Disclaimer: Not mine… But I own him in my dreams, Muwahaha

Disclaimer: Not mine… But I own him in my dreams, Muwahaha!

'Italic' is Akane's POV

'Bold' is Ranma's POV

Pretending Hate:


'I hate him, I hate him, I HATE HIM! Ooh gomen, I'm Akane Tendo and I was talking about my baka-iinazuke, Ranma Saotome.

Why I'm mad at him? I'll tell you why!

We were getting along for once. He didn't insult me all day long and I didn't mallet him once. And then "Nihao, Shampoo here!" happened. And then he insulted me! So, I malleted him, because I have to let him know that it's wrong to insult me! I don't even know why he always insults me.

Maybe it's a reflex, like my "Hentai".

Maybe it's his way of fighting the engagement. He doesn't like other people making decisions for him, and neither do I.

Maybe it's his way of showing that he cares for me. I'm the only fiancée he cares to insult.

Or maybe he just hates me and wants to make sure that I know it.

I think that the last one is the most likely. It's the most likely because I'm just an annoying otemba. He only stays here because of his damned honour. He only stays my iinazuke because he doesn't want to stain his family honour, or what's left of it after all of his fathers schemes.

And that's why I hate him. I hate him because he hates me. I hate him because he saves and protects me when I can do that on my own. I even hate him because he saves and protects me when I can't do that on my own.

But most of all, I hate him because I love hem. And he doesn't love me.

I can admit that I love him now. It's obvious after Saffron. He knows I came back for him.

But he hates me, so I'll keep pretending that I hate him too.


'That kawaiikune otemba! She's so uncute, uncute, UNCUTE! Oh gomen, I'm "the legendary" Ranma Saotome and I was talking about my tomboy iinazuke, Akane Tendo. We were getting along pretty good, till Shampoo came. And then Akane malleted me to the other side of Tokyo. Maybe it was because I insulted her when I was trying to get Shampoo offa me. But she knows that I don't mean it, right?

I don't think she's uncute at all. She's very kawaii when she's mad and just plain beautiful the rest of the time. She grew out of the tomboy part and she sure ain't unsexy.

And she knows that! Why does she think that all the guys in school want to date her?

So I don't really know why she always mallets me.

Maybe it's her way of saying that she doesn't want her father to make decisions for her. I hate it like hell that my Oyaji always makes decisions for me.

Maybe it's because she really thinks that I mean it when I insult her. But that ain't likely. I mean, how clueless can she be? Besides the Ryouga/P-Chan thing.

Or maybe she just hates me.

I'm 99 Procent sure that it's the last one. Who could love me, when I turn into a freakin' girl! And I hate her for that! I hate it that she hates me. I hate it when she's acting all nice and selfless.

And I hate that I fell in love with her because of that.

I know that I love her. It was undeniable after Saffron. And she knows that I love her, but she hates me!

And that's why I'll keep pretending that I hate her too.

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