010: Christmas

"I'm so proud of you," Jazz beamed at her brother in the rear-view mirror. She watched as Danny sat there wordlessly. Sam smiled at his sister.

"He is making you proud, isn't he?" she tested Jazz. Danny's sister just glowed even more.


Danny scoffed in annoyance. "I was forced into this retarded outfit," he mumbled, crossing his arms in the back seat.

Sam batted her eyes at him. "No you weren't."

"Yeah I was. My mother dressed me." Danny gave his best friend a skeptical look. Sam tried with all her might to hold in her laughter.

But Jazz didn't.

"HAHAHAHAHA," she giggled, slapping the steering wheel in front of her. her ears turned red as she gazed over her pissed off brother in the mirror. "Sorry. Couldn't held it."

Finally, Jazz drove up to the mall with a smirk on her face. As her Jetta wheezed to a stop, she placed on the passenger's headrest, glancing toward the two in the back. Still grinning, she announced, "And... we're here!"Jazz watched as Danny, in a red Santa Claus suit, grunted in reply. Sam, beside him, laughed.

"Aw, c'mon, Gramps," she teased, poking Danny in the stomach.

...except that it wasn't his stomach.

"Don't touch my pillow," Danny grumbled, unbuckling his seat-belt.

Walking into the mall's grand entrance, Sam and Dan gazed in awe at the foyer's decorations. There was a cotton everywhere, obviously representing "snow". There was a little house in the middle of the floor, fake smoke coming out of its "chimney". It was fenced in and was also, not so obviously, guarded by "elves" and video cameras.

Sam whistled. "High security," she muttered.

"Yep." Danny nodded in agreement. "Did you hear that the Santa last year was mugged?"

Sam shook her head, disappointed. "That's sad. Who would have the nerve to mug dear-old Santa?" She paused, making a face in front of her best friend. "That's just sick." Danny laughed.

"Sure is."

When their conversation ended, Sam made her way to the woman's restroom, the one across the hall from the miniature cottage in the middle of the mall.

But Danny continued to stand there, still staring at the decorations.

After a few minutes of examining the details of the mall's "North Pole" in amazement, Danny finally walked over to the small cottage. When he entered, there were tons of people rushing everywhere in the crammed little space. Danny became dizzy in just a few seconds, his eyes were so stimulated.

"Santa?" someone called out. Danny turned on his heel, thinking he would see a little kid. But instead, it was a thirty-year-old-looking woman, shoving a white (FAKE!) beard into his face. It looked itchy, he noted. Trying not to show any emotion, he took it wordlessly and put it on.

He was right.

It was itchy.

The woman continued to rush, hurrying Danny to a chair in the middle of the small cottage - more like a throne. "Sit here," she commanded as Danny watched her walk away hastily. Roll over, he replied sarcastically.

He raised his eyes to the entrance of the small home, his heart skipping a beat. There stood a woman, probably his age. She stood with a hand on her hip, gazing around the room. The girl's shoes looked retarded, he could admit, but the rest of her didn't.

She had on green fishnets, as if trying to be seasonal. Oh please, Danny thought. That just isn't necessary. They were little too good-looking to be seasonal . . . Her skirt was a little shorter than needed, making Danny's eyes grow wide. Mid-thigh, he had measured. Her top was a green and red one, mixed up with different patterns here and there. They seem fitting, he guessed. A little too fit. Actually, to come to think of it... they seemed a little tight.


Sexy elf, Danny decided with a growing grin.

Sam rolled her eyes, making her way into the house. Danny continued to stare.

"Stop drooling," she teased, squatting down to tie her shoes. She wouldn't dare bend down in front of Danny when he was in this state. "You're Santa. You can't check out your elves."

"No, I'm Danny Fenton with a pillow attached to his stomach," Danny shot back with a grin. "Big difference."

"Uh huh."

"So . . . " Danny started, his cheeks growing red. "Whose outfit was that?"

"Some person's who worked before me," Sam replied, smirking. "She was obviously a little too short and a few sizes to small for me. They called me, like, immediately last night. I don't understand how they got my number in the first place, but whatever." Sam turned around, twisting her torso - as if checking her skirt."Does it make my butt look big?" she poked at Danny, grinning.

His voice cracked. "Yeah."

"I was joking!" Sam laughed, slapping Danny on the arm. He cracked a smile, as well. Sam watched as he darted his eyes around the room. Danny suddenly tugged at her hand.

"Come here," he insisted. Sam smiled sweetly as Danny's grew wider. He patted his knee, nodding her over. "Come tell Santa what you want."

Sam wordlessly obeyed, placing herself on Danny's knee. She looked him in the eyes, still grinning. "Yes?"

"Tell me what you want," Danny repeated, slipping his arm around her waist. If she noticed, he decided, she never acknowledged it.

Sam tapped her chin in playful thought. "What I want? What about a new iPhone?"

"Is that your final answer?" Danny teased. He watched as Sam shook her head. She gazed over her best friend for a little while, her eyes rapidly scanning over his face. Danny's cheeks burned under examination. Sam finally shook her head in reply. She leaned over, cupping Danny's ear as if to make him hear her more clearly.


And then Sam kissed Danny on the cheek.

His eyes grew wide with amazement. A grin flickered across his face as his cheeks tingled sensationally. She wants me, je repeated with a satisfied sigh.

But before he could stop her, Sam hopped off his knee. Danny's eyes snapped to hers with surprise. "What's wrong?!" he cried, flailing his arms in the air for exaggeration.

Sam smiled - as did Dan -, shaking her head."The kids are here," she simply answered. She watched Danny laugh.

"Darn . . . "

Sam joined in. "Yeah, darn . . . "


Sam turned on her heels in a second, facing Danny. "Yeah?"

"And for your birthday . . . ?" he asked, cocking his eyebrow.

Sam laughed once more. "That's for me to know!" She paused, thinking over the rest of her answer. " . . . and for you to not know!"


"Just focus on your job, pillow-butt."

"Hey, watch it! That's my stomach."

"Same difference."

"That makes no sense!" Danny watched as Sam stopped at the room's entrance/exit. She turned her torso so she was facing Danny on his "throne". She smirked and batted her eyes, playfully testing her best friend.


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