The Mysterious Violet

The Mysterious Violet

Chapter 4: Her Party

Back At The Academy

Naruto-"Everyone! Tomorrow is Vio-chan's birthday! So everyone's invited to Sasuke-teme's place for her party!" A chorus of cools, alrights, and giggles were heard.

Sasuke-"What's that, dobe?" Violet-"Consider it payment for disturbing me yesterday. Don't forget to buy me a present. I like food and sharp things." She walked past him and sat. She then fell asleep.

Naruto-"Vio-chan. Wake up! Class is over!" Violet-"Ugh… I want sleep." Naruto-"Too bad. Come on."

Violet-"Ugh, fine. Shikamaru-kun, if I have to wake up so do you. Shika-kun? Hello? Wake up!" Damn this guy. She leaned over Shikamaru and put her face right next to his. She stared at his sleeping form.

Violet-He really isn't too bad looking up close. He slowly began to open his eyes and they stared at each other. Violet-"Hi."

Shikamaru-"Do you need something?" Violet-"You wouldn't wake up so I decided to stare at you." Shikamaru-"Oh." Violet-"Yeah." Shikamaru-"I'm gonna get up now." Violet-"Me too."

Violet-"Hey, Kashi-kun! You here? Guess not. What to do?" She walked through th hallway to what was now her room. She stood outside her room and glanced over at Kakashi's room.

Violet- "Hmmm… Should I? I think I will." She walked into his room slowly. Violet- "Let's see what secrets you're keeping." She looked around. On his dresser a couple of books were sprawled about so she picked one up.

Violet- "Make Out Paradise? What's this?" She flipped through the pages and started reading. Violet- "I can't believe it. Kakashi-kun is a complete pervert!" She threw the book back down and looked over at the bed.

Violet- "His bed is bigger than mine." She jumped on it and layed down. Violet- "It's more comfortable too."

Kakashi- "That's because I pay for everything." She jumped up in surprise. Violet- "Kashi-Kun!"

Kakashi- "Hey Vio-Chan! What are you doing in my room?" Violet- "Nothin… and anyway, the Hokage pays for me so don't act like I'm some big burden."

Kakashi- "The Hokage may pay for everything but I'm the one that has to take care of you."

Violet- "You are the biggest drama king I've ever met! I've been living with you for barely two days and of those two days we've been together for a grand total of four hours at the most."

Kakashi- "…well it's my apartment." Violet- "You're hopeless. Fine, you win." With that she left his room with Kakashi yelling after her.

Kakashi- "Damn straight I win!" Violet- What a kid… "Now I'm bored." Kakashi- "We could go out again."

Violet- "Yea, I guess. Where to?" Kakashi- "Wherever you want." Violet- "If only I knew anywhere to go in this place."

Kakashi- "Right. Well I suppose we could just walk around and stop at anything that catches your interest." Violet- "Sounds good." So they took off. They ended up walking to the practice fields.

Kakashi- "Feel like training?" Violet- "Sure." Violet got out some shuriken and started throwing them.

Kakashi- "You're pretty good with those. Have you tried Kunai yet?" Violet- "No." Kakashi- "Here." He tossed her a Kunai which she caught and examined.

Violet- "I think I like this better." She began to toss it in the air and catch it. Kakashi- "Try your skill with that." She threw the Kunai and got a perfect bull's eye on the target 50 feet away.

Kakashi- "Amazing. I've never seen anyone get the hang of this so fast." Violet- "Yea, I'm awesome. I know." Kakashi- "Ok. So far we know that you have near perfect aim and you can run fast without getting tired. What about your strength? Can you fight?"

Violet- "Let's find out." Violet lunged at Kakashi. Catching him completely off guard she managed to punch him straight in the right eye. The force of the punch sent him back 20 feet. Violet looked on with her mouth wide open. She then ran over to Kakashi.

Violet- "Kashi-Kun! Are you alright? Can you get up? Do you need help? Where's the hospital?!"

Kakashi- "Oww… Calm down. I don't need a doctor, just some ice. Man, you pack quite a punch. If I didn't know better I'd say you were as strong as Tsunade-sama herself."

Violet- "Tsunade?" Kakashi- "She was a very skilled medical-nin with super strength."

Violet- "Oh. Well are you sure you're alright? That looked like it hurt." Kakashi- "Yes I'm sure, and yes it did. Now help me up. We should get going before I pass out."

Violet- "Okiey Day." So she helped him up and they went back to their apartment. Kakashi- "Just lay me on my bed." Violet- "Alright. Here you go. Comfy?"

Kakashi- "Very. Could you get me some ice?" Violet- "Yea, sure. I'll be right back." She came back shortly with a bagful of ice and a towel.

Violet- "Here." Kakashi- "Thanks. I think it's about time you go to bed." Violet- "Yes sir. I'll see you in the morning, Kashi-Kun." Kakashi- "Goodnight, Vio-Chan!"

Violet- "Kashi-Kun! I made you breakfast! Well, I tried to and then I realized that I can't cook." Kakashi- "Well thanks, I guess. Just get me the cereal." Violet- "Yeah, about that." Kakashi- "What?"

Violet- "I spilled it trying to cook for you." Kakashi- "Now what are we going to eat?" Violet- "Let's go out. Half a box of cereal wouldn't be ehough anyway. We can buy more while we're out."

Kakashi- "Ok. Let's go. You'll have to help me though. My eye is bruised shut." Violet- "Sorry." She helped him out the door and they went into town looking for a place to eat.

Violet- "Now where was it I went with Shikamaru and Chouji yesterday?" Naruto- "Oi! Vio-Chan!" Violet- "Naruto? Where did you come from?"

Naruto- "I saw you walking so I decided to come over. Who's that?" Violet- "Oh him? He's noone, he doesn't matter."

Kakashi- "I can still hear you, you know." Violet- "Shut up. Naruto, we need a place to eat that isn't Ramen. Know anywhere?"

Naruto- "Not Ramen? Hmmm.. I do know where the bbq place is. We could go there." Violet- "Alright. Let's go." So they headed to the bbq place. Turns out it was the same place Violet, Shikamaru, and Chouji had gone the morning before. Once they got inside they found Chouji and Shikamaru ordering.

Naruto- "Hey! Chouji! Shikamaru!" Shikamaru- Tch.. Naruto, Mendokuse.. "Hey." Chouji- "Hey Naruto, Violet-san. Come eat with us!" So they all went over and ordered, then ate.

Kakashi- "Ok Violet, it's about time for you to go to school. We can go shopping after." Naruto- "after that we have to go to Sasuke's place for your party!" Kakashi- "Party?"

Violet- "Apparently it's my birthday today. Alright, let's go. I'll see you later Kashi-kun." They all went off to school. They sat in the same places and learned more about chakra and hand signs. By the end of the day Iruka concluded that Violet was a ninja genious who may even surpass Uchiha Itachi. Afterwards Violet met up with Kakashi.

Violet- "Can you see again?" Kakashi- "Barely, but it's getting better." Violet: "Sorry again. I don't know my own strength." Kakashi- "It's no problem, really, it helped us learn something new about you. Not only are you a ninja genious, you also have super-strength." Violet- "Wow, I'm so gifted." Kakashi- "I can't wait to see you master your gifts." Violet- "So, we going shopping or what?" Kakashi- "Let's go."

After Shopping

Kakashi-"Don't you think you over did it a little?" Violet- "What do you mean?" Kakashi- "I mean I've never seen so much in my life, it's everywhere." Violet- "I eat a lot. Which reminds me, I have to go to my party, any idea where Uchiha lives?" Kakashi gave her directions to Sasuke's place and she took off.

Violet- "Wow, is this all his? It's like a little town. He can't live here alone." She continued walking through the Uchiha villa. Violet- "I guess the one with lights on is where I should go."

She walked in the door to hear, "SURPRISE!" Everyone from her class was there. Violet- "Oh what a surprise. There really was a party and here I thought I was going to be walking into an empty room."

Naruto- "Happy Birthday, Vio-Chan!" Sakura walked up to her. "Happy Birthday. And. I'm sorry. We got off on the wrong foot before."

Violet- "What are you apologizing to me for? Naruto is the one you were a bitch to." Sakura- "Sorry Naruto. I should have been nicer to you." She then took off to annoy Sasuke.

Violet- "Well that was weird and unexpected." Naruto- "Noone's ever apologized to me before." Violet- "Yeah, me neither." Just then Shikamaru and Chouji walked up.

Shikamaru- yawn "Happy Birthday." Chouji- "Yeah, happy birthday. So how old you turning?" Violet- "No idea." Chouji- "Oh right, I forgot." Naruto- "I say you're turning 12!" Violet- "Works for me."

Sasuke walked up to them. Sasuke- "Here." He said shoving a long box at Violet. Violet- "What's this?" She opened it and saw something long and shiny. She took it out of the box and held it up.

Sasuke- "You said you like sharp things so there you go. It's a Windmill Shuriken." She opened the shuriken. Violet- "Oooh, awesome." She looked up at Sasuke. Violet- "Thanks, I guess." Sasuke- "Whatever." He then walked away.

Violet- "Well there's one friendly guy. It was a pretty awesome gift though." Chouji- "I don't know. You should check out what Shikamaru got you." Shikamaru- "Quiet Chouji." Violet- "You got me a present? Where is it?" Shikamaru sighed. "Tch. Mendokuse. It's right here."

He pulled an envelope out of his pocket and handed it to Violet. Once it was open she immediately began drooling. Inside were All-You-Can-Eat tickets for every restaurant in the village. Shikamaru- "You seemed to like food so there you go." Violet had stars in her eyes as she finally lifted them off the tickets to gaze at the one whom had given them to her.

Violet- "These must have cost a fortune." Shikamaru just sighed and started mumbling incoherently. Ignoring his ramblings, Violet ran forward and embraced Shikamaru in a tight hug. Violet- "Thank you, so much!" He blushed and shyly hugged back. Shikamaru- "You're welcome, I guess."

Chouji- "Awww, you two are so cute together." Shikamaru blushed even more. Shikamaru- "Shut it, Chouji." Naruto then started laughing. Naruto- "He's right though, Shikamaru." Violet remained silently attached to the lazy boy at this point because, as much as she hated to admit it, they probably did look cute. Besides, it's not like being held by Shikamaru was at all unpleasant.

Chouji- "So if you two don't like each other, why is it you're still hugging? And rather intimately I might add." This was when both subjects of the conversation immediately detached from each other and blushed like crazy. Chouji and Naruto couldn't help but to bust out laughing.

Violet- "Tch, Mendokuse." This only fueled the laughter. She was starting to get really pissed when she noticed Shikamaru's stare. She glanced over at him, only to see him quickly look away. Taking advantage of Naruto and Chouji's laughter, she quietly made her way back over to Shikamaru.

Violet- "I don't suppose you'd want to ditch the party and cash in one of these tickets with me, would you?" He stuffed his hands in his pockets and avoided her eyes. Shikamaru- "The party is getting a little loud." Violet- "Come on, then." By the time Chouji and Naruto were calm again, their objects of humiliation were long gone.

At A Restaurant

Violet- "That was definitely a good idea." The food had already come and after her signature shout of, "Chew Attack!" she had devoured as much as she could have possibly fit into her stomach.

Shikamaru- "Why do you yell that before you eat?" She pondered the question for a moment. Violet- "I really don't know. There's just something inside me that says I should. I guess it has something to do with why I eat so much as well. It's too bad I can't remember anything. Oh well, I guess."

Shikamaru- "Everyone's probably wondering where we are." Violet- "Yeah, yeah. I'm sure. Hey! You know what would be fun?" Shikamaru- Sigh "What?" Violet- "We should go lay out and look at the stars." That didn't actually sound too bad to him. She stood up quickly and grabbed Shikamaru's arm. Violet- "Come on."

Once they were outside she began to look around. Violet- "I don't actually know where I'm going." Shikamaru sighed. "You're so troublesome. Just follow me." He led her to a field that he usually used to watch clouds. Upon their arrival, Shikamaru immediately laid down on the soft grass. Violet soon followed.

Shikamaru glanced over to see that she was staring intently at the sky. He was surprise when he heard her speak. Violet- "You know. With the amount of time you spend looking at me, some might be led to think that Chouji and Naruto's statements aren't completely inaccurate. Maybe you do like me." Shikamaru looked back up to the sky blushing.

Shikamaru- "And if I do?" She didn't reply for a while. Shikamaru grew nervous. Violet- "I'm hungry again." Shikamaru let out the breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding. Shikamaru- "Tch.. You're hopeless." Violet laughed. Violet- "But you like me anyway." He blushed again. Violet- "And maybe, I like you too. Even though you think I'm a troublesome, hopeless woman, who eats too much and wastes too much energy on annoying others."

Shikamaru glanced over at her again. She was no longer looking at the sky. This time Violet was looking straight at Shikamaru with a smirk on her face. Before he could roll his eyes, call her troublesome, and turn away, she leaned forward and placed a light kiss on his cheek. He blushed again. She laughed.

Violet- "Geeze, Shika. It seems you've done nothing but blush today." This of course didn't help and only made his blush that much deeper. Then he had an idea, and wore a smirk of his own. Violet looked confused for a moment before he leaned in towards her. He took his hand and placed it on her cheek.

Violet couldn't believe Shikamru was doing this. She blushed even more than him and held her breath, just staring in his eyes. Impossibly slow he came towards her, until finally he kissed her. In reality it wasn't long, but to them, it was an eternity and that ended all too soon. He pulled back to look into her eyes once more.

Violet- "Shikamaru.." Shikamaru- "Yeah." Violet- "I guess this turns the, maybe I like you, into a, I definitely like you." Shikamaru- "Tch, good, cuz I definitely like you too." Violet- "I want to kiss you again." Shikamaru- "That's good too."

A/N- Woot! Finally they're together! Anywhoo.. I know Violet seems kinda Mary Sueish.. but that's just because she's a saiyan. How awesome will it be when she finally turns SS in front of everyone. Oops, what that a spoiler? Oh well. I should be posting again sometime in the next week. I have lots of band stuff, so who knows.