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Ananya giggled as she ran down a crowded path. Elves were coming from far and wide, all across Alagaësia, just to see her brother. Eragon was the first to ride a dragon. Actually, he was the first to talk civilly with a dragon. It was such an oddity, and what it had done was cause a many years long war to end. Many treaties had been made, and elves and dragons were no longer dying in battle.

Ananya finally reached the main crowd, and slipped her way into the middle. She grabbed her brother, and pulled him away from the crowds of people. Many of them came just to see if they would help the main treaty to be fulfilled. It called for at least 10 envoys, and people were happy to oblige. She was glad she had reached 16 years a few months ago, because she could be considered for an envoy position.

A guarded building stood near them, and Ananya led her brother in. The guards were to keep lost stragglers away who didn't know where they were supposed to be.

In rows, the eggs sat. They shone in their colors, waiting to hatch. Ananya stopped to admire the sight. Anyone to get this close to an egg, besides her brother, had died. It was an enourmous privilege to be this close to them. She reached out to touch an egg, admiring the smoothness of it. There were so many brilliant colors. One was brightest yellow, another, darkest blue.

Slowly, she walked down a line of eggs, gently touching each one. Ananya went down the next row, and up the next. When she touched the next to last egg, she was shocked, literally. An electric charge ran up her fingertips, and she pulled away in surprise. She sucked on the fingers that had been zapped. It stung, but she was happy.

Ananya reached out with the other hand, and put it on the silver egg. It was warm, and smooth. Slowly, she picked it up with both hands, and clutched it to her chest. It was a perfect oval, and she had to hold onto it tightly, because it was like ice: frictionless.

Her brother led her out of the building smiling. The guards looked happy too. It was announced that the pale blonde was to be the first of the envoys, at the main area of the small village. Bid'Daum gave her his blessing, and she hoped this was the beginning of a long peace with the dragons.

People were happy, and many wanted to go see if they too could be envoys. However, it was determined that they wanted to see how Ananya was with her companion, before they let anyone else touch the eggs. It was going to take a bit over a week for it to hatch, even after it had chosen her.

Ananya wandered often, in the forests near her village. She felt that life was far too short for her. Only 60 years to do everything, it was so sad. The bright forest was welcoming, and many animals lived there. People wanted to see the egg, touch it. She hid when they came. She knew they were just exited about the new beginning of an era of peace, but she felt protective.

The forest was the perfect place to be, as long as you stayed away from mother dragons guarding their eggs. Many had given them to the elves, to help the cause, but some kept them, and guarded them jealously.

During her wanderings, near the end of a week, she accidentally came across such a mother dragon. Instinctively, the mother blasted fire at her, but turned it into raw magic the second she realized the elf carried and egg. It was an egg given to the elves, and the mother dragon didn't be the one to cause the war to start up again, even if she hadn't given any of her eggs.

The magic enveloped her, and she felt like she was being pulled. The egg was in a carrier, made for holding it. It stayed close to her side, and even when she passed out she held tight to it.

When Ananya awoke, she felt very warm. The long sleeves of her clothes were roasting her. She looked around, as she stood up, and felt overwhelmed. There was sand everywhere. It was a desert, though there wasn't a desert except on the edges of the most far-reaching map.

Tales of the heat and dry of the desert weren't exaggerated. It was no wonder the dragons liked it here so much. The main reason this area was unmapped was because of the dragon population living here. It was dangerous of anyone to be here during the war. Now that the war was over, she hoped the news of the treaties had reached this far.

The dragons had created a spell so that when a dragon hatched, it would bond with its partner. They wanted an elf to be able to get along with its partner and vice versa. That was another reason Ananya was to be the first one. They wanted to see how it would affect her. Now she was here.

Once they determined what would happen, they would come out to places like this, but since Ananya was in a desert, she wasn't sure what to do. It would take nearly three months before the dragon would be old enough to ride, if it even let her ride it. Dragons were very proud creatures.

Mountains were the closest thing, and she knew distance could be deceptive. Mountains looked close, but it could take days to reach one. You needed a good perspective of how close one actually was, like a person standing at the base.

Ananya saw just that. A group of people not to far away were headed towards her. If she told them what had happened, they could probably help her get back to her town; if Bid'Daum and Eragon hadn't already started looking for her by now.

It struck her as odd that elves would be so far in the desert, but she was glad for it. When they got close, they began yelling in a strange language. Then they ran at her. When someone it yelling at you in a strange tongue, you tend to want to run. So, that's exactly what Ananya did.

She heard a dragon roar. Hoping beyond hope it was Bid'Daum, she crouched on the ground. It could well have been a dragon that lived there. Ananya hoped that at least the dragon was aware of the treaties.

The men that had been chasing her began running away, yelling in the weird language. It wasn't any dialect of Lærin that she knew, but she didn't care. Ananya turned to look at the dragon, and was terrified to find a huge, glittering blue dragon coming strait towards her.

Once again, she cowered in a ball, still hoping the news of the treaties had reached this far. When the peeked to see if she was about to die, she was amazed that a man slid of the dragon's back. The dragon was even wearing a saddle! Ananya began to wonder if she had gone mad. He was clearly an elf, and not one of those short, dirty people who lived in the mountains.

"Who are you?" She asked. "What's your name?" Her throat felt dry, and the heat was unbearable. The elf looked surprised.

"What are you doing so far from the guarding forest? " He asked. "You should know who I am, since you are an elf."

"Of course I'm an elf. What else would I be? Who are you to you ride a dragon, like my brother?" She was so confused. She thought her brother was the only one who had ever ridden a dragon.

"I'm Eragon, who are you to be so far from the guarding forest in the middle of a war. Who is your brother?" He said. He seemed concerned. His accent was strange, it seemed as though Lærin wasn't his first language.

"You carry the name of my brother! Why do you have his name? What is this guarding forest you keep talking about?" Ananya felt tired of questions, but she was so confused. As if compounding the problem, she heard a high pitched squeak.

Ananya pulled the silver egg out. The egg had remained undamaged in all of the confusion, but now a crack was spreading across the top of it. The man with her brother's name looked shocked, and the dragon seemed just as surprised.

"Why do you carry a dragon egg? Do you work for Galbatorix or something?" He looked angry, and a bit confused himself. "Isn't the last egg green?" He asked his dragon. It nodded.

Now Ananya felt truly off-kilter. The last egg? There were so many eggs! Where was she? There was a man bearing her brother's name, and riding a dragon, and a desert that had to be so far from where she came from. This was truly strange.

Eragon is speaking the ancient language, so Ananya hears it as the guarding forest. For her, the language isn't ancient, so she calls it by its name. Lærin in pronounced Lee-rin.

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