AFF: ok this just happened to me July 4th, 2008

AFF: ok this just happened to me July 4th, 2008! I was the one that said what Ami says!

Cross Walk

Ami's brown hair swished in the wind lightly, as she waited with Kiba, Naruto, and Hinata at a crosswalk.

"Oh my god! We'll be here for forever!" said Kiba exasperatedly, sighing dramatically. They had been standing at this crosswalk for 5 minutes now and it was still saying 'Stop'.

"Ah, shut up, Kiba!" said Naruto, as he held Hinata's hand lightly.

"Wanna say that to my face, fox breath?" growled Kiba.

"Sure, dog!" hissed Naruto angrily. Ami was not even paying attention as she stared at the light across the street, and Hinata was attempting to break up the idiots. Suddenly the light turned green.

"Hey! The light it's green!" said Ami smiling happily, as she was holding onto Kiba's hand and started to pull him into the street.

Then the light flashed red as soon as they started walking again. "We were jipped off!" Ami muttered, grouchily.

"Ano…A-ami-chan, I think i-it's s-supposed to b-be r-ripped o-off," said Hinata, quietly.

It was amazing that Hinata's quiet voice, reminded the boys that they were supposed to be taking their girlfriends to watch fireworks.

"It was! Now I'm changing it to 'jipped off'! 'Cause its way cooler then 'ripped off'!" answered Ami smiling brightly.

Kiba chuckled at her, "Amazing Ami," he said sarcastically.

"Shut up, smartass! At least I'm being creative and not fighting with Naruto-kun!" growled Ami.

The couple started to argue back and forth while Naruto watched highly amused, and Hinata was trying to stop the argument.

"Hinata-chan, don't even bother," came Naruto's reply to her peace-making.

"You jipped me off the last time we tried to have sex, Kiba! You came back from the mission and said 'Ami I'm too tired not now. I promise we'll do it in the morning!'" yelled Ami, deepening her voice when she impersonated Kiba.

"Well at least I don't let girls flirt with me! Where as you don't care if a guy flirts with you!" he yelled back.

Hinata started to giggle uncontrollably, which soon turned into a loud laugh. She started clutching her sides while she laughed hysterically. The couple and Naruto looked over at the usually shy, quiet girl.

"Hinata-chan, what're you laughing at?" asked Ami, cocking her head to the side.

"J-jipped off! You-laugh- and K-kiba-kun! Y-You –laugh- guys a-are fighting –laugh- over Ami-chan's new word 'jipped off'!" laughed Hinata. The three blinked at her before laughing with her.

While they were laughing they all failed to notice the light was now telling them to cross the street.

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