Secret admirer

Secret Admirer

Ash walks up the stairs to professor oaks lab thinking of how to tell him he is getting married. He finally gets up to the door and rings the bell. Suddenly he begins to hear foot steps coming towards the door. The door starts to open but it wasn't professor oaks, the person who answered the door was a girl it was May.

"May, what are you doing here?" asked Ash.

"Nice to see you to ash," said May.

"Oh sorry," apologized Ash.

"So would you like to come in?"

"Yeah, where is professor oak?"

"He is in the back feeding the pokemon."

"Oh okay, so how come you're here May?" She slightly blush's.

"I decided to take a little time off before I head to the Jhoto Region."

"Oh I see."

"Hello Ash," says professor oaks as he returned from the backyard, "Nice to see you here. So what you been into?"

"Nothing much, you know the usual and getting married."

"Ah I see…WHAT?" screamed both Professor and May, but May seemed more sad than happy but tried not show it.

"Well, who is the lucky lady Ash?"

"Well, who else other than Misty."

"Oh really that's great you guy have know each other pretty much all you're your life, if not all. Congratulations!"

"Thank you professor," ash said but their was no congratulation coming from May, all she could do was stand their and try not cry. But then she finally got the nerve to say something.

"Sorry but I have to go."

"Well, okay dear," professor oaks said.

"Hey May, why don't you come around the house later tonight and eat dinner with us, its going to be a big dinner?" Ash asked.

"Um….okay I will," answered May but truthfully she didn't want to, she was broken hearted inside trying not to say anything bad, May began running, begging herself not cry but it was to late her emotions got her and tears started pouring down her face, she was muttering, 'how stupid could I be?' 'Why did I think ash would love me?', and she just kept pounding that in her head and didn't pay no attention to were she was a going. She finally bumped into somebody, falling down on top of the person.

"Oh I'm sorry," explained May as she was rubbing her eyes.

"It's okay….o hey May," said Misty, "how have you been?"

"Pretty good, you?"

"Good, so have you heard the good news about me getting married?"

"Yes, congratulations."

"Thank you. Hey how come you where just crying?"

"Oh it's nothing."

"Are you sure?"
"Yeah I'm okay."

"Okay what ever you say….so do you want to come to the house tonight?"

"Um…I don't know."

"Come on, you know you do."

"Well, okay," replied May but she was really thinking in her mind how stupid she was and saying how more beautiful misty is! Then on their way to their house she thought, 'no I'm not going to stand for this. I can be better than Misty I know I can.'

When they got to the house Misty was talking about the all the things she got to do before the wedding, and May was getting madder by the minute, but some how she calmed herself for Ash's sake. When they entered the house, every body was their even Brock. When May and Misty got there they decided to clean up a bit. May was taking longer then anyone else to come down to dinner but finally May entered the room but she had changed into a gorgeous red dress. Everyone was quiet expect for a few gasps and ahs but May thought to herself, 'this should get your attention Ash, I sure hope so.'

Ash finally broke the silence and said, "You look wonderful May!" This brought upon a slight blush on her face. Then everybody started to chitchat, drink the wine and eat food. Everyone was talking about old journeys and things. Eventually they all started to get tired. So Ash's mom went to bed, and said goodbye to Professor Oaks but allowed Brock, Misty, and May to spend the night with Ash. Eventually everyone became a little restless but Brock and Misty turned in first leaving Ask and May alone.

"Hey Ash, Can we talk outside for a minute?"

"Yea, sure let's go." As they walked outside May became over whelmed with passion and love for Ash and felt as if she couldn't hold it in any longer. As soon as they reached outside she stopped Ash.

"Ash wait..."

"What is it? Is something wrong?"

"No it's just, I have to say something and I have waiting forever to say it but I don't know if it is the best time."

"Well it doesn't matter if it is or isn't just say it May, you know that we are good friends and I don't care what it is."

"Well okay but um…I...I...I Love you Ash," declared May.

"Well….I don't know what to say….I mean I'm marring Misty and now you telling me you love me, I don't know…"

"I knew I shouldn't have said anything," May says getting up ready to run. But she is caught by the hand of Ash.

"But I can't help that I'm marring the wrong person," Ash declared as he leans in and kisses May passionately and endless it would seem like.

"I have waited so long for this moment," said May.

"And I've waited so long to do that," explained Ash. The kisses continued with Misty no were in their thoughts and eventually things began to elevate. Buttons were undone and clothes began to fly. Soon enough Ash was caring May's naked body into the house and laying he one the couch…..and close after they began making passionate and romantic love.

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