Because Naruto is too kind for his own good.

Despite the number of years that past, he would always remember the hate filled glares directed his way. He would always have the whisker shaped scars to remind him of what he truly was. But besides all the daunting challenges and seemingly cruel people he faced, he forgave them. He knew they hated him for what they thought he was, and he could understand that. He could accept that. He would always be the Kyuubi container, the demon vessel and no matter how many lives he saved or how successful his missions were, that fact would always remain the same. Kyuubi has always been, and would most likely remain the only constant in his life.

He had been afraid when he learned what he truly was, but had then understood why the villagers acted the way they did around him. He learned the reason behind the hateful glares and cruel words, and if was honest with himself, he was afraid of this thing inside him as well. He could hardly blame the villagers for their fear, and the precautions they took to protect their loved ones.

People feared what they didn't understand. That was simply a fact of life. It was human nature to stay away from something seen as intimidating, especially when your parents or anyone you look to for guidance warns you with urgency that the weird little kid, with the too small shoes, and unruly blond hair is dangerous.

Frankly, he would have stayed away from such an obviously lonely child too, if someone had taken the time to tell him such things. Things could have been so very different ff there had been someone, anyone at all to care for him. A father to play catch with, or to teach him new jutsus. Or a mother to smother him with kisses in public even when he was embarrassed or to cut his sandwiches into triangles like all the other kids. He would have given anything to make someone proud of him, anyone at all.

Things weren't like that however, and he didn't grow up with someone constantly looking out for him and his health. The people of Konoha looked out for each other and protected their children from the Kyuubi Child. Kami forbid if someone had tried to protect him, they would have been isolated much the same way he had been.

And yet, now looking down at his village he couldn't help but be proud of the people he serves to protect. Even if they wronged one child, they did it out of fear and misunderstanding. They isolated him to protect themselves and their children, their family and friends. Even though he was wronged in so many ways, and was constantly neglected it was out of love for the other people in their village. Out of love and friendship and family.

He couldn't help but respect that.

He wanted to protect that.

Even if he never became Konoha's Hokage, he would still protect these people. Because he understood the want to protect the people you love, to see them safe and happy and free of worry, or pain. The one thing Naruto could say with absolute certainty is that he never wanted to see anyone; man, woman or child, isolated in such a lively society.

Hokage or not, he would due his damndest to make sure that never happened again. He would prove to everyone in his village, and anyone willing to listen, that your fate was not set in stone, and that one glance did not determine who a person was.

He would accomplish his dream.

Or die trying.

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