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Zuko had no idea how he had got dragged into this. One minute the gang is on Ember Island, the next he is shopping with Katara. It all started earlier that day.

Begin Flashback

Katara entered the room where the rest of the gang was sitting around. She looked at Aang, Toph, Sokka, Suki, Zuko and her father lying around. She grabbed her bag of money. She was walking out the door when her father noticed her.

"Katara where are you going?" He asked.

"I'm going into town we are running out of supplies." Katara said as she headed to the door.

"Not alone you're not." Hakoda said.

"Dad, I'm a master waterbender I can take care of myself. " Katara said glaring at her father.

"I know, but Zuko will be going with you." Hakoda said.

"I am?!"

"He is?!"

"Yes he is. End of discussion." Hakoda said firmly.

"Fine. Come on Zuko, let's go." Katara said, grabbing Zuko's wrist dragging him out of the house.

End Flashback

"Oh, Zuko let's go in there!" Katara said pointing to a clothing store that had a sign in the window saying new arrivals.

"What? Why?" Zuko asked. He did not get why women except Mai and Azula and his uncle wanted to shop all the time.

"Because I have money and my clothes are trash, so I need to buy new ones." Katara stated like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Next thing Zuko knew he was in the clothing store watching Katara talk to the sales lady about the new clothes.

"So tell me about this new blue fabric? What did you call it again?" Katara asked.

"Oh this is a lovely fabric that the was discovered in the old abandoned Eastern Air Temple. Don't know what monks were doing with blue fabric though. We've given it the name denim. It's great for pants fabric. This is unique though because it is white. I think it would go great with your eyes though." The lady said, holding up a pair of white jeans.

"Okay. Li I'll be right back!" Katara said grabbing the jeans using Zuko aliases so no one would know it was him.

"Okay, whatever." Zuko said not really paying attention. About five minutes later Katara emerged from the dressing room wearing the pants and a light blue Chinese style shirt, without sleeves.

"Well, how do I look?" Katara asked looking at Zuko. Who then looked up and his jaw almost dropped all the way to the floor. Wow was the only thought that Zuko's mind could process. Zuko hadn't told anyone but he was starting to develop a crush on Katara and what ever she was wearing really um brought out her strong points; if you know what I mean.

"You look, wow." Zuko said still not really believing what he was seeing.

"So do you think I should get it?" Katara asked.

"Yes!" Zuko said a little too quickly and eagerly which caused Katara to raise her eyebrows.

"Okay. I'll just go put on my other clothes and pay for this." Katara said as she headed back to the dressing room. While she was doing that Zuko went to the counter.

"Um, that outfit she was just wearing it, how much is it?" Zuko asked the sales lady.

"That is ten silver pieces and seven copper pieces." The lady said. Zuko dug into his pocket and pulled out the money.

"Here you go." Zuko said sitting the money on the table when Katara came out of the dressing room.

"Zuko you didn't need to do that." Katara said.

"It was no big deal." Zuko said, turning his head away so she wouldn't see his blush.

"Thanks anyway though." Katara said as she walked out the door. Zuko turned to the sales lady.

"What did you say that fabric was?" He asked.

"Denim." The lady said with a knowing smile.

"Thanks, I'll remember that." Zuko said as he walked out the store. Planning ways to get Katara back into that outfit and how to get her to buy more of this denim.

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