Mrs. Lovett's eyes blinked open in the darkness as her bedroom door creaked open.

"Toby, dear? Ya 'ave a bad dream again, love?" She threw down a corner of her blanket, scooting over in her bed. "Climb in, then, dear."

The bed groaned under the added weight.

"That's a good lad, go back to sleep," she yawned, closing her eyes again.

Her eyes darted open almost immediately in the pitch-black of the room. She felt fingers trailing up her thigh and kisses on her neck.

"Toby? 'Chu think yer doin'?" she swatted the hands that had begun gravitating towards her breasts and pulled away from the hot, warm lips at her neck.

Mrs. Lovett felt the fingers dart under her nightgown and scratch the bare skin of her thigh as the mouth nipped at her collarbone. The fingers trailed upward, scratching the sensitive skin of her full breasts. She moaned deep in her throat.

Her voice shook when she spoke again, "Toby, I said no."

Boy's barely sixteen! she scolded herself, angry that her body was betraying her by responding to the touch. It couldn't be right! I'm supposed to be his mum!

The hot mouth was kissing her neck again, sucking at her collarbone. Mrs. Lovett groaned despite herself, her hands gripping the headboard as the fingers deftly worked the ties on her nightgown.


"Toby, please," she begged, her voice thick with desire. "Please, please stop. Don't do something we'll both regret. It wouldn't be ri-"

The mouth crashed down on hers, cutting her off mid-sentence. The tongue tracing her bottom lip as the fingers tweaked her nipples.

She moaned into the kiss, arching into the touch.

When the mouth finally left hers, she was struggling to catch her breath. And control of the situation.

"Damn it, Toby," she panted. "I said stop." Tears stung behind her eyes. I can't believe I'm taking advantage of the boy like this!

She rolled away from the seductive touch and kisses. She stood beside the bed, her body screaming in protest.

"Please," Mrs. Lovett choked out. "Please just go back to yer room. Please, Toby? Please. I can't… This isn't right!" Tears spilled down her cheeks as she fought her body's desires.

He's just a boy! And he's my boy. My Toby! I can't do this!

The hand found her wrist in the dark and pulled her back to the bed, the mattress creaking. The mouth was on her neck again, sucking gently.

Her eyes fluttered close as she tilted her head back, her body fully betraying her. She moaned again, her full lips parting.

The bed groaned again as the weight shifted and a body pinned her to the bed. The fingers danced across her suddenly bare breasts as the mouth found her earlobe and bit playfully.

Mrs. Lovett moaned, her hands reaching for the headboard.

"Toby, no," she groaned, trying still to do the right thing even as her body continued it's betrayal, her legs spreading.

The breath was hot in her ear. "Mum," it mocked.

"Mr. T! Oh thank the bloody Lord!"

Sweeney nipped at Mrs. Lovett's neck lightly, ignoring her sigh of relief.

"That inexperienced brat wouldn't have known how to touch you like this," Sweeney scoffed, kissing down her neck back to her milky white breasts.

He tugged at her erect nipple with his teeth, rolling the other between his fingers.

Mrs. Lovett moaned, gripping the headboard with one hand as the other tangled in Sweeney's thick hair. "Oh, Mr. Todd…"

He bit her neck as he entered her, making her gasp in pleasure.

She spread her legs wider, giving him more room to thrust deeper. Her lips bucked in time with his as she screamed, completely surrendering to her body's carnal desires now that she knew it wasn't her Toby that she was surrendering to.

Her moans drowned out his groans of pleasure entirely as they both reached a shuddering climax.

"Would you have let him have his way with you, Mrs. Lovett?" Sweeney demanded after their breathing had slowed and returned to normal. She looked at him, confusion etched on her features. "They boy. You let me touch you when you thought I was him."

"I didn't exactly 'let' you. I asked 'Toby' to stop. I tried to pull away." Mrs. Lovett argued, though she couldn't deny that she had just been asking herself the same question.

"And then you spread your legs for 'him.' So, you didn't exactly stop it, did you? You didn't keep 'him' from touching you," he said, voicing her thoughts for the second time.

"Toby doesn't look at me that way. 'E never would 'ave tried this," Mrs. Lovett answered, trying to ignore the fact that she had done just what Sweeney said. "Besides, Toby would have stopped if I asked 'im to. Not that it matters, cause 'e don't think o' me that way."

"Then why did you think it was him?"

"'E doesn't think o' me that way," she repeated, dodging the question. "'E calls me 'is mum."

"I could call you 'mum,' too. Doesn't change a man's desires."

"'E's just a boy!"

"He's sixteen. And he's been looking at you. We both know it," Sweeney retorted.

"'E 'as not!"

"Then why did you think it was him?" Sweeney repeated calmly.

Mrs. Lovett faltered. "I… You… 'E…"

"Boys Toby's age don't run to their mum when they have bad dreams, pet. When he runs to you with a 'bad dream,' he just wants you to hold him close, he wants you to press you body to his."

She was at a complete loss for words. Not my Toby!

"Remember what I said," Sweeney told her, rolling off of her and padding from the room.

In his room, Toby was sitting straight up in bed, his mum's voice having woken him.

Truth be told, he hadn't ever looked at her "like that." He had never thought of her as a woman, let alone a sexual being…

Not till he woke up to the sound of her moans and screams of pleasure though the paper-thin walls.