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Honest Living

(The Davis Family)

Roger and Mimi's marriage has been going great for the past few years. Roger and Collins are now the owners of the Life Café. Mimi still has her dance studio and it has become a huge success in alphabet city, and Tori is now 11 and in the 6th grade. She is one of the smartest kids in her class.

(The Cohen Family)

Mark has had a rough five years, raising 3 kids. Luckily, he has his friends to help him with a lot of things. He is still taking Mickey's death hard and hasn't tried to move on with his love life. The filmmaker still works at Buzzline. Luke is 11 and isn't doing so good in school. He gets bullied a lot and doesn't have many friends. Michelle is now 13 and is almost in high school. She is very popular in school and is president of the Drama Club. Samantha is now 5 and looks exactly like Mickey.

(The Collins Family)

Collins is now part owner of The Life Café with Roger, Angel is still working in fashion, Max is now 17 and is a junior in high school. He is the president of GSA and is the only openly gay guy in school.

(The Jefferson family)

Shockingly, Joanne cheated on Maureen with her secretary and Maureen caught them in bed. Maureen decided it was best for she and Joanne to separate. Maureen bought an apartment not to far from the loft. Joanne and Maureen share custody of Elsie and Scott. The twins are 13and are taking the separation different ways. Elise is angry with Joanne for cheating and Scott is mad at Maureen for leaving Joanne. This problem causes the twins to fight…a lot.

Voice: I'm back from Vegas!

Me: You were gone for two years….

Voice: I know! Miss me?

Me: No.

Voice: What did I miss?

Me: you missed a crappy 5th and final story in the Crush series.

Voice: What story is this?

Me: a new and improved 5th and final story in the Crush series.

Voice: I thought you were done with-

Me: I know, I know, but I have more hot, funny, adventurous, depressing, sick and twisted ideas for this story.

Voice: Is Kate coming back for this one?

Me: No, I promise.

Voice: Is Mark going to find love again?

Me: Maybe….Maybe not?

Voice: How will it end?

Me: I'm not telling you.

Voice: Please!

Me: No! but you I will be posting the first chapter soon.

Voice: quick question.

Me: shoot

Voice: Is Burt Reynolds going to be in this one?

Me: Goodbye, Voice.

Voice: you didn't answer me.

Me: What does Burt Reynolds have to do with this story?

Voice:….I don't know.