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Chapter 1: History

Kinomoto Sakura looked at the school in front of her blankly. She has came back…for revenge.

"Come on, Syaoran." said Eriol, a friend and cousin of Syaoran's. "It's just a bet. It'll be fun, so come on, do it!"

"But...but…" muttered Syaoran. "I don't want to…"

"You don't want to, or you can't?"

"Don't want to."

"You can't."

"Don't want to."

"You can't."

"Don't want to."

"You can't."

"Don't want to."

"You can't."

"Don't want to."

"You can't."

"Fine…I'll do it."

"Good, now get going."

LI Syaoran walked over to the fattest girl in school. Kinomoto Sakura had short auburn hair, which crowded around her face, and small emerald green eyes, which you could barely see under all the fat on her face. She was chubby and short. She was a loner and did things alone all the time.

"Kinomoto-san, would you like to go out with me?" asked Syaoran uncertainly.

Sakura gasped, having the most popular boy in school asking you out, especially when you were fat and ugly, was a shock. She stared into Syaoran's amber eyes and took in his always-messy chocolate coloured hair. 'Mmmm…chocolate…yum!'

"Okay." replied Sakura immediately, since it was not everyday that your long-time crush would ask you out.

Sakura would always laugh at her stupid self whenever she thought about how she acted before. She wasn't so ugly and fat now…in fact after she removed all the fat with training and exercising, she was described as beautiful.

She had completely changed now. Her soft silky curly auburn hair was level with her thin waist. Her eyes were, now, not just visible but huge and sparkling. Anyone who saw her would be attracted to her deep emerald-green eyes. She obtained a gorgeous body, which had all the curves in the right place.

In conclusion, she was strikingly good-looking eighteen year old girl. Everything a girl would want…hot looks, curvaceous body, clever mind…except the thing she wanted the most was not yet hers…REVENGE.

"Syao-kun, are you sure about this? Cause I think this is kind of wrong." questioned Sakura, breaking off from their kiss. They were in Syaoran's apartment where he lived alone. She was oblivious to Syaoran's cringing as she said her nickname for him.

"Quite sure…Sakura-chan." answered Syaoran, continuing with their kissing and reaching for private parts of Sakura's body.

That night, he took something very important to every girl from Sakura. Her innocence.

How Sakura loathed Syaoran for lying to her and taking that important thing from her. Even after he taken it, he continued to lie and take advantage of her and her body.

How much Sakura loathed Syaoran for the most horrible day of her life.

"Hey, Kinomoto. I don't want to see you ever again, okay? Everything I did with you was only a bet. Thanks for helping me win 10000 yen. Here you can take 1000 yen for your part in it." Syaoran told Sakura coldly, they were supposed to be on a date.

"But...but…I thought you loved me." stuttered Sakura, close to tears.

"No…what a disgusting thought…love you. The only thing keeping me from puking in your presence is your green eyes since green is my favourite colour. I would never have done it if it wasn't a bet." Syaoran turned and quickly walked away.

Sakura will always remember the day when she was heartbroken. She had phoned her father in Japan, being a Professor of archaeology at Towa University. She asked to come to him because she didn't want to stay in China anymore.

Her father had only left her here because she wanted to stay at her school. He had taken Touya, Sakura's brother, with him as well, even though Touya wanted to stay with Sakura. Though, Touya wanted to go back to Japan after a few years in China. Sakura didn't want to be a burden.

She will always remember her father and brother's shock when they found out her secret. Even she was surprised and nearly fainted, after hearing the doctor announce that she was pregnant.

She will always remember her brother's threat to kill whoever was the father of the child and the boy who broke Sakura's heart. Touya would also blame himself for not staying in Japan.

She will always remember how her father cared for her in everyway, not at all blaming her for being pregnant to some boy, who in turn also broke her heart. Also her brother stood up for her when she was bullied in her new school.

She will always remember how painful it was to give birth. She now had a one year old boy, called Shinakio. His name meaning faithful and bright, just like his personality. Although one year old, he has been a wonderful child to have. Obedient, cheerful and very smart and talented.

Oh. How she would love to see the look on Syaoran's face if he were to see Shinakio. Shinakio was a close copy of him, messy untamed chocolate brown hair with streaks of auburn, also with hazel eyes, emerald-green surround by amber. An amazing eye colour to say the least, a magnificent combination of the two colours.

No, she wouldn't put her son in danger. She loved her son, even if she didn't love the father. She would afford to lose her son in her plans of revenge. She kept him safely tucked away in America where he would be safe from his rich and powerful father.

She would not dump her child even though every time she looked at Shinakio, her heart would ache and tears would brim her eyes. Even though Shinakio couldn't talk, he would cheer Sakura right back up with his happy little cute face.

She will always remember how hard it was for her to lose all this weight and do all this training and achieve this kind of body. And all of this was in a year. Not to mention that she just gave birth.

Her revenge plan is a year long. However, she would go back to Japan every chance she has got to not miss out on her son. She would have to phone her son every night, even though Shinakio can't talk very well yet.

'I swear I will have revenge on Li.' thought Sakura, a few months ago.

"Eh…otou-san…can I go back to China to study for a school exchange?" asked Sakura.

"Why would you want to do that? To tell the father of Shinakio about his child? Or what?" replied Fujitaka, concern filling his eyes.

"Uh…nope…I just miss Hong Kong, that's all." lied Sakura.

"Fine, you can go but what about Shinakio?"

"He stays here with you…where he'll be safe…I will come back at every possible chance I can."

"Okay, but how long?"

"For maybe a year or something, unless something happens. Or until my revenge was completed earlier." Sakura whispered the last part so her father couldn't hear.

"Okay, tell your brother and phone the school for applying for the trip."

"Not a problem…you don't have to worry about me, Tomoyo-chan is coming with me!"

"Oh, that's a relief…you have to remember to take care of each other.

Of course, Sakura's best friend is coming with her to Hong Kong. Daidouji Tomoyo was the kindest person Sakura has ever met. Tomoyo was Sakura' friend since she arrived from Hong Kong. She was the one who had gone through all the hardship with Sakura, not matter what happened.

Tomoyo was beautiful to begin with. With mid-back deep pale purplish-blue wavy hair and purple amethyst eyes, she was also very popular, like Sakura, at their school in Tomeda, Japan.

Sakura will always remember that Tomoyo was the one who taught her things about fashion and girly stuff. Tomoyo was the only one in school who helped Sakura to get the body she has now.

She will always remember that Tomoyo is her forever best friend. Tomoyo helped her through tough situation and been with her through thick and thin. Tomoyo was there even when she was screaming about her discomfort and Tomoyo calmed her down.

Right now, Tomoyo is in their rented apartment fixing their things and checking out their place. She has happily let Sakura to walk around and explore her old neighbourhood.

Tomorrow is the first day of school; they were going back to Sakura's school.

Tomorrow is also the day that the plan for revenge will begin…

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