A/N: Welcome to my first fan fic . I got this idea from watching a lot of videos in You tube of cats in heat . And yes I know that Ritsuka ,Natsou , and Yoji are boys but that's the power of fiction.

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It has been a long day for Soubi. He was very tired and all he wanted to do was rest before he went over to Ritsuka's house. But when he opened the door, he was greeted by an annoyed Kio sitting on top of the refrigerator with 20 wads of cotton on each ear and the two zero boys rolling around the floor meowing really loud.

Before he asked what's wrong , a very weepy Kio jumped off the refrigerator and landed on top of Soubi . " Sou-chan ! You have no idea what I been going through all day! Its mating season and the brats are in heat and they won't shut up!" Soubi sighed. " Kio, I don't have time for this. Am very tired and all I want to do is get cleaned up so I could go over to Ritsuka's house."

But Kio just continued crying . " Oh , so you are saying that you have all the time in the whole world for Ritsuka , but not for me and this situation? Waah! Sou-chan!" Soubi took this chance to push Kio off of him, ran to his room, and locked the door.

Once he took a quick shower and put on fresh clothes, he noticed that Kio and the zero boys were awfully quiet. He slowly opened the door and Kio , Natsou , and Yoji pushed into the room. Fortunately, Soubi jumped back so they landed splat on the floor.

Soubi ran to the door and headed straight to Ritsuka's house. If Natsou and Youji are in heat , then Ritsuka probably is too. Soubi smirked. Ritsuka in heat, now that will be something amusing to see.

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