A frisson is a brief moment of trilling excitement. Like a quick. Emotional shudder.

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Time is the enemy. No matter which way you look at it, it is. Without time there wouldn't be boredom. And without boredom my life would have remand normal. Kira has been killing criminals for quite some time now and the world has become better. The news keeps broadcasting criminals names and they continue to die. This is the way it should be.

It was a Tuesday, the day I went to take my Criminology class. I was a top student in my class but I shared that ranking with Light Yagami. I knew there was something up with him because he always seemed to leave when something big happens related to Kira. Most people would think he is investigating him and trying to bring him down but I knew better. I have had these suspicions for a while now that Light Yagami is Kira. I have yet to confront him about my discovery. He seems in somewhat of a distress. I know I must do it soon. All I need was a plan and a for him to trust me so that we can make the world a better place.

" Emily," asked my teacher " Will you please give us your thoughts on the Kira case." Perfect Opportunity " Of course I will, Kira is someone who is dedicated to justice. He seems to be the kind of person who would risk there very being for our world. I believe in what he is doing. Our Criminal Justice System is corrupted we let the guilty go free and the innocent get hurt. Kira understands this and is doing something about it. Some people say he is a monster and is childish. Well I say those people just need to open there eyes," I looked straight at Light, " and see the revolution of the new world." I finished still staring at Light with the most serious look I could give. Everyone in the classroom stared talking and debating about Kira. Everything had gone just as planed.

I saw Light staring at me wide eyed and amazed. It seems I must have hit a nerve he must be Kira. I bet he is debating right now whether to confront me or not. Well Kira I'm ready when you are

I got out of my seat and started heading out the door when someone caught my shoulder. " Your speech was amazing, but do you really feel that way about Kira or was that all for show." asked Light. " Your a detective to be aren't you, I'm sure you can figure it out." and with that I walked away looking over my shoulder I winked and continued walking. This is just to much fun

This girl is to much. Does she realize that I am Kira? How could she though its not like she has access to any information concerning the case right? And is she really a supporter? I have to admit it would be pretty hard to talk so passionately about something if you didn't believe in it but still. I can't make a mistake I have to be sure she really does believe in Kira as she proclaims. But how? If she really does believe then maybe she could be of some help. She seems so strong willed and I know she is intelligent. Unlike Misa who would jump off a cliff if I told her to. But do I really want someone like that be my side someone who is smart, strong willed, and beautiful. Hell Yes! You better run Emily if that is your real name cause Kira is coming after you.

I reached my apartment and went inside to the kitchen. I got out my usual strawberries and apple juice and went over to my computer to check my emails. This is something that I have gotten into the habit of ever since I came to Japan. Its the only reminder of my old life in America. My old boring life. Getting accepted at the Japanese university was the greatest moment of my life. I had always loved Japan and knew the language fluently there was no reason not to accept the offer. I was top of my class in high school and I still am in college. I spoke not only English and Japanese but Spanish, French and German as well.

If Light was going to make a move I shouldn't expect anything for awhile. But I was proven wrong. For inside my email box it read

One New Message from Light Yagami

I clicked on it excited trying to think about what the content would be and was amazed at what I found.


I believe you speech today was pure at heart and that you really do believe in Kira. I also think you know something that everyone doesn't. Do you want to confirm this? If so I would love to help you out.

E-mail me with an answer when your up for the challenge.


He was messing with me and challenging be at the same time. Everything he wrote in that e-mail was complete tease. He knows that I know and he is trying to test me. Well Mr. Kira two can play at that game. And with that I started typing the e-mail that would change my life, Forever.

Hello Everyone! There are no LightxOc stories out there so I decided to make one. I have the last chapter all done. Its the only reason why I am writing this story. I really am an L supporter but seeing as this is my first Death Note fanfic I wanted to do something completely original. Reviews and Your Predictions would be nice. I think I also might write a LxLight story as well as an LxOc story. Plus I have to keep working on my Twilight Stuff. Lols Lets hope I can keep this all up.