Waluigi's Warrior

A Mario Strikers Charged Story

Gustauve Drakenhime III

Author's Notes: Hello everyone! Diamond City Contra is currently on hold at the moment – it's not that I don't have any material; it's just that I can only focus on one story at a time. Because I have done nothing but shoot at bad-guys and play Strikers Charged, that's all that I can think of at the moment… that and I'm a notorious procrastinator. Also, I would like to thank 'TrichaTheShort' for her review on the first chapter – I greatly appreciate any and all feedback.

And so as to not bore anyone out of their skull with my banter, here's chapter two of 'Waluigi's Warriors'.

Chapter Two: Round One - Waluigi versus Yoshi

… "God, are you hearing this?!" asked Kritter. "That's gotta be one big hell-of-a crowd, to make that much noise!" added

Toad. They were in their locker room, waiting for the match to begin – but by the sound of the fans, you would think that

it'd already started! Waluigi came bursting into the room, a grim, yet determined frown already in-place. "Alright, listen up

boys," he barked, "it's the first round of the semi-finals, and if we wanna make it to the cup then we had better not fuck

this one up!" Before anyone could interject, he continued, "Okay, our first opponent is Yoshi and his team of freaks – I

don't think I need to remind anyone about the last time we came up against that gay little bastard," at this, everyone

winced, "so this is an ample opportunity to get some good ol' fashioned revenge." "What's the plan, boss?" Kritter asked.

"We need to keep him and his team on their side of the field," replied their captain, "I don't care what you have to do so

long as you keep 'em off our side – that means we gotta start this round on the offensive." Turning towards Toad he

continued, "In order to pull this off, I'm gonna need you by my side at all times." "I can do that!" exclaimed Toad, excitedly.

Turning towards Hammer Bro and Dry Bones, Waluigi went on, "You two will need to stay close to the median for the

majority of the match, only leave it when we're assured a victory." With a nod, the two of them replied, "Right." "What

about me, boss?" asked Kritter. "Those hands are more than qualified to be used for more than stopping a football…" A

buzzer went off in the locker room. "That's our queue," said Waluigi, "now let's go out there and break some skull-caps!"

With shouts of affirmation, the team ran out the door and into their first match.

The stadium was packed! There were rows upon rows of screaming fans, all of whom were waiting for their favored team

to arrive. Surprisingly, many of them appeared to be fans of their team – donning purple clothes and waving purple flags.

As they proceeded towards the center of the field, Waluigi got a good look at their adversaries. There was a Birdo, a

Monty Mole, and a Koopa – a fairly well-balanced team, a bit on the slow side though. As they lined themselves up, Toad

remarked, "I swear to God, if that faggot tries to lick me again, I'll kill him!" This garnered a few chuckles from the team – it

was common knowledge that Toad was homophobic; something to do with his past – but no one ever asked and he never

told. Waluigi's smirk suddenly disappeared when he noticed that the enemy Koopa was leering at him. 'Wait a minute,' he

thought, 'I know that Koopa – yeah, he's the guy that gave me that shiner the first time around!' Turning to Hammer Bro,

he announced, "Change of plan – you see that guy right there?" "Ya mean the Koopa?" "Yeah," he confirmed, "I want you

to knock his ass out!" With a nod of confirmation, Hammer Bro set his sights on his new quarry. All eyes turned skyward as

Yoshi made his entrance – striking a pose. The buzzer rang, and in an instant the game was on! In a flash, Waluigi took

possession of the ball whilst simultaneously sliding past Yoshi! Stunned by the rush, Yoshi stumbled over his self.

"Wahaha, losers!" cackled the purple menace, as he ran down the center-field and towards the enemy goalie. 'Just gotta

test the water, that's all.' He thought to himself.

In a flash, he was up in the goalie box; grinning like a mad-man, he charged up for a shot and shouted, "Surprise!" The

goalie took the bait; leaving his post to charge the lanky captain. Grin widening, he hissed "Sucker." Realizing too late that

he'd just fallen for one of the oldest maneuvers in the book – the goalie tried desperately to rectify the situation, but it

was too late! Letting loose a massive kick, Waluigi made the first score of the game! Running towards the median, he gave

a nod to the rest of his team – lining up on the median line, the entire team pulled off their signature move, the 'crotch


The buzzer sounded off, and once again, Waluigi snatched the ball! Unlike last time, the enemy was prepared for this – the

Koopa was upon him in seconds, forcing him to turn tail and head towards the median! He could see the Birdo to his left,

and instantly rolled out of the way of what would no doubt have been a very painful tackle. Still keeping up pace, he

headed towards Hammer Bro. Instantly catching on, Hammer Bro. began running towards his captain – intent on fulfilling

his mandate. Grinning from ear to ear, Waluigi gave a nod and dodged to the left, just in time to avoid Hammer Bro.'s

mallet! The Koopa took the hit full-force; on the ground and in a daze, he could no longer bother Waluigi. Giving a nod of

thanks, Waluigi made a U-turn and continued on his way. 'This is a hell of a lot easier than I imagined it would b-' his

thoughts were momentarily interrupted when he noticed that the Monty Mole was seconds away from colliding with him.

Thinking on his feet, he punted the ball towards Dry Bones, who had subtly positioned himself right outside the goalie box,

and proceeded to take the hit. Rolling into his fall, he got up in time to see Dry Bones pull off his signature move, the

'Electro-Shocker', and proceed to score! The crowd went wild; this was what they came to see!

Running towards his fellow team-mate, Toad exclaimed, "Hell of a shot you made there!" "Thanks," replied Dry Bones, "but

to be honest, I didn't think that he'd actually pass it to me." As he said this, the two of them turned to look towards their

captain – as usual, he was rubbing it in the opposition's face; mercilessly taunting the Monty Mole that tackled him.

"Jeeze," said Toad, "you'd think he'd stop taking it so seriously." They watched as their captain ran towards Hammer Bro;

patting him on the back and giving a nod of recognition. Then he turned in their direction and gave a 'thumbs up'. "Eh,"

replied Dry Bones, "it makes him happy, I think."

The third round started off just like the previous two; Waluigi took possession of the ball in a matter of seconds – and ran

down the center of the field. As demanded of him by his captain, Toad stuck close behind him. When they were only a few

meters from the goalie, Waluigi shouted, "Now!" Kicking the ball behind him, Waluigi proceeded to rush the goalie as an

artifice in the hopes of distracting him from where his priorities should have been. Taking the bait without a second

thought, the goalie was stunned when the buzzer signaled that a point had been made. It was upon looking back at the

net and seeing Toad standing there with a smug grin that the goalie realized all too soon what had really happened. A

large replay screen only confirmed what he had already deduced – Waluigi had passed the ball back to Toad, while at the

same time maintaining the goalies attention long enough for the playmaker to slip past them and score a point! The crowd

went insane – apparently, very few of them had actually witnessed what had really transpired until the replay; it was

phenomenal! Lifting the Toadstool upon on his shoulders, Waluigi paraded towards the center of the field. "Ya did good,

kid – real good!" Basking in his captains praises, Toad couldn't help but beam.

There were only 42 seconds left on the clock, and Waluigi wanted those seconds to count – Turning to the automated

referee drone, he yelled "Time-out!" while forming the customary 'T' symbol with his arms. "Time-out called…" announced

the drone – it then turned towards another drone and apparently began to discuss whether or not to allow such a

request. Fifteen seconds later and an agreement was reached upon – "Time-out granted." With a deviant grin, Waluigi

beckoned the rest of his team towards him. "Alright, we've got less than a minute and he score's 3 – 0," he explained,

"now normally, I would consider this a perfect game, but not this time; not after the beating we took from these losers the

first time around – I wanna make them hurt… literally; let's go for five!" A collective gasp was their first response, followed

by a few murmurs. Finally Toad piped in, "Welp, I'm all for it." Kritter soon followed then Hammer Bro. and finally Dry Bones

– it was unanimously decided that they would shoot for five – breaking the huddle, Waluigi turned towards the referee

drone and shouted, "Time-in!"

Assuming their positions, the team waited for the buzzer to sound – they didn't have to wait long. Things started off the

same for the first three seconds; Waluigi took possession of the ball and headed for the goal… then things took a turn for

the worst. The Koopa came out of nowhere and virtually blind-sided him. With a grunt, he hit the ground. Rolling into his

fall, he quickly righted himself in time to see that the ball was now in Yoshi's possession. The little dinosaur was speeding

down the field at an incredible pace dodging anything that tried to stop him with great finesse, until finally he was upon

Kritter. Yoshi failed to notice the enormous grin on the goalie's face as he neared the goal, nor did he notice the wall of

thistle and vines that was fast approaching him from behind. It wasn't until he was cut off by said wall of flora that he

realized something was amiss, and by that time it was far too late. Waluigi had successfully implemented his special

technique and had not only barred Yoshi's path, but effectively enclosed the both of them in a solid ring of impenetrable

thorns. With no one to claim possession of the ball, Critter immediately seized the opportunity to grab it. Wasting no time,

he tossed the ball over the hedge and into the fray, where Toad was waiting. Leaping into the air, Toad performed a

beautifully executed flip-kick – send the ball towards Dry Bones, who head-butted it towards Hammer Bro. who pulled out

a hammer and, with a mighty swing, slammed it towards the goal. With such power behind it, the ball virtually rocketed at

a wide arc past the goalie and into the net! The score was now 4 – 0 with 26 seconds left on the clock.

Just before the buzzer sounded off for the final round, Waluigi shouted to his team, "Rush 'em!" Knowing full well what this

odd exclamation meant, they prepared themselves. In an instant, Waluigi took possession of the ball, as usual, and

proceeded to run down the field. The only difference – the rest of the team (minus Kritter) were running down the field

with him, forming a diamond. Knocking down anyone in their path, they finally came close enough to implement their plan.

Waluigi punted the ball towards Dry Bones, who was on his 4:30. Once he did this, he began to harass the goalie with

several vicious comments about his mother, weaving in and out of the goalies grasp in an attempt to distract him. Dry

Bones, who now had possession of the ball, ran forwards, as if attempting to score – this managed to fool the Monty Mole,

who at the time had been taking up a defensive position near the goal, into action. But just as the lumbering oaf began to

attack, Dry bones passed the ball to Toad, who was on his 8! It finally came to the goalie's attention that the ball was in

play. Immediately realizing what the Purple Menace was really up to, the goalie rushed his aggravator and forcibly ran him

into the ground. By this time, Toad had already passed the ball Hammer Bro. who was already making his way towards the

goal! Now diverting his full attention to the Hammer Bro. the enemy goalie prepared for the shot. Pulling out his Mallet,

Hammer Bro. charged up and shot, and swung with all his might – and hit the ball off course of the net! Momentarily

stunned, the goalie only watched as the ball flew past him and towards… Waluigi!? Waluigi, who had once again rolled into

his fall was up seconds after he was downed, just in time to receive the ball that Hammer Bro. had passed to him. With

cackle, he head-butted the ball in and scored – with two seconds left to spare! The crowd went absolutely insane! Fans

attempted to enter the field, kept at bay by security drones, many fans got up and danced, even more began to hug

complete strangers! It truly was an awesome spectacle to behold! As he made his way towards the center of the field,

Waluigi raised his arms high and cried "Waluigi!" – the fanatical cheering and booing increased tenfold!

As the team entered their locker room, they couldn't help but feel that they could and would indeed win this! "That was

great guys," exclaimed Waluigi, "keep playin' like that and we're assured to win!" "Keep playin' like that," replied Dry

Bones, "and you'll wind up in a full-body cast." "Whadda ya mean by that?" asked Toad. "I mean," continued Dry Bones,

"that our captain took more than a fair-share of our collective bruises; I saw the little number that goalie did on him – it

wasn't pretty." "Guys," cried Waluigi, "I'm fine, really – a shower and a good night's rest and I'll be good as new." "You

sure?" asked Dry Bones. "I'm positive." As they left for the Strikers Complex, Waluigi tried to mask the limp he had in his

right leg – 'Then again, a little Aspirin wouldn't hurt…'

Thus ends Chapter Two.

So, what do you think of it? Is it okay? If you find anything wrong with it, please tell me and I'll fix it! Also, I would like to say thank you all for even bothering to read my stories – as that makes me feel accomplished! May the blessings of the Lord follow you wherever you may be.