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Chapter 3 : Soubi's Pov

" Take me , Soubi."

Those three words left me in shock for a moment. "Take you Ritsuka? You mean…"

Ritsuka nodded. "Yes Soubi. I already made you mine, so its your turn to make me yours-" Before I could let Ritsuka finish, I kissed him on the lips. Ritsuka moaned and kissed me back.

I licked Ritsuka's lips; asking for entrance. Ritsuka shyly opened his mouth and both of our tongues met. While I deepened our passionate kiss, I lifted up the hem of Ritsuka's shirt and caressed his bare skin. Ritsuka gasped and stopped the kiss. He buried his face on my chest.

I lifted up Ritsuka's arms and took off his shirt, leaving him shirtless. I lifted his face away from my chest and started to kiss his neck. Ritsuka moaned again when I nibbled his neck and shoulder. Before I knew it, my kisses went from Ritsuka's face to all the way to the zipper of his pants.

"Ritsuka, are you still sure you want to do this?" I asked. Ritsuka didn't answer immediately , but then he nodded. I unzipped the zipper of his pants and pulled down his pants along with his boxers.

Once I threw the remains of his clothes on the floor, I stared at Ritsuka's nude body from head to toe. To me, Ritsuka's body was like a masterpiece. The flushed color of his face and the lust in his lavender eyes made Ritsuka look suggestive in an innocent way. The bandages added mystery and imperfection to his torso and waist.

I was surprised of how well grown Ritsuka was and how beautiful his pale, smooth legs seem to shine by the light of the moon even if there were a few bruises on his thighs.

" Ritsuka, you're so beautiful. I hope someday I get to draw you like this." Ritsuka's face turned more red. "Shut up!" I simply chuckled and took off my own clothes. I smiled at the curious expression Ritsuka had on his face.

I lowered my head in between Ritsuka's legs and placed soft kisses on his bruises before giving a gentle lick on the shaft. Ritsuka gasped as I took his whole length in my mouth and sucked hard on it. I couldn't help but grin at the little sounds coming from my sacrifice's mouth.

How cute, he sounds like a kitty…..a horny kitty…..

It didn't take Ritsuka long to come into my mouth. I drank the white liquid, enjoying deeply the sweet flavor , and let some of it drip into my hands. I touched Ritsuka's soft lips with one of my hands that was dripping with semen. Ritsuka gladly took his time to clean my whole hand and fingers. While he was distracted licking and sucking my fingers , I caressed Ritsuka 's stomach.

" Soubi! Stop that! That tickles!" Ritsuka giggled, but I didn't stop . Until I was finally satisfied, I stopped caressing his stomach and watched him trying to calm himself down. He looks so cute. I wish I could continue touching him this way. I didn't know that Ritsuka was this ticklish ! But I can't continue wasting more time of this precious moment.

I got off the bed and grabbed a bottle of lubricant from my jacket. It hurt me to see Ritsuka's giggly face turn into a scared face. I spread Ritsuka's legs apart.

" Ritsuka, I am going to tell you the truth. This is going to hurt a lot. Are you still sure you want to do this?"

It would be hard for me to turn back when me and Ritsuka had gone all this way. But I was worried for Ritsuka's sake. He was only thirteen years old after all. To my surprise, Ritsuka smiled at me and pulled a lock of my hair to kiss me. I took that as a good sign and poured the liquid all over my fingers.

I gently inserted the first finger into my sacrifice's tight opening. Ritsuka hissed a bit, but his smiled still remained. Then, I inserted the second finger. Ritsuka whimpered a bit, but when I started to scissor my two fingers, he yelped.

" Ritsuka!?"

I almost took out my fingers out of him, but Ritsuka grabbed my arm.

" P-please don't stop S-Soubi ….."I kissed him on the cheek and inserted the third and fourth finger. Ritsuka had his hands covering his mouth and I had to hold his waist with my other hand so he wouldn't buck. Finally , I positioned myself in between his legs and slowly pushed myself in him.

Ritsuka screeched and tears started to drip from his eyes. I didn't move except to hug him and kiss his tears. "S-Soubi …don't move…not yet…" Ritsuka sobbed. I kissed him on the cheek. "I won't ,Ritsuka. You tell me when."

I waited patiently for Ritsuka to get used to having me inside of him. Suddenly, he kissed my lips and wrapped his arms around my neck. He whispered in my ear, "Move, Soubi."

With those words , I thrusted in and Ritsuka let out a pleasurable moan. I thrusted in again, but more harder and faster. Ritsuka is so tight! It feels so good!

" Aaah, Soubi …please… more…Aaah…yes…"

I obeyed my sacrifice and gave him more. I raised up my speed and went faster, hoping to hit that sweet spot that would make Ritsuka scream in pleasure. We both hit our climax and I finally came, coating Ritsuka's insides with my sperm.

We both collapsed with our arms wrapped around each other. I laid there beside Ritsuka , with me still inside of him, and listened to his soft purring.

"I love you, Ritsuka"

But I got no answer except for Ritsuka's purring for he had already fallen asleep.

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