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Chapter 5: Oops They Did It Again

Syaoran, Tomoyo and Eriol were sitting besides her as they waited for the doctor to come out. They were absolutely desperate to know what happened to Sakura. Shinakio was sitting on Syaoran's lap as Syaoran kept him entertained.

"So your name is Shi-chan?" Syaoran asked.

"Shi-chan!" Shinakio called out, nodding cheerfully at his new fatherly figure.

Tomoyo still had the heart to squeal at Shinakio's cuteness even though she was scared to death by Sakura just moments ago. Syaoran and Eriol chuckled softly, not fully in the mood to laugh yet.

"So how is she, doctor?" Tomoyo asked as the doctor came out after he came out of the hospital room Sakura was in.

"She is fine." The doctor told them seriously. "You should not have let her get wet and not change clothes for hours. You could have killed them both!" He walked away to examine other patients.

"We know!" Tomoyo exclaimed, half self-loathingly. "If only we got on an earlier flight!" Tomoyo's eyes watered.

"Hey, hey," Eriol tried to calm her down. "Don't cry! Sakura is fine! She's not dead yet!"

Tomoyo glared at him through her tears and screeched, "Don't add 'yet'!"

"Oh…I mean…she won't be dead for a long time!" Eriol corrected.

"You make her sound like she's rising from the dead." Syaoran was clearly relieved as the tension in his voice disappeared.

"Uh…I mean…"

"Don't you dare!" Tomoyo warned him with a strict face. Syaoran gained the heart to snicker loudly at his slightly embarrassed best friend.

"Maybe you should see her? To ease your mind…?" Eriol suggested, taking the attention off himself.

"Excuse me! Can we go in to see Sakura?" Tomoyo asked a nurse, who happened to conveniently walk out of Sakura's room after she tidied up after the busy doctor.

"Sure! But she's asleep though and she just fallen asleep." The nurse answered sympathetically as she eyed Tomoyo's still yet-to-dried watery eyes.

The three of them walked into the big room Sakura was given. Nothing but the best for Li Syaoran's love interest. (A.N. Or should I say lover? ;P)

Syaoran stayed at the doorway as Eriol walked to the couch and sat down, and Tomoyo walked to Sakura's side.

Sakura was ghastly pale, Syaoran noted dully. Her normally pink lips were sadly reduced to being slightly greyish. Her usually lustrous hair was beside her in messy wisps. Though, nothing could change his love for her. However the only thing he felt right now was remorse

Tomoyo flew around Sakura in a helpless frenzy. She was full of activity as she ran around the room, setting things in her preferred places and preparing things for when Sakura wakes up.

Eriol's glaze turned from his girlfriend's active figure to his best friend's guilt-ridden face. He stood up from his seat and went over to him. "Hey, it's not your fault. Anyone would have lost their temper. If it was me, I was sure I might too, it is unpreventable."

"No, you won't. You are a gentleman, always courteous and smooth. I am nothing but a stupid maniac." Syaoran complimented Eriol, all while putting himself down further. Eriol gave his friend a wistful smile, knowing he cannot convince Syaoran anyways, only Sakura can do that now or else no one can.

When Tomoyo finally grew still without things to do, she sat down heavily on the couch. Seeing her tired form, Eriol called out, "Come on now Tomoyo, we should go rest ourselves. We only arrived today and Sakura won't be happy if we look dead when she wakes up."

"Don't use the word 'dead'! Or die, for a matter of fact." Tomoyo whined as she let herself be lifted by Eriol and pulled towards the door.

"I'll stay here. Here but take Shinakio" Syaoran volunteered and handed Shinakio over to Tomoyo, who received him.

"O…but you arrived today too!" Tomoyo exclaimed.

"It's okay, let's go, Tomoyo." Eriol urged and dragged an unwillingly Tomoyo away, with Shinakio adorably waving bye to his father.

Syaoran closed the door behind them and sat down in a chair beside the unconscious Sakura. He kissed her softly on her still hotter than usual forehead. He smiled his own wistful smile as he watched over Sakura for the remainder of the day.

Sakura woke up in the middle of the night, finding her left hand restrained. She looked down to see a deeply asleep Syaoran, holding her left hand against his cheek. She smiled as she drunk from the cup of water besides her, earlier prepared by Tomoyo. (A.N. The cup had a lid! So no water sitting with dust floating on it!)

Sakura slowly pulled one of her blankets and covered Syaoran with it, with difficulty since she only had one hand to use. She smiled down fondly at him and kissed him on his cheek before settling in a cosy spot and cuddled up to Syaoran's warmth to sleep.

She was always comfortable with Syaoran around her. Her mind naturally relaxed when she is near him; maybe it was his strong and protective aura, kind of like her brother's. She was sleeping like a log in a matter of seconds.

Tomoyo slowly crept through the door of Sakura's room. She nearly could not suppress her usual shriek of "KAWAII!" However in this situation the word "kawaii" is actually quite suitable.

Syaoran was sleeping on Sakura's left hand with his cheek on the back of her back. Sakura was curled up right around Syaoran and her left hand. She had a gentle and beautiful smile on her face.

Silently, Tomoyo slid her video recorder out of her bag.

She got a full 5 minutes of filming before Eriol came into the room and almost laughed at how his girlfriend is acting. Eriol got breakfast for all of them at a café just outside the hospital. He tapped her on the shoulder and she jumped a complete meter before turning around with a humorous expression.

"Come on, let's wake Syaoran up." Eriol suggested and looked over to Syaoran. "O…he is going to have a crank in his neck by the time he wakes up."

Tomoyo pouted regretfully. "I didn't even get 10 minutes of filming them in their cute sleeping position."

Eriol just chuckled and shook Syaoran awake.

Surely, when Syaoran woke up, his neck was hurting like someone just punched it. He nodded dazedly at Eriol and Tomoyo before walking off to the bathroom at the side of the room.

"Gosh, he looks tired." Tomoyo observed closely. Suddenly a moan to the side startled her. Without the warmth provided by Syaoran, Sakura woke up. Tomoyo immediately flocked to her like a mother hen.

"Are you feeling alright, Sakura-chan?" Tomoyo asked nervously.

Sakura smiled. "I am feeling better. Where am I?"

"You're in the hospital because you fainted from the fever you had."


"What exactly happened?"


"You don't have to tell me…"

"Well, I don't know why…but…"

"What is it?"

"Syaoran came to my house and he apologised and stuff…and then…"


"I told him about Shinakio…where is he?"



"Oh…he's being taken care of by my mother."

"Oh…there's a relief. Did he get hurt?"

"No. Now how did it go after you told him?"

"He kind of got angry…and I don't know why but I felt really angry too and suddenly depressed after he started yelling. I yelled back at him…and I couldn't help it…I'm guessing he hates me now…I hate myself too." Sakura started to sob. Syaoran's heart ached as he listened to her, but he is feeling too shameful to come out of the bathroom.

Tomoyo wrapped her arms tightly around Sakura while Eriol came close and patted Sakura comfortingly on the head. When her sobbing subsided, Sakura fell asleep again.

Syaoran treaded out of the bathroom once she was asleep. Tomoyo looked at him. He looked so pitiful; it's weird to see the always over-confident future leader of the Li clan and leader of the school like that.

Eager to take Syaoran out of his depressing mood, they took him outside to eat their breakfast.

Eriol, Tomoyo and Syaoran slowly strolled back to Sakura's hospital room after they had their breakfast and walked around the hospital to clear their minds.

They had arrived just in time to see the doctor walking out of the room, looking very concerned about something. He walked too fast for any of the three to stop him so they turned to the room.

Just before they were about to enter the room, there was a feint weeping sound. Syaoran paused and hesitated at the noise. He mouthed for Tomoyo and Eriol to go through while he waited outside, next to the door, leaning on the wall.

"Sakura!" Tomoyo gasped. Sakura was looking even more upset than while she was crying before.

"I…I…wa…wan…t…to…s…see…S…Syao…ran." Sakura choked out through her weeping.

"Do you want to see Li-kun?" Tomoyo questioned. Sakura nodded almost hysterically. "Now?" She nodded again.

Eriol and Tomoyo went to Syaoran outside the room and told him, "You heard what she said, we're going to go and give you so alone time…don't make her cry any more!" Syaoran nodded grimly and stepped into the room, closing the door behind him.

Sakura unexpectedly felt a strong and masculine hug around her. She cried even harder in his chest.

Syaoran did not know what else to do except for hugging her as tightly as he could. He can feel Sakura's shallow breath and his own heart was aching mercilessly.

"I…I'm…so…so…sor…sorry…" Sakura apologised, with her voice laced with regret.

"Why?" Syaoran asked. "I'm the one who should be sorry…I got mad at you for nothing."

"I…I'm…so…sorry...f…for…yelling…at you…I couldn't help it."

"It's okay."

"I…I'm...sorry…for…not…tell…telling…y…you about…Shi…Shi-chan…ea…earlier…I'm…sorry…f…for…l…leaving…Shi…chan….on his own….while….while…I got…s…sick…"

"It's not your fault!"

"It… is…if…I…I…had…take…taken…better…c…care…of…m…my… body…then…this would…n…never…have happen! I could have taken two lives away!"

"It's okay, Shi-chan was never in any danger!"


"About what?" Sakura shook her head vigorously.

"I'm sorry! I know you hate me enough already! I'm so sorry!"

"Sakura, Sakura, look at me and tell me what's wrong!"

"I'm…I'm…pregnant…" Syaoran had to lean in to hear her as she murmured the sentence.


"I'm sorry, I said I'm sorry!" Sakura's tone tried more hysterical and she burst into tears once again.

"Who said you need to say sorry?! I'm so happy! This time, I'm going to be here for you…now cheer up."

Sakura sniffled as she gradually calmed down. "You're not mad?"

"Why would I be? If we have another child, then Shi-chan would be less bored, won't he?"

"You're okay with it?"

"Yes! I'm not only okay with it. I'm overjoyed and Tomoyo and Eriol will be too when we tell them."

"I'm so glad!" Sakura cried tears of happiness this time around.

"Now, I know this is not a good time and place. But, Kinomoto Sakura, would you be so kind to become my wife? Even if I hurt you time and time again?" With this, Syaoran kneeled on one knee and pulled out the ring that he kept in his pocket all along. It was a beautifully designed ring with two little emerald on the side of a huge pink diamond shaped into a cherry blossom.

Sakura jumped on him and let out a true and sincere laugh. "Oh my gosh! Of course!" she squeaked. He tugged the ring onto her ring finger.

Syaoran smiled at her and twirled her around, like he did when she first came back to Hong Kong and accepted him again. He kissed her tenderly on the lips and spent some good old quality time with her.

To be sure, Tomoyo and Eriol kind of expected the worst when they came back into the room. What they saw shocked them. They nearly ran out, out of guilt of interrupting such a cute moment says Tomoyo afterwards, after what they saw…except Tomoyo cannot miss such a precious moment.

"KAWAII!" Tomoyo screamed as she dug her bag for her video recorder. Eriol stood next to her awkwardly.

"Ano, what are you thinking about, Tomoyo-chan?" Sakura asked, with her face red and clearly embarrassed.

"I don't care." Tomoyo shouted as she focused on her recorder. "Don't you guys dare move!'

Syaoran sweat-dropped. His head was currently on Sakura's exposed stomach because he was eager to sense the life of his second child with Sakura. He wrestled Sakura into a good spot and proceeded to listen for anything that was a noise. Sakura had no choice but to find a comfortable position and smile at her new fiancé's cuteness. That's when Tomoyo and Eriol came…

After awhile, Syaoran could not take it anymore and lifted his head. Just as Tomoyo was about to start yelling, he told her, "We had something to tell you two."

"If it's about the ring, don't bother." Eriol chirped in cheerfully and Tomoyo nodded enthusiastically.

"Yeah, well, there's something else." Sakura continued, as her face was reddening again.

"Oh my gosh! You don't mean?" Tomoyo raised her question.

"Oh my gosh! How did you know?" Sakura cried in response.

"Oh my gosh! I could so see it in your face!" Tomoyo replied.

"Okay…ladies…if you don't mind I would like to know what is going on here? I have no idea about what you two are trying to say with your 'oh my gosh!'s." Eriol stared at the girls like they were aliens.

Sakura and Tomoyo giggled in unison. "Boys!" they sighed together.

"Hey!" Syaoran warned before saying to Eriol, "So let me tell you, Eriol, that my dear Sakura is…"

"Going to model for me!" Tomoyo chimed in. Sakura laughed whole-heartedly while Syaoran raised his brow at them.

"Tomoyo-chan! Don't change the subject!" Sakura laughed.

"Okay, okay…" Tomoyo giggled back. "Anyways, she's, and drum roll please, p…p…p…pregnant!"

Eriol wolf whistled. "Dear little cute cousin, you sure work fast."

"Shut up!" Syaoran blushed.

"I get to plan your wedding!" Tomoyo sang happily.

"Thank you! I love you Tomoyo-chan!" Sakura squealed excitedly.

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