A/N: Just to reiterate, my version is based off the Sweeney Todd revival. NOT the movie. That is, Toby is not a small child. Even Mrs. Lovett's assumption of his being about 16 or 20 is wrong, influenced by his childlike dependence on her. The actor, and therefore the character in this case, is roughly mid twenties. It is not, therefore, pedophilia. She calls him a boy and such but he is not ACTUALLY a child. The story is called "A Child's Love" because Toby has a childlike dependence on Mrs. Lovett as well as a childlike naiveté. He is a grown man and fully capable of consenting to sex.

Mrs. Lovett shivered, pulling the leather coat tighter around her and adjusting the scarf she'd wrapped around her head to keep the wind from blowing her hair.

The beach at dusk wasn't the place to be in a skirt as short as hers was; it wasn't something she'd been prepared for as Toby had most of her clothing... Hardly mattered; nothing could be done about it now but find Toby.

"'Cuse me, ma'am? I'm lookin' fer a boy; 'e's bout twenty. Came out 'ere ta rent a 'ouse. Ya seen 'im?" Her fingers wrapped around the woman's forearm, her painted nails digging into tanned flesh.

"Pardon?" the woman asked. Her face was pinched and the setting sun cast an orange glow on what she could only assume was yellow hair.

… Yellow hair. Like his Lucy. ...Hardly seemed fair, really. She'd done everything for her Mr. T and it still wasn't enough. Cause she wasn't Lucy, wouldn't ever be Lucy. … Precious Lucy. Beautiful Lucy... She hated her. Nothing had made her happier than finally being able t-

But none of that mattered now. She had to put Sweeney Todd and Benjamin Barker and that stupid little snit, Lucy Barker out of her mind.

She rolled her eyes, sighing with irritation, "Me boy, me Toby, 'e's a young lad, round twenty. I need to know wot 'ouse 'e's in."

"Ma'am, I d-"

"'E 'ad shaggy brown 'air an' 'e would've 'ad a lot o' luggage wit' 'im. Jus' tell me which 'ouse 'e's in. Please, ma'am?" She toyed with the knot of the scarf, fingering it with her free hand before stuffing her hand in her pocket and pulling out several pounds. "Please? 'Ave ya seen 'im?" She offered it to the blonde, willing to bribe her in her desperation.

"I don't know who or where he is, ma'am. If I did, I would tell you. But a few pounds would hardly be a worthwhile bribe if that's what I was holding out for," the girl giggled, covering her mouth with her left hand.

"I need ta find 'im," she growled, her fingers digging again.

"Ow! What are you doing? You can't just attack a person!" the tiny blonde cried, yanking her arm back and stepping backward as she rubbed the mark on her arm that was red from the pressure Mrs. Lovett had applied. "Crazy-"

"Crazy wot?" she demanded, almost snarling. Her hand went back to her pocket, fingering the razor hidden there.

"Mum?" a voice breathed lowly behind her.

She spun, her chocolate eyes going wide, "Toby? Love!" She pulled him into her arms, crushing him in her embrace and burying her face against him.

He hugged her back, clutching her tightly and kissing the top of her head, "Mum! Y-Why'd it take ya so long? You were s'pposed ta be 'ere days ago."

"Toby, love," she ignored him, still hugging him tightly, "I thought I'd never find you!"

"I's been comin' down 'ere e'ry night, lookin' fer ya," he told her, his fingers finding their way to the scarf covering her silken locks. "I been waitin', like a good boy, like ya said, mum. I got a 'ouse like ya said, too, mum. By the sea, jus' like ya said." He was still holding her, almost reverently.

"Such a good lad," she smiled up at him, pulling away and tiptoeing to press a kiss to his forehead. She linked her arm with his, beaming proudly, "Where 'sit then, love? Where's this 'ouse ya found us?"

"'S way," he smiled shyly, heat pooling in his cheeks in response, and pointed ahead, leading her onward.

She didn't turn around, didn't acknowledge the girl she'd accosted.

Too much time on Fleet Street, she supposed. Or with Sweeney. If ya can't defend yourself against an attacker, don't mean the attacker's gonna go easy on ya. She'd learned to defend herself fiercely.. It was a lesson that wasn't necessarily easy to unlearn.

"Mum?" Toby asked later, after he'd helped her settle into the house. "Ain't tha' Mister Todd's coat?" He nodded at the long leather coat she'd hung by the door. "'E-That don't mean 'e's gonna come live wit' us, do it? Cause I- mum, I thought we moved ta get away."

She stared at the coat, swallowing thickly. Her eyes narrowed and she ran her tongue over her lips, "Shh, now, Toby, love. Don't ya worry yer sweet littl' 'ead 'bout it. 'E ain't comin' no where near us again, love." She patted the spot beside her on the couch, "Come sit wit' me, now. There we are, tha's a good lad... Toby, 'chu do wit' me needles? I was just thinkin' me dear, sweet Toby needs a nice new scarf... Gets awfully cold 'ere at nigh'."

He scampered away from her feet, returning quickly with her needles and several colors of yarn before sitting at her feet again, leaning his head against her thigh.

"That's my boy," she cooed, running her fingers through his chestnut hair. "Wha' color ya want, love? Blue ta match tha sea?" She started digging through the basket of yarn, inspecting colors and comparing them to Toby's hair.

He nodded, his fingers playing at the strap of her shoe. "Tha' sounds nice, mum," he mumbled before pressing a soft kiss to her knee.

Mrs. Lovett looked down at him, fixing him with an odd look. "Love, wot's wrong? Ya seem upset," she whispered, softly running her fingers through his hair again.

"I just missed ya," Toby looked away, feeling foolish.

"Aww; such a sweet child it is," she pursed her lips, ruffling his hair fondly. When he didn't react, she put the basket on the floor beside her chair before running her cool fingers along his cheek and tilting his face in her direction. "Is there something else, love?"

"... An' I was worried 'bou' ya," he admitted, pulling away and burying his face in her lap. He clutched her legs tightly... Protectively.

"Shh, shh, shh..." she soothed, teasing his hair in and out of place. "I'm 'ere, love. No need ta fret. Yer Aunt Nellie's righ' 'ere..."

He leaned up, suddenly pressing a kiss to her plump lips, his mouth swallowing her small squeak of surprise.

"Tob-" she started, pulling away.

"I was so worried, mum," he repeated, his eyes looking sad, before he pressed another kiss to her lips. His fingers tangled in her raven locks, pulling her closer until she slid out of the chair and into his lap, his arms instinctively wrapping around her. He broke the kiss, burying his face against her neck and leaving light kisses there, "...so worried..."

She swallowed thickly, her eyelids fluttering in response to the slow movements of his lips against her throat. "T-Toby. It-I'm fine, love. N-now st-" her voice trailed off, a light moan escaping her as her head lolled back. Her eyelids fluttered, her voice catching in her throat, as she silently shifted in his lap until she'd worked her panties from her hips and slid them off.

"Mum?" he asked, watching her in confusion as she breathlessly guided his hand beneath her skirt and between her thighs.

"Shh, now, Toby," she breathed, her voice forced. Bliss played across her features briefly as she pressed his fingers against that burning between her thighs. She let out a series quick breaths, moving one leg to his other side so she was seated on his lap and facing him. Leaning in, she let her plump lips brush lightly over Tobias', her left hand moving between them and quickly guiding his length out of his pajama pants.

"... I love you, mum," he whispered, watching her closely and praying she'd say it back... To him this time.

"Shh, shh, shh," she soothed, pressing another light kiss to his lips as she worked him with her fingers- squeezing and caressing and teasing.

Toby made a choked noise of pleasure, burying his face against her neck. "Mum... Mum, I love you."

"Tha's a good lad," she murmured, shifting in his lap again until she slipped his length into her. "Shh, good lad- sweet Toby." She guided his hand from her thigh to the hem of hem of her knit top before pulling at her jacket, tossing it behind her and to the couch.

He looked up at her, blinking innocently, "Mum, can't ya say ya love me?"

She cupped his cheeks, kissing him and closing her eyes before kissing along his jawline to his ear, "Le' me say it with me body, hmm?"

He nodded, closing his eyes and trying not to cry. "B-but ya do, don't ya?"

"Mmnm.. Toby," she groaned softly, riding him. She latched on to his neck, sucking hard as she tried to guide his hands to the hem of her top again. "C'mon, love."

He obediently pulled the knit top over her head before his fingers clumsily worked the hooks of her corset, his mouth dipping down to tease a rosy bud as the corset fell open to expose her.

She moaned encouragingly, tilting her head back and riding him harder, "O—oh... Toby..."

"I love ya," he whispered.

She didn't answer, breathing thickly and using his shoulders to ballast herself. Watching her carefully, he stopped for a moment before rolling them over so she was on her back.

"Toby?" she squawked, her eyes wide. He kissed her neck lightly, one hand exploring her breast as the other held his weight off her. She sighed her complaint, bucking her hips hard, "Toby, love, 'cha doin'?" She slid an arm around him, running her red nails from his lower back and up under his shirt.

"I wanna make ya feel good," he whispered, kissing down her neck and to her breast again, pulling out of her. "I wanna kiss ya everywhere. Yer so beautiful, mum."

She groaned, her eyes closing and body tensing in anticipation as he kissed down her stomach, "Oh, love..."

He pressed delicate, little kisses over her stomach before switching to her thigh just below where the fabric was bunched around her hips.

She exhaled when he bypassed what she'd thought was her intended mark, reaching for his hand, "L-Toby, love. Touch me." He distractedly let her guide his hand between her thighs as he continued pressed kisses along her skin. She moaned again at the feel of his fingers along her, he looking up.


He didn't know what he was doing. Of course he wouldn't think to...

"Toby, can ya do somethin' fer me, love?" she asked breathlessly, her chest heaving with thick pants.

"Anything," he answered seriously, nodding eagerly.

She squeezed her eyes shut, pressing his fingers against her, "Can ya kiss me here?" She opened her eyes to see his brow furrowed in confusion but he obediently moved back up her body, one hand resting on her thigh and the other's fingers buried in her. He pressed a light kiss above where his fingers were, her body tensing again.

"Jus' tha'?" he murmured against her, starting to pull away.

She let out a bereft whimper, her fingers tangling in his hair and holding him there, "Oh, G- please, Toby..."

"Wha' do I do?" he asked, his lips brushing against her.

She panted, letting out an impatient whine- Mr. T knew how to do this, even if he never would for her. "J-just lick, Toby. Lick and-and kiss and suck," she instructed, her voice forced as he began doing what she'd ordered. Whimpering, she curled her legs so her feet were resting at his back, "Oh, Toby...oh- f- bloody 'ell- oh..."

Her hips rocked up, her voice catching, when his mouth found her clit, his lips closing around it as he started sucking the way he had at her breasts.

She squeaked, her back arching, "Y-yes- tha's- oh, Toby, love..."

"Like tha', mum?" he murmured.

She nodded, whimpering again, "Y-yes, Toby. Jus' like tha'." Crooning, she closed her thighs around his ears, her back arching. "Oh! Toby! Y- mnnmm.." He ran his tongue along her before sucking purposefully again, petting her thigh. "Uhh- up!" she whined, pulling at his shoulder. "I wan' ya inside, Toby, love." She pulled at him, "Proper-like, love."

"I love ya," he told her again, moving up her body. He kissed her neck, obediently slipping into her.

She rocked her hips up, flipping them over so she was on top. "Mmm.. Tha's it, Toby. Just- just-" She nodded, kissing him hungrily.

"Mrs. Lovett- mum-" he started, trying to pull away. "Mum, don't ya love me?"

… Not the way he wanted her to. She loved her Mr. T but she'd given him up... Not that she'd had much choice.

"Shh, lad. Jus' kiss me," she instructed. She dragged his mouth back to hers, riding him harder. "Mmm.. love. Y-yes. That's it." She squeezed her eyes closed, trying to remember her Sweeney. "Tha's- oh... Are ya close, love?"

"I jus' wanna make ya happy," he whispered.

She shook her head, raising her hand to cover his mouth, "Shh, pet. Jus'- jus'- cum fer me, love." She moaned, shuddering and throwing her head back. "Y-yes! Oh! Aahh-"

Mr. T.

"I love ya, Mrs. Lovett," he repeated against her hand, curling his fingers around her wrist and pulling it away from his mouth so he could kiss her again.

"I love ya," she moaned, falling against him as she climaxed around him, he following after in ecstasy.

He pet her hair, hugging her to him, "... Ya wan' me ta carry ya ta the bed, mum?"

She nodded but didn't move to pull away, "Jus' lay wit' me, love."

"In tha bed?" he asked. "It's jus' the floor is awful hard. I don' wan' ya ta hurt yer back."

She reached lazily, covering his mouth again, "Shh... I'm not as young as you; I need a min'te ta catch me breath."

He combed his fingers through her hair, "Yes'm."

"That's a good lad," she murmured approvingly, petting his head as she nuzzled against his shoulder.

"... Mum?"

"Hmm?" she managed, her eyelids feeling heavy.

She worked much too hard. A nap would be lovely.

"... Why's Mr. Todd's coat by the door?"

She squeezed her eyes shut. "... I don't wanna talk abou' it, love. Jus' le' me rest."

She didn't want to remember.