to do." Mumbled the blonde as he looked around the room.

Before he could come up with a solution for his boredom however the door opened. As the jounin looked around his single eye widened at the sight of his blonde student who looked far too much like his father though his eyes while shaped like his mothers were blue like his father.

"Alright my first impression of you is…your boring." Stated Kakashi with an eye smile causing the gathered gennin to face fault.

"Meet me on the roof." Said the man before disappearing in a puff of smoke.

When the three arrived on the roof they found the man sitting on a rail with his nose buried in a small orange book. Once they were seated the book was snapped shut as the jounin spoke.

"Okay you guys lets begin with introductions. Tell me your likes, dislikes and dreams for the future." Said the jounin just before seeing his pink haired students hand shoot up causing him to inwardly groan.

"Ano sensei why don't you go first so we know what to do." Said the girl a bit timidly.

As Naruto heard that he couldn't help but wonder what he ever saw in the girl. She was shallow, violent and apparently lacked common sense. He shuddered as he realized that if not for Yosho-oh he'd probably still be hung up over her instead of looking at other, better girls.

"Ok my name is Hatake Kakashi I don't feel like telling you my likes or dislikes. Dreams for the future…I have a few hobbies." Said the man before giving an eye smile at the group.

"All we learned was his name." said Sakura presenting her power to state the obvious to the group.

"How about you pinky." Said Kakashi getting a glare from the girl.

"My name is Haruno Sakura. I like (glances at Sasuke and blushes). My dream (glances at Sasuke and squeals)."

In unison all three males sighed at the antics of the fangirl that had been placed on their team.

"And your dislikes." Said Kakashi wearily.

"INO-PIG." Screamed Sakura as a fire seemed to appear in her eyes.

"Riiigghttt. Ok broody-chan your turn." Said Kakashi pointing towards Sasuke causing Naruto to snicker and Sasuke to glare at the man.

"My name is Uchiha Sasuke. I have no like and dislike a lot of things. My dream no my ambition is to revive my clan as well as kill a certain man." Said the boy before going back to his brooding.

'Just as I thought an avenger." Thought Kakashi with a sigh.

"Alright Blondie your up." Said Kakashi.

"My name's Naruto. My likes are training, ramen, and pulling pranks. My dislikes are arrogant bastards, fangirls, emo's and people who judge others before getting to know that person. My dream is to one day become Hokage and gain what that bastard fox stole from me, a family." Stated the blonde though he finished the last bit in a low voice getting a sigh from Kakashi.

'Alright I got a fangirl, an avenger, and chibi-Minato.' Thought Kakashi with a inner smile at the last bit.

"Alright here's the deal. you will meet me at 6 am tomorrow at training ground number seven for your gennin exam." stated Kakashi lazily.

"WHAT but we already passed the gennin exam that's why we have hitae-tae's." said Sakura getting a chuckle from the jounin.

"Is that what you think. Sorry to tell you this but that exam was just to see if you had the skill required to be a gennin. The exam given by the jounin however is to see if you deserve to be one. These test have a failure rating of 66.6 percent, meaning of the 27 so called graduates only 9 will actually become gennin's." Explained Kakashi getting wide eyes from the group.

"Oh and I'd suggest not eating breakfast. Otherwise you'll just puke it up."

With that said the silver haired jounin disappeared in a puff of smoke. After a few minutes Sasuke got up breaking the silence with a few simple words.

"Don't hold me back."

However as soon as he said it he realized Sakura was the only one there. Naruto had apparently already left without a word to them. From his perch in a nearby tree Kakashi chuckled at the sight, this just might get interesting.

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