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Chapter 3 - Up on the Roof

We didn't know what we had unleashed. A simple act of passing notes under the door turned into a giant game of tag. Yes, tag.

After Alice and I had stealthily slid our first note under the door, knocked, then crawled our way back to our apartment - I fell trying to round the corner and pulled her down with me when she tried to help me up. We were laughing so hard we gave up trying to walk after a few seconds, and crawled back to our apartment just to get out of the hallway before someone came out and caught us - we had expected some witty reply back the next day.

What we got was another note and this time it was directly from Jasper who we assumed must have been home alone. There was nothing out of the ordinary except at the bottom it said "P.S. Tag."

"Oh we are so taking this to a whole new level" Alice said as she read the last line. Alice always refuses to be shown up.

We ended up at the Giant Dollar, the first dollar store we could find. Not because we needed the bargain, we could fund a small country thanks to the Hales, but because the quality of the dollar store items were perfect for a wacked out game of phantom tag. The Giant Dollar was perfect. The outside of the building was actually painted like a giant dollar bill. We got some markers and glitter pens, some shoe polish, sidewalk chalk, and colored sharpies- basically anything that could be used for marking up flat surfaces. But we got extremely distracted when Alice found the birthday section. Her birthday was only a few days away, and she decided our apartment should showcase that whether or not we had a "real" party for her. The concert supposed to be in place of an actual party for her.

When we got home we decided to get creative, which is when the game of tag got stepped up.

In the spirit of being as random as possible we took the extra blind we had and our new sharpies and decided we were too advanced for mere paper correspondence anymore. We were making them a present of sorts. Plus getting the rogue blind out of our apartment was probably good for Alice.

Since they were musicians the only logical way to express our feelings was through a song. I knew the perfect one.

"The Underwear Song! We can definitely get their attenion with the greatest compostition of Bryan Adams" I proudly announced. "I Want To Be Your Underwear" was one of our favorite dance party songs. The 3 of us had our private dance parties often. The only requirements were loud music and the most entertaining dance moves you could come up with. We even had a warning in our living room: "Warning: Dance parties break out frequently in this area". It was one of the few things we took very seriously.

The Underwear Song (our name for it) is such a great song, and I know Emmett at least would appreciate it. Kind of suggestive, but on the humorous side, it should definitely liven things up. It was decided and we went to work on it. At the top we wrote:

To: The boys in 110
Our feelings for you can only be expressed through the art of music
Our own words are no longer enough
Love: The ladies in 112

Then it went into the lyrics:

I wanna be your t-shirt when it's wet - I wanna be the shower when you sweat
I gotta be the tattoo on your skin - yeah lemme be your bed baby - when you climb in
I wanna be the sheets when you sleep - let me be the secrets that you keep
I gotta be the spoon - ta stir your cream
I wanna be the one that really makes you scream

I wanna be - your lipstick when ya lick it
I wanna be - your high heels when ya kick it
I wanna be - your sweet love babe - ya when you make it
from your feet up to your hair - more than anything I swear
I wanna be - your underwear

I wanna be the itch that you scratch - wanna be the chair when you relax
I gotta be your razor when you shave
I wanna be the habit that really makes you crave

I wanna be - your hot tub - when you're dippin'
I wanna be - your bathrobe - when you're drippin'
I wanna be - your cocktail baby - when you're sippin'
I just wanna be right there - more than anything I swear
I wanna be - your underwear

I wanna be your sleeping bag - baby slip inside
Let me be your motorcycle n' take you for a ride - alright

I wanna be - your hot sauce - ya when you're cookin'
I wanna be - your sunglasses - hey good lookin'
I wanna be - wanna be the one - you're stick your hook in
I just wanna be right there - more than anything I swear
Oh ya I wanna be - your underwear

And at the very bottom in glitter pen it said:

Actually after reconsidering we'd rather just stay friends. But TAG anyway!

We taped it to their door and ran back to our apartment, wondering what the reaction will be. It seemed a bit childish but it was fun and that's why I think I was comfortable with it. It was odd actually, how comfortable it seemed to be teasing people we hardly knew.

All I know is that in the back of my mind I couldn't help but picture the perfect face of Edward as he and his brothers took in our newest tag with the bold lyrics. He didn't even know us at all yet. God help them have the same sense of humor as us so Emmett doesn't get any ideas about us being psycho and plotting to rape him...

The next day we came home from a dinner out and there was a giant golden fan resting on our door with a note that said "Stay cool ladies - TAG" taped to it. It was hideous. It was shaped like one of those wooden or paper fold out fans that usual have some floral design on them, and right in the middle of it was the face of a clock, upside down and not working at all. It was almost as wide as the door, and it was clearly dug out of a dumpster. We cracked up and took it inside, where Alice actually found a place for it to hang in the living room.

That night inspiration stuck. Shoe polish. Sliding glass doors. Courtyards.

"Brilliant!" Rose proclaimed as we all went to put on our darkest colored clothes. This was a night mission.

"Honestly Bella, sneaking into their patio in the middle of the night and "tagging" their sliding glass door? I raised you well" Alice said as she hugged me. Which was quite comical seeing as how she was so much smaller than me and commenting on raising me.

I had to admit it was a fun plan. This way when they opened their blinds in the morning they would instantly see the retaliation written out in shoe polish. They probably expected us to tag before the night was over too, so we also had suspense on our side since they wouldn't be getting this until morning.

At around 1am we decided to attack. We crawled on our bellies into the large courtyard, each with a bottle of polish in our hands, and sat with our backs to their patio wall so we could gain composure from the giggle fest I had started. I seriously needed to control this new habit. After Rose peeked over she confirmed that all the lights were off except for one bedroom to the left, and the blinds were closed.

"So one of them must still be up" I threw out there.

"Yeah but that makes it more exciting! The thrill of getting caught!" Alice whispered back.

I was starting to giggle again but I stifled it as Rose motioned to start climbing over the wall.

It didn't take much because the patio walls are only about 3 1/2 feet high. Even Alice didn't have trouble. We had to write backwards so they could read it when the blinds were opened in the morning. I wrote "TAG" as big as possible in the middle of the glass. Rose wrote "bitches" right under it, and Alice signed it "(heart) 112". We took in our masterpiece for a second before turning to leave.

Of course there was a longboard on the patio that I hadn't spotted before, and of course I fell over it when I turned to climb out of the patio. I fell, it rolled and hit the small table they had out there, crashing and causing 3 empty soda cans to roll and fall to the ground and bounce a bit, making a loud clanking noise that echoed off the concrete courtyard.

Lights flew on in the bedroom window to the right of the living room and blinds pulled back instantly from both bedroom windows.

"GO!" Rose yelled and as fast as we could I got up and we all jumped over the wall and ran to the nearest door to the hallway laughing the whole time now that we had almost been caught and no longer needed to be quiet.

We laid in the hallway and peeked through the window to see the lights go on in the living room. We decided to get into the apartment now that they were clearly up to prepare for any retaliation we might receive that night.

Before I left I snuck one more glance towards the apartment and saw a perfect face scanning the courtyard from the bedroom window to the left. I smiled and then followed the girls into our apartment.


We stayed in our living room that night, vowing not to sleep (we all had one fairly easy class on Friday) so we could protect our home from the boys' revenge. It was not a comfortable night as we only had a bowl chair and an inflatable mini couch as our furniture. It was cute for an apartment, but it was not the best sleeping arrangement.

We awoke sore the next morning, and slightly disappointed at the lack of any sort of tag from our enemies.

On our way to school we laughed at our situation last night and my inability to do anything with stealth. We all only had one class so we met up in the cafe on campus before heading home.

We were caught up with some guys from school, Jacob, Sam, and Embry, 3 guys we had hung out with a bunch the first year of school but hadn't seen much since we'd been back. We decided to have a small get together for Alice's birthday the next night.

It was going to be nice to hang out with people from school now that we could be off campus, and who knows who else a little get together might attract? We didn't speak that last part out loud, but I'm almost sure I wasn't the only one who thought it.

We were just lounging in the apartment that evening, discussing what the best way to spend Friday night would be, when there was a knock on the door. Rose got up to get it, we had no peep hole for some reason, and when she opened the door I nearly fell out of the inflatable chair when I heard the unmistakable booming "Ladies!"

Alice and I shot up and saw Emmett hugging a stunned Rose and walking into our apartment. He came right up to me and grabbed me, just like we had been greeting each other this way for years, squeezing with all his might.

"Emmett...can't...breathe..." I managed to get out and he headed over to Alice who squealed when he scooped her up too.

Jasper walked in and didn't assault anyone but he casually sat in the bowl chair and locked eyes with Alice before scanning the room and saying "Nice place ladies."

Emmett flung himself into our inflatable chair, and when it made a very humorous noise he started laughing and declared that chair "his new spot".

"It's just so comfortable! Mmm. It's like my new lover I love it so much" he said as he flipped over, his front area now assaulting our chair. "I shall call her Rrr…um, Ruth!"

"Ruth?" I asked. It certainly sounded like he was going to say a different name.

"Yes Ruth. No one understands our love!" he sent us all into fits of laugher as he began caressing the chair and whispering sweet nothings into "Ruth's" ear. Emmett was quickly becoming one of the most interesting and hilarious people I had ever met. It what I would have wanted a big brother to be like, had I ever had one.

I was still very caught up in the change of events though. No notes. No creative forms of communication. I half expected one of them to get up, push one of us, yell "tag" and run out of the room because that was the only form of consistency we had had in this friendship so far.

I laughed at that mental image as Rose said "So, welcome to our place, and also to Ruth… but why are you guys here exactly?" She smiled when she said it but you could see how confused she was.

"Well there's a party on the roof tonight and the 3 of us are going so we decided to invite you ladies as well. The guys in 115 are throwing it and said to invite any neighbors we saw." Emmett smiled back sincerely as he started using Ruth as nothing more than a chair again and we all looked at each other as we considered the invite.

"That sounds fun enough!" Alice beamed to which Jasper replied "Great! They said it starts around 7 and they are going to grill and stuff so you don't need to bring anything but yourselves."

"I heard they have a pool up there, have you guys seen it?!" Emmett looked too excited when he said this.

"Emmett's been dying to go swimming" Jasper explained.

"Um no, we haven't been up there yet. But the spa on the roof was one of the selling points for us on this building," I said.

It was almost true. We were actually supposed to live about 3 blocks away closer to school but the landlord there was shady and it fell through at the last minute. We had gotten this apartment literally the day before we left for break and we were lucky they had immediate availability.

When we were turning in our signed lease Alice pointed out "Look, it says there's a pool and spa on the roof! This place is way better than the one we almost got, I can tell already".

I just nodded but never really cared. I was never one for any activity that had to do with bathing suits, I didn't even own one at the moment, but I thought of Emmett in a pool and I just knew it would be entertaining.

"So where's your brother?" Rose asked "Aren't there supposed to be 3 of you?"

"He's on the phone. He wanted to come over and meet you girls finally but the conversation turned pretty serious so we left him behind."

I was starting to think Edward didn't really exist. I couldn't help it, "He'll be on the roof tonight though, right? I mean at the party?"

Emmett and Jasper both started laughing and Emmett said "Oh yeah he's going to be there. He wants to meet you guys real bad and find out who blew your cover on your little secret mission the other night. It scared the crap out of him and he wants to personally thank them for nearly breaking his longboard."

I instantly blushed and looked to the floor. I could feel Rose and Alice holding in a laugh as they looked at me.

"I didn't nearly break the longboard! It's meant to roll isn't it?" I defended myself

"Not directly into a table and a wall" Jasper chuckled.

"It should be taken better care of anyway!" I was laughing at this point now, trying to push away the thought of Edward being upset with me before even meeting me.

"Or maybe people should learn not to trespass?" Jasper threw out that comment, causing us all to laugh and scoff and then he got up and walked to the door, Emmett following his lead.

"So be on the roof at 7, ok guys?" Emmett checked before leaving. We nodded and as they walked down the hall we could still hear his loud voice as he spoke to Jasper "I really can't wait for the pool dude, I miss swimming. Do you think I'll be the only one to go in? Maybe we can convince the girls, I'd love to see..."

And then Rose shut the door and said "Well I guess we have plans tonight?"

"Yeah, and you maybe you can have a midnight swim with your "piece of man" and then come have a 3-way with Ruth" Alice laughed as she went into her room.

"Maybe" Rose replied with a smile. "But the important thing is Bella finally gets to talk to her Edward."

"Whoa Rosalie! My Edward? I'm pretty sure that's an inappropriate title for someone I've never met." I kind of laughed but those words made me nervous. At least I wasn't giggling.

"Whatever Bella, I'm just following your lead here. That's all you've been saying in your sleep ever since you saw him when we were spying."


"Well I had no idea I was doing it and now I'll probably stop because it makes no sense and I swear if you bring this up tonight Rose I will kill you!"

"Sure, sure whatever Bell, I wouldn't do that to you. I just thought it was amusing. Anyway, Alice is ready for you, so you better get going." As she said this she pointed behind me and I saw Alice in the doorway of her bedroom. She pointed to me and then to inside her room which meant that is where I was supposed to go. She wanted to help me "get ready" no doubt for the roof party.

I learned a long time ago not to fight them when they decided to play Bella Barbie. I had finally convinced Alice to let me wear my own wardrobe to school but anytime we did anything that involved the public she felt the need to "help" me.

I sighed and walked in to my own personal salon. I actually did need something to keep my mind off of speaking to Edward later that night. Over thinking was never good. Calling someone "yours" before you even met them was even worse. I was doomed.


With Alice and Rose's amazing skills we were all ready for the roof party about 10 minutes early. So there was really only one thing left to do before we were completely ready to go.

"Dance party!" Alice announced as she turned up "Billy Jean". Michael Jackson was a very popular dance party kickoff choice.

It was one of our better dance parties and we were only 1/2 way through the song. Alice was on one of the 3 chairs we had for our small table and I was teaching Rose how to throw the shimmy. It's very true I cannot dance. That was the beauty of the dance parties, it wasn't real dancing. Any move that was entertaining was allowed, so I was completely comfortable with my two best friends who would also be making foold of themselves. Thus the
"Shimmy Throw." It's a very complicated move. You have to have the timing down perfectly. Rose a quick learner so before I knew it we were throwing the shimmy around to all 3 of us, our shoulders shaking wildly with every catch only to thrust our bodies forward towards the next girl that was to "catch" the shimmy.

Eventually we were all on chairs singing and kicking and shaking and shimmying to every Michael Jackson song Alice's stereo threw at us. The time passsed so quickly during dance parties. We didn't even notice 2 figures climbing through the always open windows into our courtyart and over our patio wall.

"Bella I do have to say, no one can throw a shimmy quite as accurately as you!" Rose was laughing as I tossed another one to her.

"Well thank you. I should do the Shimmy Throw the best, I invented it!" I was very pleased something I created was so popular among my perfect best friends. It wasn't much, but if my shimmy throwing abilities acutally topped theirs, I would take it.

It wasn't until the most beautiful voice I had ever heard came through the screen door, "Jasper, I thought you said the party was on the roof?" It was immediately followed by the most musical laugh had ever heard. I turned and there was Edward standing on our patio looking more like a Greek God than should be possible. He ran a hand through his impossibly mesy hair and I just about fell off the chair. Suddenly the only thing I wanted most in the world was to run my own hand through that perfect bronze hair. What the heck was this boy doing to me?

"Ah!" Alice yelled half in excitement half in shock as she jumoed down and turned off Michael.

Rose and I quickly jumped off our chairs as all 5 of us awkwardly look at each other, the boys trying very obviously to hold in laughter but soon no one could hold it in and we all cracked up.

"No, by all means, keep going. We didn't know we were interrupting" Jasper said as he walked right the screen door in and sat back down in the bowl chair.

"Seriously this has got to be better than whatever is going to go on up there" Edward said as he followed Jasper in and leaned against the wall next to the sliding glass door. He looked straight at me and said "I wouldn't mind a lesson in the, what did you call it, 'Shimmy Toss'?"

I wasn't really breathing due to the fact that he was smiling the most stunning crooked smile at me and I could finally see his piercing green eyes clearly for the first time. Somehow I managed to find my voice and said "Um, Throw... It's more of a throw than a toss."

"Oh, right." He laughed. Something I said made him laugh! Why did that excite me? Because his laugh was literally the best sound I had ever heard. I vowed to hear that sound as much as possible.

"So are we going up there or not? You guys shut this one down so we might as well see what we can do for the thing on the roof, right?" Rose said, moving things along.

"I don't know. What do you think Eddie? The roof doesn't seem as appealing to me anymore..." Jasper tilted his head back and smirked at his brother but Edward just said "Don't call me Eddie please..." and then Alice pulled Jasper out of the chair and said "Oh no, we are done for the night. The roof has more to offer anyway. Free food and a pool!"

"Yes ma'am" Jasper simply said as he allowed Alice to drag him to our front door.

As we all followed behind I thought of something when Alice said pool... "Hey guys, where's Emmett? Don't tell me he's already in the pool?"

Edward laughed (yes!) and replied, "No, no, he's meeting us up there. He was held up at the apartment, but he should be done soon."

I just nodded and shuffled out the door in front of him. We were the last out and sure enough when e cleared the doorway I turned to close the door and tripped on my own two feet and instantly prepared myself for the impact of the ground.

Only it never came.

Two arms caught me and I was leaning against his body. I heard a small beautiful laugh and then really close to my ear. "Well now I know who to punish."

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