Sue1313: We'll see. Hey, it's their way of life.


Belongs to Wes Craven, New Line Cinema, and CBS. I made up the name of the hotel. I'm not sure how long cuts from razors would take to heal, so I hope I have it accurate even though I gloss over Morgan's recuperation. If not, I apologize.

The hotel was silent until a pained scream filled the air. Rossi, JJ, Hotch, and Prentiss all jerked awake.

"Derek?" Hotch asked, flipping on the light. The man was thrashing on the bed, blood streaking the sheets.

"Oh, my gosh! Call an ambulance!" Hotch cried. JJ pulled out her cell phone and did as she was told.

"9-1-1 emergency," the dispatcher announced.

"This is Agent Emily Prentiss and we need an ambulance at the Fairbanks Hotel, room 107B. One of our agents was just attacked and is very badly wounded," Prentiss told them.

"It's on its way," the dispatch promised. Minutes later, they heard sirens.

"That was pretty fast," Rossi noted.

"You gonna complain?" Hotch questioned.

"No, not really," Rossi answered. Almost immediately, paramedics burst into the room.

"Oh, jeez," one said when they saw Agent Morgan.

"Get him in the ambulance-quickly," another said. This was done and they sprinted away. Without a word, the other agents got into their cars and followed them back to the hospital. What is going on here? Prentiss wondered. Once inside, Derek was rushed into the emergency room. Meanwhile, Cp. Thompson had kept his officers in the hospital for observation. Hearing a commotion, they came out of their rooms and into the hallway.

"What in the world's going on now?" Joey wondered.

"Got me," Rick answered. They saw a stretcher with an African-American man on it being rushed by.

"Wasn't that the agent we just talked to?" Kincaid questioned.

"Yeah, it was," Nancy confirmed. They hurried in the direction of the emergency medical technicians.

"What happened?" Nancy wondered.

"He was attacked by four razors," a paramedic replied. The group looked at each other.

"Krueger," they chorused. Then, seeing Kristen's expression, Joey groaned.

"We just got out," he complained. She fixed him with a look. "All right, all right, all right. Just stop looking at me like that," he griped.

"Take us there, Kristen," Nancy instructed as they all sat down. They all closed their eyes, and concentrated on the dream world. They all stood up.

"Come on, let's go save a cop," Joey sighed. Then, they rushed off. In the boiler room, Derek began to crawl away. He couldn't believe the razors hadn't killed him. But what did this guy want from him? There was a chuckle and Krueger suddenly materialized in front of him.

"You want to know how I'm doing this, Detective?" he sneered. Derek panted. "It's simple-bait," he continued. The officer scrambled backwards.

"Hey, Krueger!" he heard someone shout. Krueger's scarred skin became even more horrible as he broke into a grin.

"Warriors," he uttered. He telekinetically pulled Derek closer. The officer groaned and tried to get away. When that didn't work, he reached for his gun. Krueger waved a finger warningly and the gun disintegrated.

"Wha-" Derek gasped. How was this possible? Krueger laughed sinisterly and continued to pull his victim along. The group panted as they hurried along the boiler room.

"Anyone see anything?" Nancy questioned. Everyone shook their heads, and then Kristen froze.

"What is it?" Rod asked.

"He's heavy to the left," Kristen answered.

"Let's go," Kincaid stated. They quickened their pace as they turned left. Hearing pounding feet, the BAU agent tried to look up, but he was unable to do so. Krueger laughed darkly and mentally lifted Morgan into the air.

"Look!" Alice cried, pointing.

"What is he doing?" Jacob wondered.

"Want him? Come and get him!" Krueger taunted. Then, he flung him through the air. Morgan grunted in pain as he hit a wall. Alice's eyes darkened and she let fire envelop her hand. Then, she tossed the fire at Krueger. The BAU officer started to fall to the ground.

"I got him," Rick assured.

"Right behind you," Kristen added. They flipped through the air and then quickly caught him. Krueger was knocked back and he stared at Alice, eyes wide.

"You all right?" Kristen asked.

"I think I'll live," Derek wheezed. Then, "What's with him?" They turned to see Krueger, surprisingly frozen in fear. What the-? they thought. Then, they saw what had his attention: Alice's hand of fire. She reared back her arm for another attack.

"HIT THE DECK!" Rick shouted, pulling the other two to the floor. There was a WHOOSH! and Derek could feel an intense heat filling the room. The officer peeked up to see the man engulfed in flames and the room starting to be so.

"KRISTEN, GET US OUT OF HERE NOW!" he heard someone shout. Derek gasped and jerked awake.

"Derek!" Prentiss shouted in relief.

"Man, that was some trip," Derek moaned. In the hallway, the group awoke.

"Okay, could we never cut it that close again?" Joey requested as they all picked themselves up.

"Yeah, I heard that," Kincaid agreed.

"Sorry," Kristen apologized.

"Come on. I wanna see if that guy's okay," Rod commented. They walked into the room.

"Hey, how you holding up?" Rod asked.

"Man, how can you guys be so calm? I mean-that guy nearly killed us. If you hadn't stopped him-" Derek started to say.

"We haven't stopped him," Nancy interrupted.

"What?" Derek questioned.

"At least…not for good. He always comes back," Kristen added.

"That's why we keep it to ourselves. So it doesn't get out of Springwood," Rod stated.

"Yeah, I can only imagine the chaos he could cause if he grew even stronger than he was," Derek said. Just then, a doctor came in.

"How are you feeling?" he questioned.

"Well, like I told them, I'll live," came the answer.

"That's good. We managed to get to your wounds pretty early on, so you'll only have to stay for a week," the doctor told him.

"Wait. I'm stuck here for a week?" Derek questioned.

"Oh, come on. I bet it goes by fast," Emily assured him. She turned out to be right. A week did go by fast. When Derek was finally released, they all went to their plane and boarded.

"All right, all right. Easy now," Prentiss said, helping him along. He pulled out of her grasp.

"Prentiss, I appreciate the concern and help, but I got it," he told her. Then, he went to sit down, and the others did the same. The pilot started the plane, and headed for home.