A frisson is a brief moment of trilling excitement. Like a quick. Emotional shudder.

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Light's P.O.V

I did it. I sent the email. It was challenging yet straight forward all at once. There is no way she won't respond back. She wants to know as much as I want to find out and thats a lot. Now all I have to do is sit back and wait for a response. Hopefully it will have a place and a time to meet seeings as she wants to be a detective I'm sure she'll want to control where and when we meet just in case. I know I would but I'll let her have the honor.

Grr, I'm getting excited I guess I'll just check my email one more time...

1 New Email


Hopefully you will respond to this email promptly. I'm sure you can help me decipher my new found information. So sent me a time and a place to meet and I'll be there. That is if your up for the challenge. And yes I know something everyone doesn't.

Can you figure it out,


Wow, she challenged me right back and with equal determination. I underestimated this girl. Well its no matter I accept this challenge. I started typing thinking of exactly the right words to say. I had to be careful not to give anything way just yet.


Why don't we meet at my house around 8:00 tonight. I'm sure we can sort everything out. By the way I to am in on the secret.


A new email just popped up as I was making waffles, Your place tonight interesting.

It was no surprise that he new I was suspicious of him being Kira. What was surprising was the way he took this threat. Of coarse he's not going to kill me seeing as I am a Kira supporter. As well I am one of the top students in our class he would be a fool to kill me and Kira is no fool.

I sent a response email simply saying See you then I know that there is nothing I can say or ask to prepare my self for what was about to take place. I just had to be patient and wait. It was 6:00 now just enough time to eat and take a shower. I quickly eat my waffles and got in the shower.

I don't no why I'm so nervous. I thought to myself as I was picking out an outfit. I mean its just Light right. I fiddled though my thoughts trying to formulate a plan of action but time could only tell what was to pass, and time was not on my side.

I was walking to Lights house wearing jeans and blue button down blouse with a white tank top underneath and blue heels. Very American I thought to myself. It would take maybe 20 minutes to get to Lights house. I had a lot of time to think. What if he kills me, What if he doesn't believe me, What if he was joking or lying. I knew all of these what ifs where untrue and unlikely but I was still freaked out. I mean why wouldn't I be nervous I'm about to go confront Kira, The Killer, Light Yagami.

By the time I was getting close to Lights house about 50 " What ifs" had come and gone in my mind. I now felt as I came to Lights house that I was prepared and ready. His house was very nice looking with all the flowers and trees in the front and windows. It made me feel very comfortable and welcomed. I walked up to the front door and rang the door bell. DING DONG DING DING! What a loud door bell. " Why hello Emily. I have been expecting you. Your right on time." said Light as he opened the door. " Nice to see you to Light." I said somewhat sarcastically. He smiled " We can talk in my room." and with that he let me inside.

His house was very nice looking and very normal. Not like I was expecting an evil castle or anything but it seemed to normal he defiantly was Kira. He took me upstairs. I looked and memorized everything I saw hoping to learn more about Light and his family. All I saw were lots of family photos and school pictures. Light didn't seem embarrassed at all in fact he showed no emotion as we walked to his room. It was a very quiet walk. We finally got to his room where he opened his door to let me in.

It looked just like a normal college students room would be except it was perfectly clean. He must have OCD or something. No wonder why no one can catch him. He closed the door and locked it with a click then went to staring at me. I walked over to a chair my his desk and he sat on his bed. " So what is it that we both know." he asked challengingly. I took this as my opportunity to make him squirm. I walked over toward him and whispered in his ear. " Kira, I know your secret." he tensed up and looked at me questionably. " How do you reason that?" he asked honestly. I responded " Well the fact that your always away when something Kira related happens and that when we talk about him you say that you hate him acting as a cover up. Most people would think your already working on the case with your father but I like to think outside of the box."

He just stared at me at this point trying to figure out his next move whatever that was. " Wow you really are as smart as you make yourself out to be," he paused got up and stared straight at me smiled. " What would you do now if you were Kira and someone found out?" Was this a test? " I would question there integrity before I told them anything, but you can skip that part Kira I truly do support your work and I would love to help." I paused " But alas You might not be Kira and I would have disgraced myself by thinking so. Oh well my search continues." I waited would he take the bait. I really did hope I could help but if I was in his situation I would be looking for bugging devices and what not. " Emily, that was the right answer." and with those words he did something I didn't expect he kissed me.

Oh so this is his way of looking for bugging devices. Ok Kira lets go you won't find anything.

It was the only way to see if she was bugged. Surprisingly this wasn't like the time I kissed Misa it was intense but she seemed to keep her cool either she was a good actress or she wasn't bugged there was only one way to find out. I felt around her back searching for any sort of device but found none. She must be telling the truth. I don't no what is going to happen I'll just have to wing it from here. I broke the kiss and she just stared up at me. " Did you find what you were looking for?" She asked " Nope and thats a good thing." I could tell this was going to get very interesting.

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