What is better?

AN: This is my first try at writing a fan fiction and I hope you like it. This takes place while Belldandy is erasing Keiichi's mind as we see as a flashbacks on the end of the fifth of the Ova's. All the scenes of the future are predictions of what will happen. I broke it into chapter where I think would be a major scene change so some are longer then others.

The first chapter is mostly just them as kids but when you see it in the anima you hear their thoughts and not what is really being said.

I am sorry to say I do not own Oh my Goddess or I would be making more of the anima.


A young Belldandy was crying at a large tree yelling at it, as a young Keiichi walked up to her from behind and did not see him coming.

"WHY GOD WHY MUST I DO THIS TO HIM IT IS NOT HIS FAULT. I AM THE ONE THAT MADE THE MISTAKE WHY MUST HE PAY FOR WHAT I HAVE DONE IT IS NOT FAIR" yelled Belldandy at the tree. Hearing this caused Keiichi to stop in his tracks not knowing what to do. Therefore, he did the only thing he could do and listened.

Almighty: "You broke the rules and therefore for you must pay. You do not have your license yet so therefore can not make any heavenly promises to him. It was therefore decided, that as punishment, you must erase his memory and therefore remove the promise you made to him yourself."

"But I can not do it. I care for him too much to do something so wrong as invade his mind and remove what I know he considers so important to him" said as tears rolled down her face.

"If you do not do this there is only one other punishment and I could not stand to do that to you. It would be to eliminate you" as the Almighty's voice takes on a sad tone that could melt almost the coldest of hearts.

"I do not care I would rather suffer like that then…" as Belldandy was cut off my Keiichi "Do not say that. How could I go on knowing that you are suffering because of me? Take my memories. I give them to you freely if it will mean you will not have to suffer. It is my fault after all. If I had not made you that promise you would not be in this mess."

The Almighty was shocked by this. He had not seen so much love between two beings that had known each other for such a short time as these two children were showing right now. He knew it could not be lust as they where to young for such things and for the first time since creation was not sure what he should do as he had stated the only two options that was possible he could not make a third one now.

"Erase my memory," demanded Keiichi.

"No I can not do it I would rather die then do that to you" she turned her face from him.

"I'll remember. If I meet you again…" he said as he looked down to his feet.

Belldandy wanted to promise him as she gathered the magic into her hand and raised it to his head but she knew it would not be but she still prayed that some how would be able to defy the very heavens and do what he said. Then the worlds slipped out without her even knowing she said it in a whisper that no one but the Almighty himself could hear "I love you".