The Mysterious Violet

The Mysterious Violet

Chapter 3: Her Date

After finding Iruka she got directions to Kakashi's home and proceeded to go there. Upon her arrival she knocked on the door. There was no answer. She knocked harder. There was no answer. She knocked harder still. Again, there was no answer. She punched a hole in the door.

Violet-"Ooops." Kakashi-"You broke my door." Violet-"Well maybe next time you'll answer me when I knock. Or you could just give me a key." He held up a shimmering object.

Kakashi-"Here." Violet-"That was fast." Kakashi-"I was already planning on giving it to you."

Violet-"Oh." Kakashi-"You can come in now if you want." Violet-"Right." She walked inside and they stood there in an awkward silence. Violet-"It's still pretty early. Is there anything to do in this place?"

Kakashi-"Well, since the only clothes you have are the ones you're wearing, I suppose I should go and buy you some things."

Violet-"As in, shopping?" Kakashi-"Yes. That is the idea." Violet-"Well, if I have to-" Kakashi-"Which you do." Violet-"Fine, but you don't have to buy anything, the Hokage gave me money."

Kakashi-"Hm? He gave me money as well, so you keep yours." Violet-"Alright." So they left the apartment and started walking around town.

Violet-"Do you have any idea where we are going?" Kakashi-"Well, it's not as if I shop for teenage girls very often." Anime Scene A huge Violet started to strangle a very tiny and frightened Kakashi.

Violet-"Then why in the world are we here?!" Kakashi then fell on his back. He was staring up to see a girl, only about a year older than Violet, with her hair in two buns looking down at him.

"I didn't know you were taking on students, Kakashi."

Kakashi-"I'm not Gai" Violet looked past the girl to see a tall man with bushy eyebrows and a bull cut wearing a green jumpsuit. Next to him was a smaller version of him and a boy with long black hair and white eyes Hottie Alert that reminded her of that girl who was always staring at Naruto.

Violet-They must be related. Gai-"Then who is this." Violet-"I'm his babysitter."

Kakashi-"Hahaha… This is Violet-san. She's uh… new to the village and needed a place to stay, so I volunteered."

Violet-"Jeeze, you make me seem like a charity case." Gai-"Well, Violet. My name is Maito Gai. I'm Kakashi's eternal rival!" He did his trademarked 'nice guy' pose.

Violet-"Rival? That must mean you're a Jounin too. Are you strong?" MiniGai-"Gai-sensei is the strongest ninja ever!" Violet-"And you are.."

Gai-"Of course, these are my adorable Genin students, Rock Lee, Tenten, and Hyuga Neji."

Violet-"Hyuga?" She paused for a moment. "Aren't you three a little young to be Genin?"

Kakashi-"Age doesn't really matter, only ability does. In fact, I became a Genin at half their age."

Violet-"Realy? Then how come you're such a lose?" Kakashi-Loser….. Violet-"In any case, they don't look like much."

Neji-"Says an eleven-year old girl who just started the academy. You sure talk big for someone that doesn't know what she's talking about." Violet-"You know me?" Neji-"I've heard of you from Hinata-Sama."

Violet-Hinata. That was her name. "Right, that girl that looks like you. I knew Hyuga sounded familiar."

Kakashi-"While I wouldn't have put it in those exact words, he does have a point. They've all graduated the academy and have been training under a Jounin. You on the other hand have only gone for one day and from what I heard you spent most of that day sleep and tormenting the other kids."

Violet-"I wouldn't use the tormenting exactly." Kakshi-"And what word would you use?" Violet-"Retaliating? Look it was just a bit of fun, ok? And besides, it's not my fault Haruno and Uchiha are such pansies."

Lee-"Uchiha? Uchiha Sasuke?" Violet-"That's him." Tenten-"What did he do?" Violet-"He talked to me." Everyone sweat dropped.

Kakashi-"You'll never make friends if you humiliate everyone who speaks to you!"

Violet-"I didn't humiliate anyone! Ok, I may have humiliated Haruno, but all I did was argue with and then ignore Uchiha. Besides I already have one friend and he's all I can handle. Now can we please go, I've exceeded my word quota for the day."

Kakashi-"We still don't know where we're going." He then looked at Tenten. "You're a girl, you must shop, where?"

Tenten-"You guys are shopping?" Kakashi-"She needs clothes." Everyone went and things were bought. Violet got some fishnet shirt like Shikamaru's, baggy shorts like Sasuke, pants like Shikamaru, leg and arm warmers like Sasuke's but fishnet ones as well. She got back sandals and ninja gear such as a pouch, shuriken, kunai, and scrolls.

Violet-"I hate shopping." Kakashi-"I'm sure you would hate doing to the academy naked even more so shut up." Violet-"Let's just go home."

Kakashi-"Thank you all, we should probably go." Tenten-"Make sure to look us up once you become a ninja, Violet-chan!" She turned and started to walk away.

Violet-"Yeah, yeah." She then stopped and turned around. "Just so you know, I'm gonna kick your ass next time I see you, Hyuga." She walked off to the apartment.

Kakashi-"I suppose that's one way of saying goodbye. I'll see you later, Gai." He then poofed away.

Back at the Apartment

Violet-"Hey Kakashi-san." Kakashi-"Yeah?" Violet-"I don't like your name. It's too long. I'm not gonna call you that. Is that alright, Kashi-kun?" Kakashi twitched.

Kakashi-"Of course, Vio-chan!" Violet returned the twitch. Violet-"Ok then. I need sleep. See you tomorrow." She went to bed.

Next Day

She woke up. Violet put on a fishnet shirt and baggy black shorts. She grabbed her bracelets and got on her sandals. Then she got her most prized possessions: the Capsule jacket, orange bandana, and her sword.

Violet-"Kashi-kun! Are you here?" In the kitchen she found a note. 'Early mission. Cereal's in the cupboard, bowls too. Milk in the fridge. See you later, Kakashi.'

Violet-"Ok then." In the cupboard she found half a box of cereal. Violet-"This really isn't going to be enough." She left the apartment to find some real food.

Violet-If only I knew where I was going. The only place I know to eat is at that ramen place I went to with Naruto, but I've already forgotten where that is. Just then she spotter someone familiar. VioletIt's that dude who's always asleep. What did Naruto call him? Shi something. Shiki, Shiku, Shika… Shikamaru! That's it! "Hey! You there, Shikamaru-kun!" He looked up slightly, hands in his pockets. He sighed.

Shikamaru-"What?" Violet-"Where can I get something to eat?" He resumed walking, Violet right behind. Shikamaru-"That's troublesome."

Violet-"Ill buy you something." There was no reaction. "I'll make Naruto-kun sto shouting in your ear as you sleep."

Shikamaru-"I'm on my way to meet Chouji for breakfast. You can come, I suppose." Violet-"Why didn't you just say that?" He ignored her. When they arrived Chouji was waiting.

Chouji-"What's this, Shikamaru? Is she your girlfriend now?" They both blushed. Both-"No!" They go inside and when ordering Violet again said, "One of everything."

Shikamaru-One of everything? Can she really eat that much? Chouji-"Hahaha! Finally a girl that can eat. Good choice, Shikamaru!" He blushed again. Shikamaru-"You're so troublesome. She's not my girlfriend."

Chouji-"For now." Violet-Yup, just love when people talk like I'm not here. "I'm hungry."

Shikamaru-"I thought the 'one of everything' pretty much said that." Violet-"Well thanks for pointing it out, Mr. Sarcastic." Shikamaru sighed. Women are so troublesome.

Violet-"Aren't geniuses so troublesome, Chouji?" Shikamaru-Huh? Chouji-"What do you mean?" Violet-"He's really smart, right?"

Chouji-"Yea, he is I guess." Shikamaru-I'm still right here. Violet-"What I'm saying is that people like him are so troublesome because they know so much about life to know that there's really no point to it. So they end up just lieing around watching the clouds go by. Not very fun." Chouji-"Uh.."

Violet-"At least, that's what some people would say." Chouji and Shika-some? Violet-"I happen to enjoy cloud watching."

Shikamaru-This girl.. Then lost ans lots of food -"CHEW ATTACK!" She started eating like no tomorrow. Shika-WTF? Chouji was too busy eating to care. Shika-She's defiantly not like most girls. I hope she's not bossy like that Ino.

So they finished eating and Violet paid for everything. Violet-"That was some of the best food I've ever eaten. Actually that is the best food I've ever eaten, seeing as how I can only remember eating twice in my life."

Shika-"What?" Violet-"Right, I didn't tell you guys. I don't remember a thing about my life before two days ago when I woke up in the hospital."

Chouji-"Then how do you know your name is Violet?" Violet-"It was engraved onto these bracelets." She took them off and handed them to the boys. Chouji-"Oh."

Shika-"That must suck." He handed back the bracelets. Violet-"I don't really care. Friends, no friends, family, no family, memories, no memories, it doesn't really matter to me." Chouji began to laugh. "The more I get to know you the more I think you're perfect for Shikamaru!" That caused Shika to blush for a third time. "Give it a rest!" Violet was blushing as well. "Let's just get to the academy."

They were coming up on their room when, "Vio-chan!" A body collided with Violet's causing her to fall backwards and cause a domino effect with Shikamaru on the bottom. Shika-"Get off!"

Naruto-"Oh, uh, sorry about that." Violet-"No problem. Just don't ever do it again." Once he was up, Shikamaru lazily glared at Naruto before going to his seat.

Violet-"Oh yea, Naruto-kun, don't awake Shikamaru-kun by yelling in his ear anymore." He pouted, "Aww.. why not?" Violet-"He took me to breakfast so I promised to ask you to stop." Naruto freaked out, "You went on a date with Shikamaru?!" He shouted very loudly so that everyone in the room turned to eavesdrop. Violet-"No, I went to breakfast with him."

Naruto-"That's a date!" Violet-"It is not, Chouji was there too! Chouji-kun, tell him there's nothing going on between Shikamaru-kun and me!"

Chouji-"There seemed to be something going on from where I was sitting." Violet-"Shikamaru-kun! Help me! I'm being outnumbered!" There was no response.

Violet-"That stupid bastard fell asleep, didn't he?" Naruto nodded. "Yup." Violet-"Ugh! Whatever, I'm going to sit down." Naruto-"You're just mad that I found out you're dating Shikamaru."

Violet-"That's it. Stop talking to me before a vital part of your body is lost." Naruto-"I'm quiet now." Violet-"Keep it that way."

Naruto-"Ma'am yes ma'am, Shikamaru lover!" Violet-"Your death will be a slow and painful one, Uzumaki." Naruto-"Stopping." So they all sat in the same places as before: Violet in the back with Shikamaru on her right and Naruto on her left.

Moer studying went on until it was time for lunch. Naruto-"Ramen time!" Violet-"Shikamaru-kun. Wake up, it's lunch." Shikamaru-"Already?"

Violet-"Yup." Chouji-"Are you coming with us again, Violet-chan?" Violet-"Yea, I guess. As long as you come too, Naruto-kun."

Naruto-"Yea! Of course!" Shikamaru-"Ugh. This is so troublesome." Violet-"Right well, I'm hungry, soo.." They started to leave.

Chouji-"That reminds me, how does someone as small as you manage to eat so much." Violet-"I don't know. I just, do."

Naruto-"Alright! Let's go get ramen!" Violet-"Sure." Food was then eaten. Afterwards they began to walk back to the academy.

Naruto-"So when's your birthday, Vio-chan?" Violet just glared at him. Naruto-"Oh yea. Well, let's just say it's tomorrow then!"

Violet-"Whatever floats your boat, dude." Naruto-"Floats your boat…?" Violet-"Don't think about it too much, you'll hurt yourself."