The Mysterious Violet

The Mysterious Violet

Chapter 2: Her Friend

The Next Day

Iruka-"Violet-san, wake up." She rolled over and sat up. Violet-"I've been awake." Iruka-"Oh." Kakashi-"Iruka saw the Hokage last night and he explained your situation. He says you can get a job or go to the academy."

Violet-"Hmmm… Academy sounds good."

Iruka-"Great, I'll be your teacher." Violet-"I suppose that's good, Iruka-sensei." Kakashi-"You'll be living with me. If that's alright with you."

Violet-"Yes, that's fine."

Iruka-"Class starts in ½ hour so get ready." Then they left. She got out of bed and picked up her clothes. She put on the black pants and shirt, then slipped on the skirt and jacket. She then put on her boots and tied the bandana around her neck. After putting the two bracelets on either wrist she picked up the sword.

Violet-"All these things feel so familiar, like they really mean something to me. They're special." She strapped the sword to her back and walked out of the room. She continued down the hall until she got to a desk.

Violet-"Excuse me. Can you point me in the direction of the academy?" The nurse gave her directions and she left the hospital. Soon she stood outside the large building.

Violet-"I guess this is it then." She walked into a classroom full of kids with Iruka talking in the front. When he saw her he stopped.

Iruka-"You're late."

Violet-"I got lost. Someone forgot to tell me what class to go to." She walked to a seat in the back next to the wall and a boy with brown hair pulled into a high ponytail.

Iruka-"Oh yea, I guess I should have told you that. Well, anyway, everyone this is the new student I mentioned earlier, Violet-san." With an elbow on the desk she raised two fingers.


Iruka-"Right well we have lots of work to do, so." And he continued on with what he was saying before. Violet caught on pretty fast but she still got a little confused about chakra. Iruka soon dismissed them to lunch. A boy with blonde hair that was being glared at by pretty much everyone as they were leaving came up to her.

Naruto-"Hi there! My name is Uzumaki Naruto!"

Violet-What a loud person."Naruto? That's kind of a weird name isn't it?" Naruto looked like he just got slapped in the face.

Naruto-"Weird?" A couple of kids laughed at him.

Sakura-"See there, Naruto! That's what you get for thinking anyone would want to be friends with you!" She turned to Violet.

Sakura-"My name is Haruno Sakura, by the way. You should come eat with me if you want to stay away from annoying weirdoes like Naruto." Naruto looked extremely sad. Iruka had been watching and felt very sorry for Naruto along with being disappointed in Violet.

Violet-"Actually, weird is good. Your name however is extremely common. I hate common. Now excuse me while my new friend, Naruto, and I go get something to eat. Come on Naruto-kun, I'm starving." She brushed past Sakura hitting her shoulder as she left the room. Soon after leaving she was followed by an extremely happy, hyperactive ninja-in-training.

Naruto-"Did you really mean that?"

Violet-"Of course, I can't remember the last time I ate. Where can I get food?" Naruto smiled even wider.

Naruto-"Ichiraku Ramen! It's the best place in Konoha!" Violet-"Alright. Let's go." Naruto-"Ramen, ramen, ramen!"

Violet-Well I know how to make him happy, just mention ramen. Ayame-"Naruto! Your usual I presume?" Violet-"What's your usual?"

Naruto-"Two Miso Ramen." Violet-"Ok. I'll have one of every kind you have." Naruto-"NANI!? You can really eat that much?"

Violet-"I told you, I'm starving. I'm actually surprised someone that likes ramen as much as you would get so little. I'm disappointed."

Naruto-"I'll have the same!" Ayame-"Umm.. Alright." Oh, yeah! We're gonna make a ton off these two. CHACHING! Ayame-(While cooking with that other dude.) "So who's your friend, Naruto-kun?"

Naruto-"This is Violet! She just started going to the Academy!"

Ayame-"At such a late age?" Naruto-"Yea, I'm not really sure about it al myself." Violet-I just love it when people talk as if I'm not here "I just go into town."

Naruto-"From where?"

Violet-"The sky, apparently…" Naruto-"What?" Violet-"I'm not sure where I'm from. I lost all my memories." Naruto-He got that sad look again "Well, you'll just have to make some new ones!"

Violet-"Umm, yea, I guess. They talked a while more before the food came.

Naruto-"Itadakimasu!" Violet-"CHEW ATTACK!" She then went into her saiyan eating mode. Naruto and Ayame both had WTF looks on their faces. They soon finished their food; Naruto with a little help from Violet.

Naruto-"I've never been so full in my life. You sure can eat a lot Vio-Chan!"

Ayame-"So, who am I giving the bill to? "

Violet-"That would be Naruto-kun." Naruto-"What?!" Violet-"I don't have any money." Naruto looked on the verge of tears.

Iruka-"I'll pay."

Naruto-"Iruka-sensei! You don't have to do that!"

Iruka-"Don't worry about it, Naruto. This is money the Hokage sent me with to give to Violet-san. Although I doubt you'll be able to buy much now." He gave a ton of money to Ayame.

Ayame-"Arigatou Gousaimasu!" They got up and left.

Naruto-"I'm so full I can hardly move! How do you do it Vio-Chan?" Iruka-Vio-Chan? Violet-"I don't know." Iruka-"You had better digest fast, Naruto. We're have shuriken practice and laps when we get back to class."

Violet-"Shuriken?" Iruka pulled one out and showed it to her.

Iruka-"It's a standard Ninja tool. This is a kunai." He pulled out a Kunai and showed it as well.

Violet-"So it'll be like target practice." Iruka-"Exactly." Naruto-"How can you start the Academy so late and without even knowing what a shuriken is?" Violet-"I'll catch up."

Naruto-A sweat drop appeared on the back of his head. That wasn't my question.

Iruka-"Time for shuriken practice! Ikuzo!" After a short time of traveling, they arrived in the forest for the training.

Ino-"Hey, you! New girl! I hear you mouthed off to Forehead."

Violet-Forehead? Ino-"Hey, I'm talking to you!" Violet turned to face -"And I'm ignoring you. Now that we have that settled, I'm gonna go play with these sharp things."

Sakura-"Who do you think you are? Coming in here and talking to us like that! You're just a little nobody! We've been in the academy for three years, training! Then you show up for the first time and act like you're-" She was cut off on account of three shurikens flying by her ear cutting some hair in the process.

Violet-"Sorry about that. You're standing next to the targets." Sakura turned her head slowly. What she saw was three targets with shuriken in each bull's eye. Violet-"I didn't hurt you, did I?" Sakura couldn't think of anything to say. She just turned and stormed off. Everyone stared at Violet.

Naruto-"Wow! That was awesome! I thought you didn't know any of this stuff!" Just then a boy with raven hair and black eyes pushed in front of Naruto to talk to Violet.

Sasuke-"That was pretty impressive. My name is Uchiha Sasuke."

Violet-"That's nice." She then sidestepped and walked forward in order to be near Naruto again. Sasuke turned around to face her.

Sasuke-"When someone gives you their name it's polite to say your own." Violet-"Well you can have your name back. It'd be silly for me to be called Uchiha Sasuke." Sasuke-"What is your name?" He asked in an annoyed tone.

Violet-"Iruka-sensei already told you, Violet." By now Sasuke had grown very perturbed.

Sasuke-"What's your full name?"

Violet-"Violet." Sasuke-"Don't you have a family name?" Violet-"Not that I know of."

Sasuke-"What's that supposed to mean?"

Violet-This boy is starting to get on my nerves. "That means I can't be bothered to tell you my life story. Now please excuse me as I go take a nap." She walked away with twenty-seven pairs of eyes on her back.

Naruto-"Uh.. wait up, Vio-Chan!"

Sasuke-Vio-Chan? When did they get so friendly? Everyone else was thinking things along the same lines.

Iruka-"It's time for laps! Ten around the academy! GO!" She ran beside Naruto the whole time. He wanted to race so they did.

Naruto-"I… can't believe… we… tied! And.. you're not… even out of… breath!"

Violet-"And you're yelling after running almost 3 miles in only 9 minutes. We're an amazing team."

Naruto-"You must have an unending supply of energy!"

Violet-"Could be. I defiantly don't feel very tired.

Iruka-"She's amazing, isn't she?" Kakashi-"She is. To run so far and not be even a little tired… it is amazing."Iruka-"At lunch she didn't even know what a shuriken was, yet during practice she picked up three and got all perfect bull's eyes!"

Kakashi-"There is defiantly something strange about this girl. But at least we won't have to worry about her catching up. At this rate, she'll surpass them all easily, us too even."

Naruto-"So where are you living?"

Violet-"I'm not entirely sure at the moment. I'll have to ask where it is. What about you?"

Naruto-"I live in an apartment on the other side of the village."

Violet-"Parents?" Naruto-"No, I was orphaned at birth. The Kyuubi killed them." Violet-"Kyuubi?"

Naruto-"He was a giant fox demon that attacked the village eleven years ago. He killed a lot of people before being defeated by the 4th Hokage."

Violet-"Oh, well, that sucks."

Naruto-"Naw, it's ok." Violet-"Yeah, and so is getting your teeth pulled." Naruto-"Huh?"

Violet-"I can tell you're lieing. From the way I've seen other people act around you I can tell that you've been alone your entire life."

Naruto-"Yea, I don't know why. But for as long as I can remember, everyone in the village hated me. They looked at me with cold eyes and called me a monster. I was so alone. Then I met Iruka-sensei. He was the first one to acknowledge me as a person."

Violet-"He's truly a good man."

Naruto- "Yeah, he is! And a great friend!" Violet-"Well, now you have two great friends." Naruto-"Really?"

Violet-"Uh huh." Naruto hugged onto Violet tightly.

Naruto-"Thank you, Vio-Chan!"

Violet-"Yea, yeah, enough with the hugging. I gotta go find Iruka-sensei so I can go home." She then left to find Iruka.