The Mysterious Violet

The Mysterious Violet

Chapter 1: Her Name

Iruka: "Alright, everyone go eat.!" Everyone filled out of the classroom to go to lunch. Iruka sat at his desk messing with papers and stuff. As he got up to eat his own lunch a bright light appeared. Once he could see again, he looked around and in the middle of the floor was a girl. She had long raven black hair and she wore an orange bandana with a purple jacket and matching jean skirt with black pants underneath. She also had sword strapped to her back.

Iruka: "What in the world?" He ran toward the girl to help her, when she stirred. He stopped and watched for a moment. Then she slowly got to her knees and looked around.

She spotted Iruka and said, ?: "Woah." As soon as she did, she fell backwards onto her back. He picked her up and ran to the hospital.

?: "My head hurts."

Iruka: "She's awake!"

Kakashi: "So it seems." She sat up in the bed she was currently in and opened her eyes to see several people around her.

Iruka: "Are you feeling alright?"

?: "Yea. I think so." Kakashi: "Do you know where you are?" ?: "Not a clue."

Iruka: "What's your name?" She sat silent for a while before saying, mostly to herself, ?: "I don't know."

Kakashi: "Amnesia, eh. That's annoying."

Iruka: "I found you two days ago while I was at the academy. You appeared in a bright light. You were unconscious so I took you here, the hospital. Your stuff is over there." He pointed to a pile of things beside the bed. She bent over and picked up two silver bracelets.

?: "There's an inscription on the back. 'Happy Birthday Violet, Love your best friend, Trunks.' There's something on this one too. 'Happier Birthday Violet, with more love from your real best friend, Goten.' Goten, Trunks, why do they seem familiar to me?" She continued to stare at the bracelets as Iruka spoke.

Iruka: "I guess that means your name is Violet."

Violet: "I guess.

Kakashi: "Although you're woken up, it would probably be best if you stayed here another night just to be safe."

Violet: "Alright. So, who are you guys anyway?" Kakashi: "My name is Hatake Kakashi." Iruka: "And I'm Umino Iruka. I have to go see the Hokage now, so I'm going to go.

Violet-"Hokage?" Iruka left and Kakashi spent the next hour explaining everything about the Hokage, the academy, ninjas, ninja ranks, the village, ect.

Violet-"So there are other villages like this one?"

Kakashi-"Yes, many."

Violet-"Well, that's cool." Kakashi smirked under his masked and laughed a -"Why do you wear that mask?"

Kakashi-"So noone can see my face of course."

Violet-"Do you not like your face?" Kakashi-" Yes, and that is exactly why I must cover it up." Violet-"I don't get it."

Kakashi-"If people were to see my face, they'd get extremely jealous and then everyone would hate me."

Violet-"Uh, yeah.. Of course."

Kakashi-"It's getting late. You should rest. I'll visit you tomorrow." Violet-" I've been resting for 2 days! I wanna move!" Kakashi-" Sleep."

Violet-"Ugh! Fine." Kakashi-"Good Girl! Sleep well." Violet-"Yea, yea. Goodnight."