Chapter 2: Chapter 2: Deep In The Heart Of The Indian Jungle

A boy no older than 15 ran through the trees Jumping here and there but stopping every 20 steps or so to catch his breath. He began to run again only to have a long silver wire catch his ankle. He fell to the ground with a sickening crunch. He'd landed on his left arm; he struggled to stand and got up right as another strand caught his neck. He forced himself to try, but the Jump wouldn't work just caused the electric current surging through him to double. Next thing he knew he was trapped on the ground and then it all went black and he took one last gasp of air and muttered 2 words, "Fuck you".

Back At The Apartment

I had yet to see our third roommate but I knew he was there occasionally. According David he was spending most of his time rebuilding his lair that they had destroyed that fateful day two years ago. Apparently there was a lot of fire damage, this I had yet to understand. It was about 12 o'clock and I was walking back and forth in front of David's wall of Jump sites.

There was a rough knock on the door and David looked at small camera monitor in the kitchen. There were 3 men outside with shiny silver metal briefcases and some really weird suits. David shushed me and motioned for me to take the pictures of the wall as he grabbed several duffels marked EMERGENCY MONEY. My eyes widened as I began franticly pulling off pictures. The door flew open then slammed closed. I heard the cord whip through the air before I felt it wrap around my ankle, I watched the pictures float to the ground almost as if in slow motion. I tried to jump across the room and succeeded I heard David say, "Holy fucking shit!" In the background,

I swear I must have looked amazed myself because I heard the third whip through the air and catch my other ankle. I jumped quickly landing upstairs and tore frantically at the cords practically ripping a layer of skin of my fingers each time. I got them off finally as a scream pierced the air, David! Damn! I grabbed the metal baseball bat next to me and Jumped back down stairs landing behind one of the two Jumpers the baseball bat landed on his head with a sickening yet somehow satisfying crunch.

"I like that sound" I whispered into the second one's ear before crushing his skull with the bat too. The third on looked horror struck as I advanced closer to him gaining speed and strength with every jump, and I was advancing pretty damn fast. Out of the corner of my eye I watched as David kicked himself out of the cords instead of the frantic tearing I had done, which in the end caused more damage to me than those fucking cords.

The splitting crack on this one was louder.

I didn't like it.

I fucking loved it. It was a thrill I'd never had before.

The power to destroy.

And I. Wanted. More.

David quickly tied up the half dead Paladins and put, well actually more like threw, them in Griffin's rarely used room, hmm must be his job to dispose of them.

I felt the air whip around me and then David had me pinned behind the door in a matter of seconds. I sucked in a quick breath when I realized where his hands sat… they sat just above my hip his fingers tingling the bare skin on which they sat. I wanted to melt right there.

"David, it's just me you pansy." Griffin called in a thick British accent. David released me and I smiled slightly as he stepped out from behind the door. I popped out several seconds later apparently interrupting their conversation. I watched the smirk dance on Griffin's face as he took in my appearance, the teased up hair, tight McFly concert tee, the skinny jeans, &+ same baby blue converse from the day I first met David.

"Well isn't she a pretty little thing, looks like a Barbie doll" Griffin stated laughing while I watched in amusement as David hit him,

"What I'm just tellin' the truth!" Griffin said with a laugh before jumping behind me. I spun on my heel to face him and gave him a suspicious look, only to have him jump behind me again.

I turned quickly grabbing him by his hair, "I swear on my fucking life if I ever catch you doing that again, Barbie's gonna drop you in the largest shark pit She knows, 18 miles of the coast of Donald Fucking Trump's private island. K? Thanks." I said before releasing my grip on his hair.

"I like that one. Feisty lil' thing, Barbie is." Griffin said to David with a quick raise of his eyebrows and a snap of his teeth in my direction. I rolled my eyes and walked back towards the balcony.

"She will hurt you" David said slightly worried.

I turned and snapped my teeth back at Griffin, "3 Paladins one baseball bat, Two minutes, Barbie ain't so perfect. So….Now what do we do?" I asked looking out and over New York.

"We fight back." Griffin and David replied at the same time.

"What's that metal building over there?" I asked curiously pointing at a small metal dome in the distance many miles past the outskirts of town.

"That would be the New York sector of the Palladins little operation." Griffin said matter a fact-ly.

"I say we take it down" I replied smirking.

"It's impossible to take them down, yeah" Griffin replied like I was retarded.

"Griffin, she's not phased at all by the voltage of the shocks." David said slowly, "And she kicks some serious Paladin ass. It's only impossible if she can't do it, then we're screwed,"

"I feel so loved" I said sarcastically looking back at him shooting him a death glare. They both put their hand up in retreat. Something beeped and Griffin pulled something out of his pocket that resembled a home made GPS. He smirked and Jumped away

40 Minutes later

David and I were making a pile of stuff in the living room to Jump to the new lair Griffin had finished when Griffin himself appeared, a bloody faced, badly bruised, body in his arms. David's eyes widened as Griffin growled, "Lair Now". David and I grabbed what we could and he took my hand Jumping us easily.

By the time we'd gotten there Griffin had laid the body, which turned out to be female but you couldn't tell from the river of blood flowing down her face, down on the couch and pulled out a first aid kit, "she's barely breathing" he reported quietly as I knelt down next to her and pulled on a pair of gloves. I cleaned several knife wounds and scratches before she began to flinch to the touch. I'd just begun to bandage the last wound when she opened her eyes and let out a blood curdling scream as she jumped up only to cringe. I watched as she tried to Jump but she only flickered slightly. I pulled off the gloves calmly finger by finger before standing up and reaching to get her down.

She screamed, "DON'T TOUCH ME!" and flinched away her voice cracking as her bloodied brown hair swung into her emerald green eyes with every painful move she made. I Jumped onto the couch next to her and back down before Jumping up again. Her eyes widened, and then widened more David and Griffin began jumping to various spots around the room. She sat down shakily and I sat next to her, "I'm Katy." I said slowly giving a small smile.

Griffin walked over, "I'm Griffin" he said slowly with sexy accent of his.

David, like the cute pain in the ass he was. Jumped over causing her flinch slightly and then wince from the pain of flinching, "I'm David"

Griffin looked at all of us and gave grunt, "Just because we're working doesn't mean you can all stay here."

"Griffin!" I snapped.

"Barbie!" He snapped backed, I gave a grunt of disbelief and narrowed my eyes at him; and then I Jumped behind him. I ran a finger up his back slowly, "Please?" I asked quietly,

"No" he said slowly as if thinking. I jumped in front of him quickly and kissed him slowly before asking again, "Please?"

He sighed obviously happy, "I guess"

I hugged him, "Thank you, Griffin!" I squealed. The girl still looked confused when I turned around and asked, "Do you have a name?"

"M-m-Marla" She replied quietly her hands shaking.

"When was the last time you ate, Marla?" I asked quietly sitting down and laying a hand on the only unwounded part of her shoulder.

"2 days ago, they'd been chasing me, I-I never had time." She replied in a whisper.

"David, can you /walk/ over and get her a bottle of water and something to eat please?" I asked. Reluctantly he walked over and brought me things I'd asked for,

I opened the water and handed it to her before opening the bag of carrots. I set the carrots next to her and watched look at them before grabbing several eating them quickly, "Slow down…you'll make yourself sick" but she didn't and several minutes she was outside puking.

15 minutes later

I went outside to check on Marla but she was gone, "FUCK! DAVID! GRIFFIN! GET YOUR ASSES OUT HERE NOW!" I screamed right as I saw the Jump Scar she'd left. They came running out right as ran into the Jump Scar.

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