"They Must Choose"

As The Almighty, looked up the three girls where in tears, and this surprised him. He had thought that they would like this a lot from what Urd had said after the last file. Even so he would need to speak to them about it. "Before you ask there is more to this file that we could not even say. We couldn't even tell you about it because even by telling you, it would be dangerous. One thing that I will say, but not go into details about, is the fact the he has already demonstrated an ability to 'BREAK THE RULES'. Since I am not sure if this is limited to just him, or is it his entire family, I must be very careful with information. I do need everyone here's advice on this though and that is why you are here."

Megumi was the first to speak up. "I am not really sure why there is a problem here Sir. Except for the fact that the system is running weaker in the second file, to me it would be a no brainier which one to pick. Can you please explain to me why it is a problem?"

Urd looked over to her and spoke first "In part it is the system that could be the problem but there are a few other things. For one, no god or goddess has ever stayed on earth for that many years. The second is gods and demons have never interacted like they have in that file and if you looked past his life there could be a lot more from this that we do not or are not allowed to know about. The most important thing is that no time in history has a goddess ever willed herself to die or should I say lost the will to live. We do not have any idea what that could do up here or even in hell. Even with that said there is no choice here; he must be allowed to be with Belldandy."

Almighty: "Not only that but do not forget that you three sisters are in a way time itself. Urn is the past, Belldandy is the present, and Skuld is what will be. While someone else can take over their jobs it is not an easy thing and it would never be as good."

Skuld: "Is that why you could not see that is the correct choice for him? I know I care about Belldandy and I do not want to see her die but she was happy, Keiichi was happy, everyone they touched seems to be happy. Give them the better life before I regret letting my sister di…" as she breaks down into more tears.

Urd and Megumi walked over to her and held her while they were also in tears. As he looks at them, The Almighty knows there would be no more need to talk to them. He now knew what they wanted so he started to get them ready to go on their way.

As soon as the three ladies where gone he called Belldandy to him.

As the field around her seat in the back faded Belldandy started to stand up. As she turned to walk over to him, he could see she had tears running down her face but they where more tears of joy then of sadness. When she was within his reach she threw her arms around him and thanked him that she would be able to stay with Keiichi. "Belldandy I have not decided yet but it seems you have so please tell my why I should send you to your death so he can be happy."

"Father did you not feel my feelings? I was truly happy with him at almost all times. Yes there were times that I was very sad, and yes I fear the death that awaits me at the end but how can I not want to be with him. I know I will have four children and I know he will love me and them all his life. It is not just to see him happy that I want this but it is also for my own happiness. Can you not see all three of my sisters that were here also want this for me? While it was not in the report I know that Megumi and I will be like sisters and she will be a very good aunt. Please father, please let this come to pass."

"Thank you Belldandy. This has been very informative."

No sooner then she had left Carmela walked over to the Almighty and ask "what have you decided"

"Nothing yet Carmela I still have one more person to talk to about this. Keiichi, will you please come over here."

Carmela was shocked as Keiichi walked over to them. She had not noticed him the whole time he was here. She also knew it was very dangerous for him to be here, since they could not be sure how much they could block from him after he left.

"You have seen both of the outcomes and you have seen the other reactions to them. Now I must know which one would you rather have if the choice was yours?"

"Almighty I am sorry to say I must pick the first one you have shown me unlike the others have picked."

"WHAT YOU CAN NOT MEAN …" as Carmela shouted then realized it was not her place to be speaking.

"That is most interesting Keiichi. Can you please explain why you have picked that one?"

"There are 2 simple reasons for that Sir. The first one is that while we would all be happy for the most part in the second one and the system would be running better, the fact remains the system will be running worse after for much longer then I would be alive. The second reason is while I would love to be with her like that and have a family she is not meant to suffer like that. She cares too much for people and I would not want me to be the cause for her death." The last part coming out just over a whisper as the tears started to roll down his cheek.

While looking at Keiichi all but ready to break down a light went off in The Almighty's head, and with a tricky looking smile he spoke up. "Are you sure that you would want the first life forever? While you may not remember it you would be missing apart of her forever. I will also tell you she may live forever without you she would also never find someone like you to spend her life with and will be alone forever."

"She will not be alone though Sir. She will have her sisters with her and she will not suffer from my death like she would so please pick the first one for me" and this time he did break down and all out cried.

"Do not worry my Son everything will be alright."

After she had left Carmela walked back to The Almighty. "Sir I know I should not be in the middle of this but you can not let him do that to himself. Everyone can see that he would be much better off in the second one then the first. Please do not let him do this to himself."

"Carmela, do not worry. I never once said that he would pick his fate. I only asked him what one he would pick and why. He is a very kind and caring person so much that he must be protected from even himself."

"So you are going to send Belldandy down when the time comes so that she can be with him till the day he dies?" as a big smile appeared on her face.

"Not quite. You did not hear everything I said to him and in truth only his subconscious mind heard what I said. Do yourself a favor, when you go back to your desk have the computer bring up the wish he will make and you will see why this third out come will be best of all."

Not being sure what he meant she left him and ran to her desk. She entered in a request to see what wish Keiichi would make. One moment passed and the requested information came up:

"I wish for a goddess like you, to stay by my side forever" Pre-approved.

The End.

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