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When you grow up you expect to love.

Everyone who grows up normally expects to love their family. Then you expect to really love a few select friends as you grow older and people fall away but few remain and stay true. You expect to find true love someday, and you expect to cherish it and hopefully be one of the lucky few that holds on to it with the same person forever.

That's what I expected the general population to expect at least.

When you are at the age I am at you expect your young adult life to be filled with many things, young love included. For me, for the past year at least, I was more interested in the journey I was on than anything else.

When I began my one big life adventure to Los Angeles I knew there would be a considerable amount of "finding myself" happening. That's what going away to college is for, right?

I did not, however, expect to find myself in those I grew to love, nor did I expect to lose myself in them just as deeply.

When it started I had no idea the best time of my life was beginning nor did I have any idea what I was in for. Love, in all of it's many invisible forms was about to make it's move. It was sitting in the seats next to me. Walking down the streets I knew so well. Riding in elevators and tracing the edges of my life, just waiting.

Love is patient, indeed. Among many, many other things.

"Love is strange.
Love is beautiful.
Love is dangerous.
Love is never what you expect it to be.

Love is hopeless."

-Doomed Love by Virgil


Chapter 1 - Elevators are Matchmakers

I was driving to our new apartment with my two best friends-slash-room mates when it happened.

I saw him walking down the street with ear buds in, scrolling through his iPod, completely oblivious to the stares coming from my car. He was undoubtedly the most beautiful boy, no person, I had ever seen. And you see a lot of people in Hollywood. A lot of good looking people, including the two in the car with me at the time of my discovery of him.

But he was different that anyone I had ever seen before. He looked more like a Greek God than anything, just walking around casually in the City of Angels. He was tall with sharp features and a very nice, lean build. His skin was quite pale in an intriguing way. He had form fitting jeans and a dark gray V neck sweater with the sleeves pushed up to his elbows. He had a very focused look on his face as he studied the little screen of the iPod in his hand, and it was the most amazing facial expression I had ever seen.

The thing that really got me though, was the hair. Oh that hair. It was the most amazing bronze color you can imagine and it was sticking out in every direction, seeming to have a mind of it's own. He casually ran a hand through it as he kept focused and kept walking.

I just about killed us by swerving into the oncoming traffic in the middle of the intersection we were driving through. I had been staring for no more than ten seconds, but it was enough to transfer any concentration I had from driving to him.

Thank God Rose was in the front seat to grab the wheel and yell at me while Alice giggled in the backseat, muttering something like "Wow Bella, drool much?". I blushed instantly, as usual. I wasn't really the type to check people out so blatantly, but I really had no choice in this case. It was like time stood still as I stared at him. Threatening the lives of myself and my two best friends-slash-room mates was probably the only thing that was strong enough to take my gaze away from that God of a man.

Wait? Where did these thoughts come from? Did I really just think the line 'God of a man'?

Never before had I lusted over anyone like this, even in my private thoughts. I shook my head and turned my attention back to getting to our new apartment in one piece.

All three of us had been attending acting school for a full year now and it was just before our 3rd semester was set to begin. Since the entertainment world waits for no one it was pretty usual for everyone to forgo summer break and just keep on training. Rose and I had just picked up Alice from the airport and we had only been apart for two weeks for the short break, but it felt longer being without them, so the reunion was full of blasting amazing party mix CD's and dancing in the car. Rose and I had been in the apartment together for one night, but it felt incomplete without Alice there as well, so we held off on celebrating until she was back.

I moved to Los Angeles about a year ago from sunny Phoenix so I didn't feel too far away from home. My family had also spent some time in Riverside as I was growing up so California wasn't a big deal to me when I moved. The largeness of Los Angeles didn't effect me too much either - Phoenix can definitely hold it's own.

My friends-slash-new roomies were farther away from their families, however. Sometimes it amazed me at how I ended up being so close with Alice and Rosalie because we had such different lives before coming together at school. I had never had two people challenge me or understand me more.

Rosalie Hale and I didn't connect right away even though we were in the same class for the first two semesters (you stuck with one group of people for every "subject" through an entire year's worth of classes). It was mostly due to the fact that she intimidated me initially. She is truly stunning. Blonde hair, perfect body, and no hesitation to show it off. Merely stepping into a room with her lowers your self esteem. She knows it too, but she's never malicious about it. She uses her confidence when she needs it, which I figure could help her get far in life, if not at least in the entertainment world.

One day at the beginning of second semester I was walking to my on campus bungalow (yes they seriously referred to them as bungalows instead of dorms) and I passed Rose as she was speaking to one of her faithful admirers who just so happened to be the not-so-subtle dean of students. I passed them just as he finished asking her if she had any plans for the evening.

I'm assuming she wanted to keep in the dean's good graces without stepping into any uncomfortable invitations because when she spotted me passing by she surprised me by saying, "I don't know. Bella, what are we doing tonight?"

"Going on an adventure," I replied automatically.

I immediately heard the words echo back in my mind and cringed to myself. I couldn't help but feel foolish.

I mean, really? An "adventure"? It sounded good to me, I needed something to shake up my world a bit, but Rosalie Hale and I on an "adventure"? We weren't even really friends outside of the classroom and here I was saying things that me appear to be mentally stuck at around twelve years old.

I knew I thought differently than everyone else around me, sometimes I even suspected I was on a whole different level as every one else, so I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised I let something like that slip out.

"Excellent," I heard her confidentially reply behind me. I smiled back at her over my shoulder as I made my way to my bungalow. It was nice to know she would humor me.

I grabbed a book and decided on my regular routine of reading on the couch before my other three bungalow-mates got home and took over the living room like usual, forcing me into my tiny, rather crowded, rather messy bedroom. Quiet times to read were few and far between here, and I started missing my favorite past time.

Not five minutes later there was knock on the bungalow door and when I opened it there stood Rose announcing she was ready for our adventure and she hoped I didn't mind that she had brought along her own bungalow-mate, Alice Brandon. Alice quickly informed Rose that she knew I wouldn't mind at all, as if she could see what my reaction would be before I even had time to have it.

I hadn't been around Alice much before, but she was someone everyone knew about. She was in the musical theatre program which was not the one Rose and I were in, so I would never have a class with her. Alice and I did end up having many interests in common, even if we executed our enthusiasm for them very differently.

Alice is amazingly beautiful as well, but in a way you would never expect or see on another human. She is unique with her tiny pixie like stature and her short spiky black hair. She is definitely someone you would tag as an original. He sense and total interest in fashion (and the fashion of everyone around her) is not something she hides, and I found myself constantly being forced into every boutique she could find on Melrose Blvd within the first hour of being around her, no matter how much I protested. Her spirit is even more eccentric than her look, and it pulls you into her just as efficiently.

There was no way I couldn't be friends with her after I met her. Partly because I was constantly surprised by her spontaneous nature and secretly hoped some of it could rub off on me, but mostly because she decided to go on the "adventure" to make new friends, and when Alice decides something there is no denying her.

I don't even completely remember all of the details of the adventure that started it all. I will always remember my initial fear of boring the two gorgeous creatures that I was driving around Hollywood with. I will always remember wondering what appeal a plain girl like me could have to them, but not caring after realizing I actually felt more at home with them than I had with any other friends before.

I know we ended up at the Santa Monica beach after getting lost somewhere on Sunset Blvd at one point... and I know that after that night we were glued to each other. I had never had girlfriends that felt so much like sisters. Since I am an only child I soaked up the feeling of family that grew between us. With me being the youngest of us I felt an odd sense of protection in my acceptance by them, which sparked the small incline my self esteem was starting to make.

So moving into an apartment off campus with them seemed like the right choice to make at the dawn of our third semester. I couldn't be more excited. It just felt so much more adult, even though I was still only 19, with Alice and Rose both only less than two years older than me.

We were finally independent college students that broke free from the restrictions of on campus living. No curfew, no RA's, no strange room mates... it was officially time to "shake it up" as Alice had put it.

We pulled into our new parking garage and got out of my car, me proudly showing off one of the two spots we had, even though I was the only one of the three of us with a car. I figured two parking spaces came with every apartment since the big red jeep parked across the aisle from me took up two spaces all by itself and no one seemed to have a problem with it.

"You guys go ahead and go up to the apartment, I'll go check the mail. My parents wanted to send money for our first week's groceries as a moving in present," Rose told Alice and I before walking towards the gate that led to the front of the building.

"That was nice of them," I said to myself with a small laugh. "We should be able to feed all of our neighbors for weeks knowing the amount Rose will probably receive from her parents."

Alice giggled but curtiously at my joke but wasn't as amused as I was because she was used to the same treatment from her own set of parents. Rose and Alice both come from pretty "well off" families. Even though they were technically fending for their own while at school their parents always sent very generous gifts every few months.

Alice and I headed to the elevator to get from the underground garage to our floor. She was practically dancing her way to hit the "up" button and I was very nearly doing it with her, so excited to show her our new home.

As the doors opened I noticed that the elevator was not vacant like I always wish it to be. Instead it was occupied by two guys around our age. Two extremely attractive guys. They didn't do it for me like the God of a ma - I mean other highly attractive guy I spotted walking down the street just a few minutes ago... but had I not seen him I would have been stunned by these two.

One was leaning on the far left wall of the elevator. He was blonde and seemed to be pretty tall, even when leaning. He didn't have a large build but he wasn't scrawny by any means. He had pretty blue eyes and what could only be described as a movie star face. The other was quite different, yet still attractive. He was huge in a muscular way. You could tell that even through his casual clothing. He had dark curly hair and a presence about him that seemed inviting, despite the fact that he looked like he could bench press my car.

I inwardly groaned at the possibilities of this situation becoming awkward. At least Rose wasn't around. She'd probably start flirting and then I would feel even worse as I watched her work her magic with ease, like I had so many times before, while I just sat back and observed with envy. I could never be like that. Flirting was a foreign concept to me.

Rose actually tried educating me about the "art of seduction" once, but I was so uncomfortable even just practicing her methods that she let it go. I didn't blame her. The only progress we made after thirty minutes of my lesson was my face blushing about eight different shades of red when she asked me to lean on the counter in a 'strategic way" so as to "accentuate my Ladies".

Alice hasn't ceased referring to my chest as my "Ladies" ever since. She even went on to name her own Mary-Kate and Ashley. Thanks to her every time a Full House rerun comes on my cheeks heat up.

We stepped onto the elevator and I was so wrapped up in remaining invisible I forgot to concentrate on walking and I tripped, dodging Alice and stumbling right in front of the giant muscular guy before rebalancing myself.

I heard Alice quietly chuckle at me as I shuffled over to her, not looking up to acknowledge my clumsiness in front of the attractive man strangers. I leaned against the wall next to her, averting my eyes to the ceiling. I cursed the klutz that I was and tried to will the elevator go faster.

"Awe, look Jasper, you guys are matching!" I heard a deep voice boom all of a sudden.

I looked up and directly across from me I saw the hoodie that I was wearing staring back at me on the body of the blonde guy, apparently now to be referred to as Jasper. I became uncomfortable when my eyes automatically met his as we both looked up to validate the statement. I quickly felt more at ease when Jasper smirked at me though. Something about that one look from him calmed me down and I instantly liked him for it. The big one who spoke and Alice both started laughing together.

"Yes Emmett, I can see that, thank you," Jasper said in a serious tone but still with the smirk on his face. His eyes traveled from (newly named) Emmett, to me, then quickly back to Emmett with an annoyed yet amused expression. I couldn't help but join in the laughter, Emmett's booming laugh was quite contagious.

"Well you could have included me. Or picked something that's at least in fashion right now," Alice chuckled. She's always bugged me about this old hoodie but I've never been one to ditch my comfortable clothes. She playfully shot me an accusatory glare and I noticed Jasper sneak a glance at her and widen his smile before looking back at the ground.

"So you guys like music?" Emmett asked. It was an odd question I thought. I mean, who doesn't like music? But I knew he was referring to a certain type, seeing as how half of us had clothing with the same theme.

Alice's little bell of a voice rang out, "we most certainly do! We're going to see that band in a few weeks actually. In Long Beach."

"That's awesome!" Emmett replied with just as much enthusiasm. "We play music. Me and my little bro Jasper here, and our other little brother Edward. If you guys like them then guys you'll probably like what we play."

Boys… in a band? Where do I sign up?

Holy crow, where were all these thoughts coming from today? Maybe Rose and Alice were rubbing off on me after all… even if only my inner monologue was getting more bold.

"Are you playing a show soon or something?" I asked.

Jasper chimed in, "well, we don't have anything scheduled anytime soon, but we can bring a CD by sometime. It's only a demo but you'll get the idea of what we sound like. Then if you like it you can come see us play when we get something booked." He shrugged in a casual way and threw us a friendly look. This guy was too good at making me feel comfortable when I'm usually so uptight around strangers.

"Awesome!" Alice beamed at him. I had never seen her look at anyone that way before, I could tell she was truly excited about our new prospective, attractive friends.

"Great, what apartment are you guys in?" Emmett asked loudly. "Not to sound creepy or anything by asking that... I know we just met you and all, but - I mean we aren't like going to come over and rape you -"

"Emmett what the heck man?" Jasper said as he stood up straight (he was really tall though Emmett had a few inches on him) and swatted Emmett's arm. "Why would you even say that to them?"

"Say what?! Rape? Dude, I said we wouldn't rape them, that's not bad. Right?" He looked over at us in a completely harmless, confused way.

I seriously could not stop laughing at the innocent face he had on while Jasper went back to leaning against the wall and started shaking his head at his brother.

"Right..." I laughed out for Emmett's benefit.

Just then the elevator dinged and opened to our floor. As we started to step out turned to the boys.

"So, we are in apartment 112 whenever you get that CD ready," I said as I smiled sincerely, hoping they really were interested in sharing their music. I walked out with Alice trailing behind me as she waved and cheerily said, "bye guys!".

After turning down the hall I immediately turned to look back at Alice to discuss the encounter we had just had in the elevator, but before I could say anything I noticed two smirking brothers following right behind us. Alice and I kept glancing back at them as we made our way down the hall. No one said anything as they continued to follow a few feet behind us, and when we got to our door I put the key in and opened it, still without mentioning that they were ending up to be slightly creepy.

Alice and I stepped inside our apartment and we simultaneously turned to confront them on why they were following us. Before either of us could say anything Jasper pulled a key out of his pocket and held it up in front of usas they sauntered right past our door.

He smoothly said, "110".

I thought I caught him wink at Alice as well, but I was caught up in Emmett's goofy grin so I couldn't be sure. We continued to stand there until the boys turned a corner in the hallway and the sound of their key unlocking their door was heard.

I closed the door and turned to Alice.

"110?" I asked out loud, to clarify. "As in, they live in apartment 110? Right down the hall?"

We fell to the floor laughing and smiling at our new situation. Alice finally sat up and took in our new apartment with one sweeping gaze.

After giving a small nod of approval she turned to me and said, "I bet you this is going to be a pretty great year."

I nodded back vigorously. God knows I did not have any intention of betting against Alice.

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