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Jak nearly jumped when her heard the floor creak under his feet. Daxter shifted nervously on his friends shoulder. The ruins of this old village were old and it was evident a fire had taken place here long ago but for some strange reason plants had never over run the place. Jak continued walking softer then before.

"I am going to give Tattoo Wonder an earful when we get back for this. This place is awful."

Daxter said quietly but his voice held none of his normal cockiness. Jak silently agreed about this place it reminded him some what of Sandover but it scared him to think that their far off home being like this.

"Jak can we leave this place, its just not safe to be here." Daxter said nuzzling his head into Jak neck scarf. "Please Jak, I hate this place. Bad memories," he muttered.

Jak raised at eyebrow at that. Now he was worried. A rustle of fabric caused Jak to spin around however what ever had made the sound was not there. Turning back around he saw what appeared to be a woman standing on a burnt platform. She gazed down softly at them but Jak was sure it wasn't him she was looking at. Jak was doubtful if she was real or nothing but a figment of his nervous mind.

"Jak," Daxter said softly causing Jak to look at his friend but when he looked back the woman was gone. "Lets go home buddy,"

"Sure Dax," Jak said turning around but not before he swore he heard a voice whisper

"Daxter welcome home,"

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